15 April 2014

Welcome Doris O'Connor! Excerpt from The Mating Project!

 Welcome, Doris, to Written Butterfly!  

        Thanks so much for hosting me today. I'm incredibly excited to be sharing Maria's story with you. I knew I had to write her story from the minute we meet her in book one of the Projects Series, The Orgasm Project. In that book she sets up her best friend with her brothers. In book two of the series, The Bear Project, she is there for her human work colleague Emmi, when she comes back from holiday mated to a bear shifter, and we get the first glimpse at Maria's complicated love life.

"Oh, no," Emmi said. "You're not getting out of this so easily. Spill, Maria, what in hell is going on? You made it sound like some sort of dire emergency on the phone, so I drag myself here on my day off, and then you turn up half an hour late, and looking as though you've been dragged through a hedge backwards." Emmi stopped and properly looked at her friend. "And you were wearing those clothes yesterday. I knew it, you're seeing someone! Who is he?"
She had to be. Maria was always perfectly turned out, and she'd never wear the same clothes twice in a row, and she had sounded desperate on the phone.
Emmi crossed her arms and glared at Maria, and she squirmed.
"Them, actually, but you can't tell anyone, promise me, please."
"Two?" Emmi laughed. She couldn't help it. Here she was on the verge of combusting with sexual frustration, and Maria had snared herself two guys. "What is it with your family and threesomes?"
Maria paled, and something in her intense blue gaze told Emmi that all was not well here.
"Promise me, Emmi, you mustn't tell a soul. Not Anastasia or my brothers and certainly not Cole. Promise!"
Yes, it's complicated, and dangerous, and Maria and her men break all the rules.

I recall my editor telling me in no uncertain terms that I'd better be writing Maria's story next, when she read that bit in The Bear Project.


So, this is it. Maria gets her men…or does she?

You'll have to read the book to find out.  J

Being together could mean death to them all, but walking away is not an option…
Bloodlines need to be protected at all costs and as a true-blood cougar Maria is expected to mate with a council-approved shifter. Too bad the one chosen makes her skin crawl for all the wrong reasons.

But running away already landed her in hot water once before. Wolf shifter Malachi Luca saved her life ten years ago, and then promptly disappeared with her heart. So much for true love.
Now time is running out and Maria is feeling the strain. Seducing Professor Silas Deacon should be a welcome distraction except the human turns out to be her mate, too.
And that damn wolf—yeah he's back and determined to claim both his cat and his human. What's a girl to do? Fight for love and enjoy the awesome sex, of course.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, bondage, spanking, anal sex

Adult Excerpt:

Maria couldn't get enough air into her lungs, and she yanked on her restraints, the longer the two of them just stood there watching her through hooded lids.
Relax, little cat. Let us take care of you, and we'll deal with the rest of the world tomorrow, or next week.
Silas winked at her, and Maria's agitated cat calmed down. In fact the animal bowed her head in submission and hissed her approval when Malachi pulled his tee over his head. Her throat went dry taking in the hair roughened expanse of his chest and the force of his erection straining his jeans. Silas, too, shrugged out of his shirt and kicked off his trousers and boxer briefs in one impatient move. His magnificent cock bounced up to his navel, and Maria whimpered when he took himself in hand and stroked along his impressive girth. She couldn't tear her gaze away from the slow movement of that hand. Not even when Malachi tore her dress off her with one abrupt flick of his clawed hands.
Cool air fluttered across her exposed skin, and her breasts grew heavy as her nipples tried their best to punch through the lace of her bra. The bed dipped again when Malachi knelt next to her and with a few well-placed flicks of his claws cut away their lacy covering. He continued a downward path of pleasuring pain toward her mound, using just enough force to leave a red trail behind. The slow slide and drag of those razor-sharp nails of his caused her whole body to tense, as sensations bombarded her. More of her juices gushed out of her as her pussy clenched in desperate need to be filled, and her hips pushed up when he circled her clit with his claw, lazy, incredibly slow circles that had her panting and undulating her hips in an effort to increase the pressure to that little swollen nubbin.
"Lie still, princess, or so help me I'll leave you hanging." Malachi's hot hand landed on her belly and pushed her hips back down on the bed at the same time as Silas stepped close enough for Malachi to grasp hold of his cock. The action meant he abandoned Maria's needy clit, and she whimpered when he licked away the bead of pre-cum that had appeared on Silas's dick.
"Fuck, yes." Silas hissed the words as Malachi took all of his lover's dick in his mouth and fondled his balls with one hand. The other still held her hips down, and Maria bit her lip as arousal fizzed through her veins. She wanted to come so badly, and she was so damn close that the slight wafts of air, created by Malachi bobbing his head up and down on Silas's cock made her clit contract with need.
Silas fisted his hands in Malachi's hair and fucked his mouth with an urgency and brutal need that he'd never displayed with her. She tore her gaze away from the sight of Malachi's lips stretched across Silas's dick to find Silas's gaze riveted between her thighs.
Maria whimpered at the heat of that gaze, until Silas pulled away from Malachi and knelt next to her head instead.
Grasping his dick, slick with Malachi's saliva, he ran it across her bottom lip, and Maria opened her mouth eagerly to take in as much as he could. Silas kept his hand on the base of his shaft to stop her from choking on his length, and she shot him a grateful look, as he started to fuck her mouth. The taste of him mixed in with Malachi's earthy scent, and she swallowed the first spurts of his cum down.
"Fuck, that's so hot."
Malachi's words sounded strained and slightly distorted as though he was more wolf than man right now, and Silas fucked her faster. One hand wrapped in her hair as he held her head at just the right angle to serve his needs, and the knowledge that he used her to his ends, had her grow even wetter. The rip of fabric as her underwear tore made her shudder, and there was the swipe of Malachi's rough tongue, and her body tensed. His claws dug into her ass as he lifted her up to give himself better access to her drenched core, and she screamed as her first orgasm ripped through her body.
Malachi chuckled into her pussy and then stepped up his efforts as Silas pulled out of her mouth and his hot cum splashed over her breasts.
Maria was too far gone to care, because Malachi now pushed two fingers into her channel, and finding her sweet spot in record time sent her over the edge twice more.
By the time she could draw air into her lungs, Silas was removing her leg shackles and Malachi had rid himself of his trousers. His cock was just as thick, if not thicker than Silas's. It wasn't quite as long, and the head of his dick looked swollen and purple, the balls drawn up tight to his body as though he was barely holding in his cum.
Malachi’s stubble glistened with the evidence of her arousal, and when he bent to devour her mouth his with his, she tasted herself in with him. It pitched her need for him sky high again, despite her earlier orgasms, and she pleaded with him in between kisses.
"Please, please…"
He pulled away and with a wicked grin bent down to lick the sticky evidence of Silas's cum of her breasts. Silas joined him on the other side, and the dual sensations sent her clit and pussy into overdrive. There was something so dirty and yet terribly arousing in the act, and when both men bit down on one erect nipple each, another orgasm ripped through her.

Buy it from Evernight Publishing. For all other Buy links, please check here.

Author Bio:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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13 April 2014

Welcome Lynn Rae & Peri Elizabeth Scott - Q & A, Blurb & Excerpt!

Hello Lynn & Peri!

Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly to talk about your new release “Prohibited”!  I adore the Roaring Twenties so I wanted to get some information about your book.

Q:  Could you tell us a little about “Prohibited”?

Prohibited features a handsome owner of a speakeasy, when prohibition is a watch word. He hides another secret, one that could get him killed, given his public flaunting of societal conventions. When he meets a modern woman who disapproves of his career choice, their courtship is stormy, but it’s her innate sense of honor that saves him in the end.

Q:  How much research did you do for this book? Did you find any cool tidbits in your research?

Lynn Rae: I did a lot of research with period newspapers and some secondary sources, especially when it came to women’s reproductive health. In a former life I was an archivist and the Teens, Twenties, and Thirties were decades I had a lot of experience with, so I relied on my own familiarity as well. One interesting fact about the Twenties that plays a part in our book is during that decade, the Ku Klux Klan was very popular in Ohio and had ties to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the group that was instrumental in bringing about the twenty-first amendment to the U.S. constitution.

Q:  Since you wrote “Prohibited” together, how was that collaboration?  Is it hard to write with a partner? 

Lynn Rae: I didn’t find it difficult at all, it was great getting to be creative with someone who ‘gets’ me. Writing is solitary work, and it was so nice to have that immediate give and take with someone. It was also great that we got a sexy book out of it too!

Q: I see that is this part of the “Forbidden Series”.  Is the next book set in the Roaring Twenties?  Can you give a little hint about what’s to come? 

Peri Elizabeth Scott: The next book in the series is set later in the twenties, when things are a tad less roaring as the country edges toward the Great Depression. It features some of the characters from Prohibited, another unlikely couple who are another wonderful example of how love conquers all.


In the early 1920’s in Lima, Ohio, John MacDonald Adair hides his speakeasy from the law, and his mixed heritage from the KKK, mingling with the rich, piling up the cash and taking his pleasure within the ranks of the flappers who patronize his speak.

Lilly Townsend is a serious, modern woman, a suffragette and temperance advocate with nothing to hide and no patience for the frivolity of the times. And she doesn’t break the rules—yet.

Such disparate souls should never meet, but Fate conspires otherwise. Powerless against overwhelming chemistry, and something far deeper, Mac and Lilly must make some difficult choices and face down societal mores—together—to attain their happily ever after.

Making her way up the wide stone steps to the porch, Lilly shifted the pie to one hand and pressed the doorbell with the other. There was a barely discernible chime through the leaded glass and walnut door but no other sound. She waited and pressed the button again. The door opened with a rattle and creak.
When she recognized the person glaring at her, all the breath left her body in a gasp. It was Mac Adair. Of course. Of all the people in Lima who could have purchased this house next to hers, it would have to be that man.
He narrowed his eyes at her and propped his arm across the door opening as if to deny her entrance. He was wearing a soft-looking red shirt with far too many buttons unfastened, and sturdy black trousers. When she realized he wasn’t wearing an undershirt and she could see the tanned muscles of his chest, her arms weakened and the pie wobbled and dropped from her useless hands.
Stifling a shriek, Lilly flailed for the pan but it was too late to catch it. Spraying its contents, the pie landed on the porch with a sickening squash and the entire pastry top cracked apart as reddish goo welled up like heart’s blood. Scarlet gobbets clung to her forearms and the front of her embroidered linen dress.
Horrified, she looked up to find Mac Adair still staring at her, although his features had smoothed away from the frown he’d worn earlier. The corners of his mouth twitched with disgust or amusement at her predicament. Lilly knew her own mouth was gaping open but she was frozen with embarrassment and powerless to close it.
Stricken might be too strong a word for Mac to apply in this circumstance, but it came damn close. Perhaps another might find humor in this beauty brought to her knees by some version of slapstick, but he was mortified for her.
It wasn’t lost on him, this neighborly gesture of welcome, although no doubt she’d have painted a black daub on his door to warn others had she known he lived here after the way he’d treated her in his speakeasy. Mac fumbled for his handkerchief.
“Here, let me…” He squatted to reach out and pat the worst of the spill from her wrist then thought better of it and offered the cloth to her to apply instead.
Trembling fingers snatched it from his grasp, the slight contact sparking a frission of static up his forearm. Lil patted at the sticky fruit and flakes of pastry, lips set in a thin line as she visibly regained her composure. Not that her full, bee-stung mouth could compress into a truly regimented grimace.
 “Thank you.” A quiet, dignified murmur at last. She raised her coffee brown eyes to his again, the long lashes sweeping up to unveil returning self possession. His heart pounded harder, and another part of his anatomy responded as well, refusing to listen to his brain scold.
As awkward as a boy in the company of his first crush, Mac struggled to his feet, offering her the hand not occupied with the detritus of the pie as he did so. Lil reached out to take it, and their fingers met amidst the gooey residue as he helped her up. He felt his lips twitching and registered a similar movement of Lil’s. Laughter bubbled over, a welcome warmth that enveloped his senses, and he guffawed in response.
“Mac Adair.”
“Lilly Townsend.”
“My pleasure to meet you, Miss Townsend. Please come in and you can freshen up.”
 “I think it will take more than a mere freshen up. And it’s Mrs. Townsend, but please call me Lilly. After our two, um, disparate meetings…”
She was married? How had he missed that fine gold band? Married to that sap.
“Ah—” What in hell was that man’s name she was with last night? “So, Walter is your husband.”
“Walter? Heavens, no! My husband passed four years ago.”
The rush of relief at the news made his knees weak—he was a total bastard for welcoming such news. “I’m sorry for your loss, Lilly.”
“Thank you.” She stared at him expectantly and he shuffled backwards into the foyer. Lilly gracefully followed, only to come up short.
“Do you have a powder room on the main floor?”
“There’s a newly constructed bath just off the foyer.”
Carefully disposing of the ruined pie in his sterile kitchen, he hustled back to the porch with a rag and a small basin of water. He hadn’t cleaned a floor on his knees in, well, ever, but the flies were gathering.
When Lilly emerged, the stuff of her dress sported large, spreading damp spots tinged with an unfortunate hue of pink, the same hint of blush remained on her cheeks.
“I had no idea you were my aunt and uncle’s new neighbor.” The frost was back in her tone.
“Or you wouldn’t have deigned to make me a welcome to the neighborhood pie. Let alone cross the threshold.” Damn it, he was biting back as a dog snaps at flies.
She flinched at his comment and held her head even higher. “I definitely wouldn’t have. You own a speakeasy! Your reputation—”
My reputation? I’m a businessman, Mrs. Townsend. I serve the public, at least those who seek my services. And if memory serves, you were in my speak just last night. How might that have impugned your reputation, I wonder? Or perhaps it reflected who you are beneath the trappings.”
If he could have ripped out his tongue by its very roots he would have done. Lilly’s breasts lifted and fell rapidly in response to his set down and he tore his eyes away from that bewitching sight to meet her very hurt gaze, swiftly being hidden by outrage and disdain.
I know who I am beneath my trappings. Mr. Adair. Who or what do you hide behind yours? My slight lapse in judgment last evening, correction, serious lapse in judgment won’t be repeated. Of that I can assure you!”
Hell’s teeth, she was lovely! All flashing eyes and high color. He couldn’t resist pushing her harder.
“I knew my first impression of you was correct.”
She sputtered. It was fascinating to observe, those succulent lips parting with fury.
“If you consider calling me priggish and straight-laced an insult, sir, you’re sorely mistaken. I’m simply fine with your assessment. At least I’m contributing to the moral compass of this world, unlike some people who undermine the very fabric of—oomph.”
It was just too much. Too much of everything. She had slipped a verbal dagger between his ribs and pierced his conscience. Coupled with her intense appeal, he felt pushed over the brink and reacted to both quiet her and soothe his abraded soul.
Her wealth of hair spilled from its gathered twist on the back of her head as he pulled her roughly into his arms, soft curves imprinting against his chest. He caught a glimpse of her wide, startled eyes before taking her mouth with his own in fierce possession, plundering the seam of her lips. Groaning with the effort of suppressing his lust—he longed to sweep her up and carry her into the parlor where a fainting couch reposed—Mac contented himself with kissing them both senseless.

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Author Bios:
 Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in Manitoba, Canada. She and her husband have a wonderful son, and a house full of animals. She recently closed her part time private practice as a social worker and child play therapist to spend more time with her husband. Peribeth has written for years, mostly short stories and poetry, and reads everything she can lay her hands on. She has just begun to pen contemporary romance, although has published dark erotica under another pen name.

Lynn Rae makes her home in land-locked central Ohio after time spent in the former Great Black Swamp, beside the Ohio River, and along the Miami and Erie Canal.  With professional experience in fields ranging from contract archaeology to librarianship along with making donuts and teaching museum studies, Lynn enjoys incorporating her quirky sense of humor and real-life adventures into her writing (except the naughty bits).  She writes sci-fi, contemporary, and historical romances.

11 April 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents...The Bet

Ray Sostre: http://afterdark-online.com
Rose Anderson: http://calliopesotherwritingtablet.blogspot.com/
J.S. Morbius: http://morbiussworld.blogspot.co.uk/

It's been a while since I was able to post to Saturday After Dark and I'm so glad I'm able to be back!  I've had a lot of things happen.  I signed with Evernight Publishing and was able to bring three short erotica stories I wrote to life.  One of them is titled "The Bet" and I've posted the super hot excerpt below. 

"The Bet" is part of a line called Romance on the Go.  These are short, but complete, romances for people who need that quick romance fix.  It's a great line for someone commuting to work, for someone waiting for a bus or, like me, waiting in line to get on a ride at Universal Studios.  Yes, when the Transformers ride is an hour wait, I'm shuffling along while reading on Ruby (my e-reader).

I wrote "The Bet" for an anthology but I decided not to submit it.  So it sat in my files for a while until I had the brilliant idea of sending it Evernight. 

“Oh, girl, your touch is magic,” he whispered.
He lay back and let her continue her magical touch. In the daylight his girth and length were just as impressive as she remembered. The barbell twinkled up at her like it was saying hi.
Hello, apadravya, may I kiss you now?
She proceeded to do just that before taking Saber’s long hard cock into her mouth. This time she wasn’t going to stop. Up and down she bobbed her head, each time relaxing her throat a little more. In a short time she was deep-throating him, making him moan and shake with pleasure. After a few minutes of driving Saber out of his mind she was able to swallow all of him. He let out a deep moan of pleasure, and his hands tangled in her hair. And then he was face fucking her, using her hair to move her mouth up and down his dick.
She kept her throat relaxed and let him do the work. She’d just reap the benefits when he came. And then she felt his body shudder and knew he was about to blow.

Ember has not had an easy life.  She takes care of her alcoholic mother by holding down two jobs and rarely has time for anything else.  When a rich young man asks her on a date she happily says yes to a free meal.  However, instead of dinner, she becomes the bet in a game of pool.

Saber is the hustler who just won her, but instead of feeling threatened, she feels attracted to the obvious bad boy in leathers and tattoos.  As the night wears on she falls more and more under his spell until they can’t keep their hands off each other.  But Saber’s hustled one too many people and now Ember’s date wants his money back…one way or another.


Amazon author page:

10 April 2014

Blurb for Dreams & Nightmares Anthology

Dreams and nightmares are like twilight; that misty place between fantasy and reality.

When your mind takes you on an adventure you didn’t sign up for and you become someone or something else, it can be delectable, terrifying, or both.

Dreaming of that sexy bad boy who seems out of reach? Be careful what you wish for, sometimes dreams really do come true. If you have the time, we have the past life to seduce you. Whether your fantasy is a lustful mermaid, an irresistible incubus, a vampiric predator, or an insatiable ghost hold on tight. You are on the most erotic ride of your life.

When your desires blend so thoroughly with the truth that you don’t know the difference, that’s when romance is but a dream.

**Come join us for a Blog Hop on May 27th - June 3rd.  Lots of prizes to be given away!

My story is titled "Across Everlasting"...

Kellen Tavist has had the same dream almost all her life.  A dream of battle, of war.  Of loss.  During a Halloween séance, she and her friends try to conjure the spirit of a departed loved one.  Instead they conjure a ghost from Kellen’s past life.

Unnerved, as well as a bit skeptic, Kellen’s life begins to unravel. Not only are her dreams growing stronger, but someone seems to want her dead.  As she tries to figure out her past life, freelance journalist Raney Williams tries to figure out what she saw that warrants shutting her up forever. 

The past and present are intertwined and she can only have a future if she can figure out the conflicting feelings that have come across everlasting time.

And congrats to the winners of my blog hop!  Many wanted to know the rest of the story with "John" and so all I'll say is that yes, I did call him.  <<wink wink>>

06 April 2014

Welcome Kerrianne Coombes! Excerpt & Blurb

**PLEASE NOTE I majorly messed up my scheduling calendar this week so please come back Tuesday  for the rest of the blog hop!

I am very excited to have Kerrianne Coombes visiting with me today because I have read this book!  I can honestly say I was very surprised by the twist and turns this takes.  I was expecting one thing and by Chapter Seven I was trying to read faster to find out what was going to happen.


When self-professed geek and high school math teacher, Sammy Briars, decides it’s time to live life, she means it. Desperate to put her father’s harsh words behind her, and armed with determination and her life savings, Sammy buys the motorbike she has always dreamed of.

Excited by speed, fast engines, and leather-wearing men, Sammy finds herself in the company of kindred throttle-junkies who know how to live. And in the arms of the hottest biker of all.

Josh Grieve agrees to take his elder brother's bike-touring group on a biking weekend, expecting to see the countryside from the seat of his favorite Suzuki and the chance to kick back from his busy schedule. What Josh doesn’t expect is for his life to be turned inside out by a timid, intelligent woman who rocks a set of bike leathers.

I am so excited to share this new book with you. Full Throttle is the first in my new Contemporary Romantic Suspense series (Revved) Coming from Evernight Publishing.
I love this story so much, and I cannot wait for you all to meet Josh and Sammy. I enjoyed every moment of getting to know them—I hope you do too. xx


“Have you even slept yet?” he asked, his gaze turning darker as he studied her face.
Sammy swallowed and shook her head weakly. “No, not yet. I can’t seem to fall asleep.” She wondered how she could feel so tired, so weary, yet wide awake at the same time.
Josh swore loudly and moved to her.
Sammy watched as he climbed onto the bed, his big body making the mattress dip under his bulky weight. He threaded his arm under her neck slowly and drew her into his arms. At first Sammy was stiff and confused, but the more he stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head, the more Sammy found she relaxed. The pain receded slightly, freeing up her mind and Sammy was able to catch her breath again.
“You don’t have to do this,” she said weakly, but Josh just tightened his arm around her, making sure Sammy rested her cheek on his chest. His heartbeat was a strong sound under her ear and Sammy reveled in the heat his massive body gave off. They lay in silence for a couple of minutes, and Sammy would have thought it would be awkward, but the way he held her, gently, yet sure and strong, had Sammy sinking closer and closer to the comfort he offered.
“When I was a kid, I broke my arm.” Josh began, breaking the lazy silence. His deep voice was a lovely rumble against her ear. Sammy smiled and closed her eyes as she listened to him speak, the sound of his words a balm to her nerves, a welcome distraction to her pain. “I was climbing trees with my brother, and as usual, Tony was faster and better at it than me.”
Sammy chuckled at the image. Tony was a stocky, slightly overweight man, she couldn’t imagine him climbing a tree, let alone fast.
Josh huffed a small sound and stroked his hand idly over Sammy’s arm. Sammy loved the feeling of his hot, calloused hand as it petted her, the feeling was comforting … nice. She stayed still and kept her eyes closed, and she hoped he wouldn’t stop talking, or stroking.
“You might laugh, sweetheart, but in his day, before kids and a wife, Tony was the coolest lad in town.” Sammy smiled against his chest, her mind slowly relaxing, the pain less, and all she could concentrate on was the sound of Josh’s lovely, sexy voice. Especially when he uttered the easy word, sweetheart. No one ever used an endearment for her, and she found she liked it, a lot.
“I heard how women ruin good men.” Sammy said teasingly, even as she yawned against his chest.
“They certainly do.” Josh replied.
Sammy heard the catch in Josh’s voice, and she suddenly remembered what she’d been told about him being jilted last year. The reminder sent a strange tense feeling through her body, leaving a cold pain in her lungs. But Sammy, selfishly, didn’t want to ruin the only time she had ever been comforted in such a nice way, so she changed the subject back to safer grounds.
“So, how did you break it?” Sammy asked sleepily, eager for him to continue talking. She snuggled a little closer to Josh’s heat and sighed, contented.
Josh cleared his throat, but continued his gentle stroking of her arm. He kissed the top of her head again and Sammy felt tiredness swarm her mind. She yawned and sighed deeply, sleepiness making her heavy and relaxed.
“Go to sleep, Sammy, and I’ll tell you when you wake up.”
Buy Here: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/full-throttle-by-kerrianne-coombes/


Find me and my other books...

Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kerrianne+coombes

03 April 2014

Celebrate Love Blog Hop & Prizes!

(Due to me messing up the Logo picture, I will be giving away two prizes!  Very sorry for the confusion!)

Most romantic thing that has happened to me...

I did a lot in my twenties.  I met a man, got married, separated, divorced.  But this post is not about that.  This post is about something romantic, so I'm going to write about one of the most romantic moments of my life.  It may not seem like it but this particular moment in time swept me into a deep and abiding love.

I worked sci-fi conventions in my twenties, flying to different cities to help a company run Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate, and various other TV & Film Sci Fi shows.  I was in Los Angeles, sitting at the reception check in desk, when I noticed one man in particular, a worker helping the convention with the video and audio equipment.  His eyes were a turbulent blue, piercing and brooding, and he caught my gaze often.  I found I couldn't seem to look away from him.  He seemed to be unafraid of meeting my stare and that thrilled me.

Throughout the Saturday he was often nearby and I could feel his eyes on me, which caused me to laugh a bit more brightly and flaunt a bit more leg.  Yep, I was teasing him, not actually thinking he would be brave enough to actually approach me.

And then, toward the end of the day, I was sitting in a chair writing down all the names of the celebrities that had attended and I look up and see him standing there, watching me with those amazing eyes of his.

"Forgive me," he said.  "But I've been watching you all day and I think you have the most beautiful hands."

It was not quite the compliment I was expecting.  "Thank you."

He smiled and suddenly my heart just...melted.  It was gone.  It was his.  That fast, and I didn't even know his name (and for the sake of his anonymity, I will call him John).  "My name is John.  Are you from Los Angeles?"

"I'm Beth and no, I live in Nashville right now but I plan on moving here next year."

"Nashville?"  He became extremely excited.  "I'm a musician.  I'm in a country band."

At that moment he could've been from Siberia, I didn't care.  As long as he kept smiling at me I was going to edge all his stories along.  "I'm a great fan of country music."

At least I didn't have to lie.  I great up on country music.

"What's Nashville like?"

I thought for a moment.  "Well, it's a great city.  The place is lively, light-hearted, beautiful.  You should go see it sometime."

He nodded.  "I'd like that.  Are you here for long?"

"I fly back tomorrow."

"Oh," he murmured.  He reached into his back pocket and handed me a business card.  "Perhaps I can show you around LA.  That's my number and email."

I took it.  "Thank you.  I'll have to see what I've got planned."

He smiled at me and I didn't want him to go.  I didn't want this magical moment to end.  But all good things must end.  He turned and walked away.  I looked at the card and then looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the exchange, but no one was taking any interest so I went back to writing down the names.

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02 April 2014

Dreams & Nightmares Anthology

Last year I was honored when Charlie Daye asked me to be a part of an anthology she was putting together.  The theme was dreams and I was fortunate that I already had a story that I'd written a long time ago as a movie script. 

Years ago, before I became a romance writer, I wasn't sure which type of writer I wanted to be.  I had just moved to Hollywood with a couple of my friends so I had an abstract thought to be a screenwriter.  Then I discovered how restrictive it was to be a screenwriter.  But I had written a story called "Across Everlasting" and it sat in my files for years.

Hop to 2013. Charlie asked me to be a part of this anthology and immediately I knew what story I would use.  I set about translating the script into a novella.  Below is the blurb and the book should be available by the end of May.

Blurb "Across Everlasting":

Kellen Tavist has had the same dream almost all her life.  A dream of battle, of war.  Of loss.  During a Halloween séance, she and her friends try to conjure the spirit of a departed loved one.  Instead they conjure a ghost from Kellen’s past life.

Unnerved, as well as a bit skeptic, Kellen’s life begins to unravel. Not only are her dreams growing stronger, but someone seems to want her dead.  As she tries to figure out her past life, freelance journalist Raney Williams tries to figure out what she saw that warrants shutting her up forever. 

The past and present are intertwined, and she can only have a future if she can figure out the conflicting feelings that have come across everlasting time.

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