The Forgotten Rebels MC

When she was eighteen, Piper’s obsessed boyfriend murdered her family right in front of her.  She went into police protection, but his family’s wealth made it easy for him to track her down.  Desperate and alone, she turned to her step-brother for help.  He just happened to be president of a motorcycle club.

Eight years later, the club is patched into a larger club, the White Death MC, and when Piper meets its president, Kix Rockwood, she knows he’s a force to be reckoned with.  Kix wants her, but he has no idea about the danger that lurks for her if she leaves the club.  Because no matter how long it’s been, someone blames Piper for what happened and wants revenge for the past. 


 They say you can never go home, but Abbott has traveled a long way to find the love of her life again.  She and Chadwick “Wick” Edwards had been high school sweethearts, but when he got the opportunity to become a member of The Forgotten Rebels Motorcycle Club, he left without saying good-bye.

Wick knows he screwed up by leaving Abbott behind, but he honestly thought she’d be better off without him.  Little did he know that out of heartbreak she turned to the first man to show her kindness…only to become a survivor of mental and physical abuse. 

Wherever she goes, her tormentor finds her. After ten years she’s tired of running and so goes back to Wick.  Their passion sparks and love rekindles, but when Abbott is targeted, Wick must do very wicked things to make sure she stays alive. 


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