17 July 2018

Q & A with Allyson Young!

Hello!  Allyson! Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me
Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I’m a huge fan of strong, feisty women who, despite their flaws power ahead and also admit to being wrong. And I equally like strong, flawed men who figure it out when they drop the ball with their women and make amends, lol.

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

Shelter the beginning is book one in a three part series that features a young woman making her way in a world nearly 100 percent devastated by plague. She does have a love interest in the form of a captain in the military whose mission is at odds with her vision of how the rebirth of civilization might play out. There’s action and adventure and suspense—the book ends on a cliffhangers, something I normally never do, but the next one is available within two weeks so I hope readers don’t hate me!

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I usually have the main characters in my head but the secondary ones get fleshed out as I go along and that’s actually an interesting experience. They do take on a life of their own and I envision a spinoff of this series in which I’ll focus on at least one of them. I truly had no idea he’d appeal to me so much!

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I worked in the human services field for a long time and hope my experience with the human dynamic—and seeing what people bring to the table—is reflected in my characters. They taught me a great deal about strengths and weaknesses and ultimate decency of most.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m torn between another book in my unique Blue Star Shifters series or answering an anthology call. And then there’s another sci fi or the vampire book that keeps calling to me… If I had a dollar for all those WIPs!!   


Addison Longwood survived the plague that struck down almost everyone around her. She survived the hazardous trek into the countryside to find shelter within a group of like-minded individuals led by a man she can actually respect. Settled and contributing, she allows herself a sense of hope.

From the remaining military, Captain Jesse Forbes is charged with locating survivors in order to rebuild the country. His initial impression of Addison’s band isn’t positive and he sets his sights on the young woman in order to infiltrate, and assess her leader—the end justifying the means, or so he assures himself.

But there are far greater dangers lurking, threatening the very existence of the survivors. Alliances are forged—and tested. Betrayal cuts deep, lives are lost and others changed forever.
Who are the good guys anyhow?




Wrapped in an old piece of toweling—another item to add to the shopping list—she was squeezing the moisture out of her mane when Jesse Forbes came through the door. One of her guys lingered just outside, guarding the man, but every molecule of her being told her to run, far and fast before she put some steel in her spine and managed a nod.
“Morning. I see you’re up ahead of most everyone else too,” he said.
Making small talk in the showers, with him fully clothed and her … not, sucked. To his credit, aside from one sweeping glance down her body, he looked at her face.
“Seems like it.” She edged around him, catching his amused stare and grabbed up her clothes. “Excuse me.”
“I wondered how long your hair was.”
She blinked, and despite herself, her hand rose to finger the wet tangles. Not particularly vain, she’d left her hair to grow, finding it easier to tie up and out of the way instead of fighting with the unruly curls. Especially now she could keep it clean and avoid the critters that tended to infiltrate dirty hair, particularly among close quarters. It had been carefully secured and out of the way on the mountain that day so he couldn’t have known.
Deciding not to answer, she ducked into the tacked-on separate room, no more than a tent, thank goodness for the temperate climate. She rubbed furiously at the dampness still on her skin and then yanked on her jeans under the cover of her towel. She pulled on her shirt, only then using the toweling to wring more moisture from her hair.
“Sorry. Again. I seem to put my foot in my mouth around you. And I’m not yet privy to the rules around here.” His smooth baritone sounded too damn close and she wheeled around, cursing the fact she’d turned her back on him. And he was between her and her rifle.
She hadn’t been mistaken about his size and breadth, although refused to feel intimated—or anything else. Besides, his guard was close by. Her brain processed his educated comment. Sometimes he sounded like an average Joe, then next, a college professor. Privy? Her obsession with books allowed for the interpretation, but still…
Forcing herself to project calm, or whatever felt close to that, she said, “Are you asking about segregation? Of the sexes?” And why had she used the word sex in his vicinity?
“That, among other things.”
“Mitchell, I mean, the Colonel, will apprise you.” She thought she saw a glimmer of intrigue in those strangely colored eyes but it passed too quickly to be certain.
“He said he’d assign someone. As a guide. Aside from my armed escort.”
“Then you’ll be set. Excuse me.”
“Is there a time that’s better for me—and the guys—to shower?” His hands went to the collar of his T-shirt and he tugged it over his head.
Addy had seen enough torsos—and other man parts—in her life. How could she not, given her history and where she now slept? So Jesse’s cut chest and chiseled abs shouldn’t have had any effect on her. And they didn’t, her excellent self-control surging to the fore. They. Did. Not.
“No set times,” she said, infusing her voice with casualness. “This shower is communal for the fighters. The camp defenders, I’d guess you’d call us. There’s another, larger one for the rest of the camp. The guys make allowances for us four women—me, Marcia, Denise, and Laura—first thing. I woke up earlier today.”
“Couldn’t sleep?”
Was that a knowing look? She fought a blush. He was getting under her skin and she had no doubt he knew it. Probably knew women inside and out, had lots of experience with them. Well, she had lots of experience with men, too, and none of it positive.
“I slept fine,” she lied. “I woke early, is all. So if you hurry, you won’t be disturbed by the other women when they arrive. Unless it won’t bother you.” For sure it wouldn’t bother Denise and probably not the other two.
“I’ll just be quick then.” His long fingers reached for the button on his khakis. It didn’t escape her notice he didn’t remark on being disturbed by the women.
Refusing to look as though she was fleeing, Addy folded her towel before turning on her heel and stalking out, dipping to snatch up her rifle. The glimpse of his naked, sculpted butt and strong legs was emblazoned on her retinas, but she blinked the vision away. Add arrogance to his confidence. Not necessarily a nice mix.


Allyson Young aka Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in cottage country, Manitoba, Canada, where she and her husband pretend to work well together in their seasonal business.
She has always enjoyed the written word, and after reading an erotic romance quite by mistake, decided to try her hand at penning one. That was followed by a mix of spicy (Ally) and sweet (Peribeth) romances in various genres as well as a  post apocalyptic adventure without a lick of romance.

A best selling Amazon author, a hybrid and coauthor, as of April 2018 she has published seven series and several standalones, with others in the works.

30 June 2018

New Release by Elizabeth York! On SALE now!

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== BLURB ==

He was the only one for me
When I close my eyes, I still see the way he looked at me all those years ago.
The way it felt to have someone so amazing in my life, especially after my parents abandoned me.
The bond that only a childhood friend could understand.
He was my balance and never let me fall
But I lied to him…

She was my better half

I remember the fear she hid under her smile when I met her.
There were so many adventures we concocted, that we were sure we lived a hundred lifetimes in our minds.
She was the reason I got up in the morning.
She was my gravity and kept me grounded.
But then she lied…

He kept my heart when I broke his.

I was never going to see him again.
He would always hate me, even if he knew the truth.
It would be better this way.
If only he hadn’t kept my heart.

She threw my heart away when I wanted her to have it the most.

I am so full of rage – I never want to see her again.
She ruined every memory that we made with a simple sentence.
My life would be better without her.
If only she hadn’t kept my heart.

At forty-thousand feet the Earth shifted, and planets aligned. My world came into focus and for once I was no longer unsteady and ready to fall. As the winds of the plane drifted over the icy cold ocean my heart warmed when I saw him. Once I saw his eyes and the way he was looking at me I knew.

He was the balance I always needed.
… And she was mine.

28 June 2018

My Ancestry Journey Continued

Anyone who starts this journey of finding out their ancestral tree hopes to find someone of historical significance. I was no different. How cool would it be to discover a past president or a movie star is my cousin? My father’s paternal tree had been very straightforward, a progression of the name Cowsert in a very linear line dating from the time my ancestor sailed from Belfast Ireland to land in South Carolina. I focused on the direct descendants and left all the other children behind. With Ancestry.com it was very easy to find the documentation I needed.

A plethora of names pop up on my line (including another Cowsert…yes, two cousins married) but one name catches my attention…one of my two times great grandmothers, Lydia Twitchell. Her name to me sounded either Quaker or Puritan to me, so I researched further. Her grandfather was named Moses Twitchell, and his grandmother was a woman named Lydia Knapp. And it is this woman that I find my historical significant. Lydia Knapp’s mother was a woman named Mary Whitney and the Whitney line takes me back to the 1400’s and to the name of Katherine Cromwell.

Now, I have studied history, and when I came to the name Cromwell, I had THAT moment.  That what the hell have I just discovered moment. 1400’s in England, and yes, she’s part of that Cromwell family. Katherine was married to Morgan Williams whose mother was Joan Tudor.  Wait!  What?  If you know history then you know the Tudor name. And at this point, documentation is pretty much already done for me. To know that I am part of the Tudor line, albeit a very distant cousin many, many times removed, is still thrilling to no end.

The Cromwell name and the Tudor name are some of the most well-known and famous in English history. To come from that, down to my grandfather was who was a humble poor carpenter, is a wonderfully strange story. I am just as proud of that as I am proud of coming from the small town of Dexter, Missouri.

Part 3 coming soon....

26 June 2018

My Ancestry Journey Part 1

My ancestry journey began in the nineteen nineties, doing everything old school by sending letters to many different counties for the slightest bit of information related to any of my obscure ancestors. It was difficult back then because there is a pattern in the males of my paternal lineage of having two families in their lifetimes. They’d marry young, have a bunch of kids, the wife would die and then man would marry a much younger woman and start a new family. It’s amazing how generations repeat the same behavior, even my own father followed this rule of thumb for the Cowsert clan. I was his fourth child, born to his third wife, and twenty-two years after the birth of his third child.

Ever since I was a child, going to the family reunion in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, there was a belief that our family line came from Ireland. This was never substantiated, so when I became an adult, I took on the task of trying to verify this rumor. I got nowhere fast in my first venture before the internet, bogged down with trying to figure out children names and parentage, on a family tree that had many, many branches. I found out some interesting facts, like an ancestor that fought as a patriot in the American Revolution and a great-grandfather, George Washington Cowsert Jr., who fought for the Union in the War Between the States. I also learned my ancestors liked naming sons after presidents.


But I only got as far as my three times great grandfather, and I wasn’t able to verify what country he came from. So I put the research aside, until the internet grew and Ancestry.com became a huge database of records I didn’t have access to twenty years before. I signed up and spent a month glued to my computer, expanding a family tree that completely blew my mind. The most important discovery was the fact that I was able to verify my paternal father’s side came from Ireland, from Northern Ireland to be exact, in the year 1790. Two brothers, married to two sisters, and the rest of their family, landed in Chester County, South Carolina.

Finally, at last, I was able to prove through documents, the Irish heritage that had always been a rumor. County Antrim. I was more than ecstatic. It’s hard to describe the excitement I felt because growing up, I had a fascination with Ireland. The land, the people, the accent. The tales of magic and myth…one day I’d love to travel there and see where my father’s family came from. 

But Co. Antrim is a large place. And more research is needed to find out where in the county my family came from. Cowsert is not an Irish name, so where did the name originate? Was it a bastardization from an English name? Or a Scottish name? This is perhaps the only thing on my bucket list. To KNOW.

Part 2...coming soon....

20 June 2018

Love at the End of the World - 4th story Profile!

The New Era by C. L. Scholey

By the twenty third century much of earth was destroyed. Mother Nature played a significant part but so too did the numerous meteors that slammed nations. The Superiors, a self-aware intelligence, went on line soon after their creator, Jason Superior, a kind man who abhorred violence or suffering of any kind, sent a remaining signal to a lone satellite.

Before long the systems intelligence grew as Jason added his own ideals, until his passing. The Superiors began to take control of the world and the few remaining survivors. Their vast approach to saving life was by destroying those who were capable of misguided influential acts. Only the innocent were allowed to live. Until they became not as innocent. This is their story....

Q) Tell us an interesting fact to your story.

I was diagnosed with diabetes and a few other ailments last summer. I was thrown into my own uncertain world not knowing what to do. I’ve had to learn what to do to survive. Everything I do now is based on my environment and the necessary tools I need. Greyson and Infinity didn’t know what hit them and they had to hit the ground running. Their innocence about the unknown is what it feels like to have a diagnosis on something that will change a life—forever.

Q) How did you narrow down what catastrophe to use for the apocalyptic theme?

I’ve written one other apocalyptic story and had so much fun writing it, but I wanted something different, and yet the same. I love to do research about survival in the forest. Being back in that element was something I had been excited to do.

Q)  If you were thrust into your story, do you think you’d survive?

Yes! If I were younger, heathier, stronger…well you get the general idea. ;)


A small memory nagged her. She remembered her grandmother being pinned to a wall by her grandfather as he demanded to know why humans couldn’t even make love to their spouse.

It was an odd concept to Infinity. Why would a woman want the weight of a man on top of her, pinning her? Greyson was huge compared to her. She shuddered and let the thought go. It would never happen to her, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

She smiled at Greyson and they walked further into the city, ignoring the moving sidewalks. Many couples were about the grounds, enjoying the day. Each smiling as she was. Some were situated in the abundant outdoor restaurants. Other couples sat in numerous shaded areas, watching colorful images dance to a sweet tune.

Flowers in various color were located in many places. They were allowed to pick the flowers for their hair, and when she snapped a purple one she asked Greyson to place it behind her ear. As he did so, he was awkward; he normally was. For a second she imagined he lingered too long and muttered the word ‘silky’. But there was no reason to want to touch her hair. Although he had been acting a little strangely today. Earlier he had mentioned that she smelled wonderful.

Infinity would have liked to put a flower in his shoulder-length, dark hair. But he would simply laugh at her. His dark eyes flickered for a second when she gazed up at him to thank him. He shifted suddenly as though embarrassed, or worried about something. He glanced down at his lower extremity and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She wondered if he needed to relieve himself.

“We can stop if you need to use a privacy chamber,” she said.

“No, I’m fine.”

A bee flew up to her, and Infinity held out her hand. The beautiful blue insect changed colors to make her smile. The bee seemed to study Greyson for a few seconds then winked at her and flew off. Infinity knew the bug must have sensed her fear for a split second and had come to find out if she needed assistance. She didn’t but she loved those little flying insects. And she reminded herself a man would never lay on top of her.


 I love to write about everything and can't wait for an idea that grips me and sends me to a new place. Between worlds keeps me busy, that and chasing after my children and grandchildren and recently a new kitten. Plus one ornery 116 pound mastiff who thinks he's a lap dog. Welcome into my adventures, and hang on!

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18 June 2018

Love at the End of the World Anthology - 3rd Story Profile!

Heart of Survival by Ashlynn Monroe

McKaye Tanner lost everything when the world ended. She grew into adulthood without anyone she could trust. She’s not sure what’s left of civilization, but from what she’s seen, it’s not much.

Reece Rogers has worked hard to keep his small band of survivors alive. He doesn’t take any bullshit or risks. But when he sees a young woman running from a group of the contaminated he can’t turn his back on her and takes a gamble to save her.

Can two battle-scarred, lonely people find love in a world that wants to destroy everything good about being human?

Q) Tell us an interesting fact to your story.

This was a challenge to write because my hero only has one arm. The love scenes were especially difficult because of his disability, but like the strong man he is, he made it work. *wink*

Q) How did you narrow down what catastrophe to use for the apocalyptic theme?

I wanted to pick a world where the disease was realistic, but extreme. I picked a form of leprosy that was very contagious and made its victims dangerous. This infection was a lot like a zombie virus, but has a basis in reality that I hope is a little frightening with its what-if potential. 

Q)  If you were thrust into your story, do you think you’d survive?

Nope. My kids always come first so I have a feeling I’d die doing something foolish to protect them.


McKaye’s lungs burned and her legs ached as she ran. She’d stayed in good health considering most of her life she’d lived in the apocalypse, but she’d never exactly been a marathon runner. Her endurance hit the wall and her mortality rushed at her like a freight train. She would die.

Terror gripped her—and so did a hand. Shrieking, she fell helplessly through a doorway. Gazing up, she stared into the gray eyes of a dark-haired male. His graying beard was dark against his gaunt, but beautiful face. He was gorgeous. Thick lashes framed his eyes. He held her around her waist in one arm, and she realized his other appendage was missing below the elbow. His clothing was tattered, but clean.

Slack-jawed, she lay like a mindless fool as he pulled her inside the building and closed the door. He let her go, and then held his finger to his lips as the sound of sicks running past the building made her breath catch. She lay in his lap, still stunned, while the loud rumble outside began to lessen.

“Who are you?” McKaye whispered.

He held up his finger again, and she waited with him until the rabble outside had moved farther away.

“I’m a friend. I have to lead those contaminated in another direction. Follow me, and trust me.”

It took her a second to realize he was talking about the sicks. Trusting a stranger seemed as stupid as messing with that herd of trouble that just passed by. “Why?”

“I have people at the warehouse. I need to keep the contaminated away long enough for them to get away and go home.”

“Home?” She felt like a parrot, and not a very smart one.

“Yes, we have a safe place. You’re welcome to come with us if you haven’t been touched by the contaminated.”

“I haven’t. Besides, if I was, you are too now.”

“Fair point. Do you have people?” he asked.

“Not anymore.”

“I’m sorry.” His condolences sounded genuine.

She nodded. “Thanks. It was a long time ago.”

“When I noticed you at a distance I thought you were a child.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“No offense meant. I have a lot of questions for you before I take you to my people, but those will have to wait until that herd you’ve brought are taken care of.”

She didn’t like how it sounded as if he was blaming her. She wasn’t someone who would have brought danger to strangers purposefully. “I wasn’t trying to endanger your people.”

He shrugged. “Of course. Come on.”

He stood, and she followed him. Her body still ached from her dash from her house. Home.

He looked outside, then motioned for her to follow him out the door. She didn’t even know the man’s name, but she went with him across the street, and she noticed they were a few blocks behind the sicks.

He rushed to the old bank building and grabbed the fire escape ladder, pulling himself up and climbing. Arm strength wasn’t one of her survival skills, but she took a running jump and managed to pull herself up enough to get her foot in the bottom rung. The guy climbed with one arm, so she could at least try since she had two.

Something about this guy made her trust him. She’d stopped playing it safe the moment she went home. At this point following this guy seemed like as good a plan as any. So she climbed.

The guy pulled himself onto the roof. McKaye didn’t look down. She hated heights. She wanted to climb down, but curiosity made her follow him to the roof. He was all the way across by the time she made it up. He wasn’t even winded, and she was totally out of breath.

“What are we doing?” she asked.

He took off his backpack. “You’ll see.”

Scowling, she watched him take something out of his pack that looked a lot like a grenade. He pulled the pin and heaved the explosive, hard. McKaye scooted farther away from the edge of the roof and covered her ears as the boom shook the building under her.

“Are you fucking crazy?” she hissed.

He turned to look at her, grinning. “I’ve been told I am, more than once, but right now I’m totally sane. Trust me.”

This guy was asking a lot from her. More than he could possibly know.

He pulled out another explosive. “Ready?”

Before she could say no he pulled the pin. She covered her ears as he tossed the danger away from them. The roof shook. She sat there, uncertain. This guy was crazy! She tried to stay calm, but it was hard. She was at the mercy of a stranger—a stranger with grenades!

Another blast shook the world. She pressed her hands tighter against her ears, waiting.

The maniac seemed pretty happy as he pointed. “It’s working.”

“The explosives?”

“Yes. The herd is moving toward the river.”

“Water won’t kill them. They’ll walk on the bottom.”

“That doesn’t matter. They’re getting away from my people.”

She restrained her urge to freak out at him. Her hermit-like existence left her out of practice at being human. “Your people aren’t the only ones left. Don’t you know how many families are out there?”

“What?” His brows drew together as his lips compressed. He blanched.

“Yes, a bunch of boats are floating together in the center of the river. You’ve just sent sicks out there that will walk on the bottom of the water and could sink the boats.”

“I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. I had no idea there were people out there.”

“There are. What are we going to do now?”

He paused. “I have a few more of these.” He held up another explosive.


Ashlynn Monroe has been dreaming up stories all her life but didn’t share them with anyone until she was thirty. She’s a busy mom with a full-time job, great friends, and a unique sense of humor. She’s just a regular girl, who’s in love with the idea of happily-ever-after. She’s honored to be multi-published by some of the best publishers in the industry. Ashlynn survives each day by dreaming up her next tale of romance.

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17 June 2018

Love at the End of the World - 2nd Story Profile!

The Reset by Imogene Nix

Elaine is just an ordinary woman, but when the apocalypse occurs, she must find a way to survive in an increasingly hostile world. Enter Liam, the policeman who saves her at their first meeting and provides assistance as they try to cope with the zombie outbreak brought about by an unknown infection that’s spreading out of control.

Together they form a community, trying to save as many lives as they can, a place where people can be safe. Even in the throes of disaster though, emotions creep up, taking both of them by surprise. Who knows? They might just get their happy ever after...if they can survive.

Q) Tell us an interesting fact to your story.

This is actually going to be the first story in a whole new series (I started writing it about a year ago, but haven’t finished it… I didn’t realise I’d need this story first!)

Q) How did you narrow down what catastrophe to use for the apocalyptic theme?

It was simple. My daughter wanted a zombie story and a friend kind of talked me into it…

Q)  If you were thrust into your story, do you think you’d survive?

I’d like to think I would. I’m resourceful enough to have thought up this scenario after all J


Imogene is published in a range of romance genres including Paranormal, Science Fiction and Contemporary. She is mainly published in the UK and USA due to the nature of her tales.

In 2011, Imogene Nix (the pen name not Imogene herself) was born. Imogene sat down and worked tirelessly for 3 months culminating in the books Starline, which became the first in a trilogy titled, "Warriors of the Elector." 

Imogene has successfully been contracted for twenty-five titles.  She has also completed several others. In 2017 Imogene decided to self publish most of her further works - a plan which is in train.

Imogene is a member of a range of professional organisations world wide, and believes in the mantra of mentoring and paying it forward.

She loves to drink coffee, wine & eat chocolate and is parenting 2 spoiled dogs and a ferocious cat along with her husband and 2 human daughters.