17 December 2014

Book Review- Forever by Allyson Young

Dean Chambray is an arrogant, handsome, undercover crime boss, awaiting a certain man he must take down. Women line up for him, but when they put out, he puts them out.

Enter Amy Copeland, product of foster care, the streets and glitter of Vegas. Resolving to change her life, she abstains from relationships.

These damaged souls meet, and beneath the searing lust lies a deeper sense of belonging. Cautiously building a life together, Dean falls back into misogyny. Betrayed, Amy flees.

Recognizing his folly, he struggles to find her, while the pincers tighten around his small organization. Desperate, Dean resorts to kidnapping when she refuses to return.

It takes patience and considerable effort to convince Amy to trust him again, and accept he loves her. Then, caught up in a pre-emptive strike, her life is at risk. Dean must rescue Amy from certain death, making her his own, forever.

This is one of those books that takes you on an epic journey.  And like epic journeys, the words carry you into another realm.  I've read some of the reviews of people criticizing the word choices but this isn't a dumbed down, watery prose type of book.  It makes you think and expands your vocabulary in the process.  With that being said, the characters are what makes this story shine.

I read a lot of books.  And I'm a speed reader, so unless something catches my attention, I'm zipping through 80-100 page stories in one sitting.  Not with this book.  Allyson Young puts so much description into every thought that I actually took my time to savor Amy and Dean's love.  

And it starts out rough.  Both are emotionally scarred people, and Amy has decided having a one night stand on her birthday is an acceptable compromise to her "no men" rule.  Which is good because Dean wouldn't have taken no for an answer.  The awareness between the two is palpable, the sex super hot, and yet as soon as it's over, awkwardness sets in immediately.  She ends up throwing the strawberry flavored lube all over his truck.  

Amy is one strong, feisty heroine!

The good part about this is that she stays strong and feisty.  Over the course of a year, their romance blossoms slowly.  Dean begins to learn to trust.  To love.  When that's tested, Amy does what Amy does.  She walks away because that's who she is.  There was no last ditch effort of the author to create drama because this plot line was a natural evolution of both characters.  And it takes a lot for Amy to forgive him and let go of how Dean treated her.

I highly recommend this book who is looking for a strong Alpha male with human fallibility, a heroine that makes choices and sticks with them, and a best friend who needs her own book.  (**side note here, I had the pleasure and good fortune to read the first chapter of the next book and WOW!  Can't wait for it to be finished)

Where to Buy:  

Evernight Publishing:  http://www.evernightpublishing.com/forever-by-allyson-young

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Forever-Eternity-Book-Allyson-Young-ebook/dp/B00I7E8ZIA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418844586&sr=8-1&keywords=forever+allyson+young

All Romance Ebooks:  https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-forever-1411476-149.html

14 December 2014

Elodie Parkes Talks About "A Fairy Tale Romance"

Hello Elodie!  Thank you for visiting Written Butterfly! 

Hi Beth, Thank you for inviting me to share news about my new release from Evernight Publishing, A Fairy Tale Romance.

The story is contemporary, fantasy romance. It’s set along the coast in the sumptuous Mediterranean, and bathed in warmth, which I felt was a fitting venue to contrast with the stark misery of my hero’s predicament.

The story is modeled on old fairy story motifs, where there is a fairy godmother style character, a prince and a princess. I so enjoyed writing this story because Thorn Valmont, my hero, is such a lovely, romantic man and deserves to be freed from the curse that befalls him. This is a sizzler of a story with erotic love scenes and threads of fairy tale mystery as we wonder what has happened to Thorn and how he’ll escape his lonely life.

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

As with most of my stories, the dynamics of the characters just happened as I told the story. I always know my hero and heroine plus the supporting characters really well and yet they sometimes take over. With Thorn and Grace I had to have them want each other right away but also there needed to be tension because Thorn is hiding a secret that does have an effect on when he can see Grace.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I observe people all the time, and do come into contact with many people. They are from all walks of life and often I’ll find things out about their lives that might otherwise be hidden. They’ll tell me things as they look around for items in the antiques place, or I’ll meet people who are selling the emporium their antiques and their story will come out.
I see a lot of loneliness and that often goes into my stories. I’m influenced by emotions I see around me. I think that despite the nuclear life most of us lead, there is still a huge yearning for love and belonging.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’ve just signed a contract with Evernight Publishing for a contemporary love story with BDSM references, Rescuing Cade. It’s different (smiles).

I’m working on a Sci-Fi romance, a paranormal romance for a serial, and another fantasy romance. Not enough hours in the day for all my ideas to come to fruition, and sometimes I discard ideas through lack of time to write the story.

About the book, A Fairy Tale Romance

When delectable Thorn Valmont buys an old palace to renovate on the Mediterranean coast, he never dreams it will cost him his freedom.
Thorn is part of an aristocratic family. He’s a prince and must find his princess to solve a puzzle he inherits from the ancient owners of the Mediterranean palace.
Will he find her in time to stop his loneliness destroying him completely?

Read an excerpt 18+
The memory of the young woman’s long slim legs and firm thighs filled his head as he walked home. He imagined caressing her. He would trail his fingertips up the back of her thighs to tease inside the cutoff bottoms of her shorts. It was so long since he’d felt the skin of a woman and yet he could almost conjure up that softness at the top of a thigh where it joined the enticing base of her ass. Thorn sighed sadly and shook his head. He had never come to terms with his lack of sex. Sometimes, after a week or so of ignoring his needs he would masturbate before darkness fell. He always felt better afterwards and told himself to do it more often, to give himself that comfort, but often sadness stole away the notion and he’d drift through his existence until he suddenly realized he needed the release of orgasm.
Thorn knew that he needed it now, before darkness fell. He practically sprinted up the zigzag path to his home, resolved to ease the pain of loneliness that the sight of the lovely young woman had deepened. Inside his bedroom, he closed his eyes and found it easy to picture her mouth, the plump bottom lip, the way her hair tendrils had stroked there, and then he unzipped his jeans.
He paused and thrust away the memory of Grace. He needed quick relief.
Thorn brought to mind one of the last real sexual encounters he’d had with a woman. It was a hot memory and one he’d used before. They’d met at a party, instantly attracted in a superficial sexual way, they agreed to a moonlit tryst in the garden of the big house where the party was being held.
He’d stalked to the girl waiting in a small stand of trees, stripped her quickly, and lifted her to slide with her to the grass. His arm around her bare waist, and a hand cupping her pussy, he’d subconsciously stored away the feel of her wet arousal on his palm and could bring that to mind.
He recalled the words she’d said to him then, as he took his cock in his fist and pumped.
She had said, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want everything, your tongue, your fingers, and your cock in me. I want to suck you until you moan and your cum fills my mouth.”
Thorn groaned as his cock hardened and he whispered the words, “Fuck me.” He pictured licking the girl’s pussy, her legs wide apart as she lay in the grass and his stomach clenched. His orgasm teased at him and he leaned on the edge of the chest of drawers bent over with the urgent need to come as he built a rhythm. He focused on the memory of her nipples between his lips, the way she’d sucked his cock, the taste of her cream on his tongue. Thorn pumped hard and his orgasm suddenly burned through him. As the waves of pleasure coursed in his balls and forced the cum to spurt in warm streaks over the back of his hand, he saw Grace as she’d looked at him on the beach. He saw her green eyes and perfect lips. The picture in his mind added sweetness to the orgasm. He shuddered and groaned.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved

Buy the book:
EVERNIGHT PUBLISHING: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/a-fairy-tale-romance-by-elodie-parkes/ (RRP: $3.99 Your Price: $2.99 (You save $1.00) when you buy from Evernight!)

ALL ROMANCE eBOOKS: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-afairytaleromance-1703829-340.html

SIREN: http://www.bookstrand.com/a-fairy-tale-romance-mf

About Elodie:
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter 

11 December 2014

Elizabeth Monvey Talks About her Mpreg Shifter Story!

Thank you so much for letting me visit and talk about my new novella, My Pregnant Boyfriend.  My editor suggested that male pregnancy stories were popular but authors seemed to have a difficult time with writing such a story line, but being the outgoing, open minded person that I am I thought "Why not?"

Of course, I had to think a believable reason how a man might get pregnant.  I didn't even think of the alien way (my friend Jacey Holbrand came up with a fabulous story about that! Look out for Breeding Seth in January from Evernight.).  Instead, I turned to a shifter story, with the idea that nature always finds a way to survive.  Nature adapts, changes, so I thought, why wouldn't it do the same with animals?

I began to research extinct animal races and came across an interesting species called Homotherium.  They were a type of scimitar toothed cat (saber tooth) that died out abruptly about ten thousand years ago, about the same time that humans began to cultivate the land.  I thought that was an interesting coincidence.  Also, it's rare to find full skeletons of the cats.  My imagination soared.

I came up with Peter, on the run from a hunter, and the last of his kind.  Instead of fighting, he's learned to run and hide, but the hunter is relentless and hunts him almost to the point of death.  He's saved by Ethan, a cougar shifter, and the two find an instant attraction.

I had a wonderful time writing My Pregnant Boyfriend.  I'm interested in writing more mpreg stories so any feedback would be great!

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

 This book is part of the My Boyfriend Is... series.  They are all stand alone books, dealing with a man who finds out his partner/boyfriend is a supernatural creature.  There is My Werewolf Boyfriend, My Vampire Boyfriend, My Alien Boyfriend, this one, and one last one before the New Year comes ringing in.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

Up next is My Ghostly Boyfriend, the last one in this series (for a while!).  I'm going to focus on a new series, a shifter/male pregnancy story line. 

Ethan Rushton can’t believe his eyes when he discovers the type of shifter of shifter he’s saved from a hunter.  The long incisors hanging out the mouth, the sloped hindquarters…it’s a saber tooth cat come to life.

Peter Neren’s been running his whole life.  For ten thousand years his species has been a secret but now he is the last of his kind.  He doesn’t know if he can trust Ethan, but he’s got to try because it’s time to take a stand.

Their attraction is instant, and once they act on their passions nature has found a way to ensure the survival of the species…leaving Peter pregnant.  He will do anything to protect his unborn cub, and so will Ethan, even if that means becoming bait to hunt down the man trying to kill them both.


            The man was a little shorter than his own six foot, the muscles more streamlined which was probably from being on the run.  His hair was shaggy, the blonde locks almost white in the overhead light.  With a firm ass and nicely curved cock, Ethan fought the urge to drool.  Like the cat, he had pale blue eyes ringed with dark lashes.  Their gazes met in the mirror and as they stared at one another, something buzzed between them.  Ethan’s cougar pushed to the surface and he had the strangest urge to purr, which was extremely odd.  Cougars were solitary creatures, preferring to live wild on their home ranges.  It was one of the reasons why he moved deep into the Canadian Yukon.  There weren’t that many cougar shifters around.       
He held out the clothes.  “I, ah, have some stuff you can wear.”
“I see that.”  Even his voice held a punch and Ethan’s cock took notice of the smooth baritone.  “My name is Peter.  Peter Neren.”
“Yeah,” Peter nodded.  “I remember.  Thank you…for what you did back there.”
“I scented you,” he admitted.  “I trailed you to make sure you stayed away from the human population.”
“Don’t worry.  As you can imagine, I have no desire to be around humans.”
Ethan pointed to the wound.  It wasn’t bleeding, and although it looked angry, the tissue around it was a healthy pink.  “Do you think you need to be stitched up?”
Peter shook his head.  “I healed a lot in my cat form.  Just bandages and some antibiotic cream should be fine.”
“In the medicine cabinet.” 
The words died but the thick tension that hung between them didn’t dissipate one bit. Ethan couldn’t seem to drag his gaze off Peter…who currently stared at him as if he had a screw loose.  Maybe he did.  What else could account for the odd feelings coursing through him? 
Peter bit his lip.  “Listen, I know you have questions, but could I answer them after I clean up?”
That snapped Ethan out of his daze.  “Christ, sorry.  I’m still a little shell shocked, I think.” Ethan slowly backed out the door.  “I’ll make us some dinner. 
They continued to stare at one another.  Ethan had to mentally fight with himself to not look down at the sinfully delicious body in front of him.
“Anything else?” Peter asked him.
“Uh, no.  I’ll be in the kitchen.”
Peter walked toward him, and Ethan’s heart exploded with excitement.  Holy crap, was he about to get up close and personal with this exotic, and by exotic he meant extinct, shifter?  He stared at Peter’s mouth, wondering how soft those lips would feel under his.  Or wrapped around his cock.
Peter shut the door in his face.

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10 December 2014

Doris O'Connor talks about her Christmas Release!

Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today! What a great cover!

Thanks so much for letting me visit today!

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Ah, it’s funny you should ask, because I had the Title for this story first. I was cooking dinner and Bought for Christmas popped into my head.

Hmm, me thinks, who’s been bought for Christmas and why? First thing I did—still while cooking dinner, lol—was search the title on Amazon. No other book with that title, great.
Then I thought, hmm the heroine has been bought by the hero…. Hmm why…
I got my laptop out to jot all this down and ran the very basics of the story via my reader group. They loved the idea, and by the time I had finished cooking, I knew my hero was a scarred, bear shifter, considerably older than my heroine, and once the kids were in bed, I started writing… and writing… lol

Emilia and Hunter were such strong voices in my head that the story literally wrote itself. 

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Not really. I write when my characters talk, and fortunately they tend to be pretty vocal. I’ve learnt that I do need quiet to write well, though, so I switch off the internet, shut my bedroom door, and write.

Now my youngest is at nursery in the afternoon, those three hours are my writing time. I also go into my writing cave at the weekend, when hubby is home to field the kids, and my fingers fly. I aim for a minimum of 2K a day when I’m actively writing a story. If I manage more than that, even better.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Well, a slice of real life always finds itself into my books. On the most basic level, I’m a collared sub to my hubby/Sir, so some of our dynamic will always find itself in there. *grins*
And yes, just like my heroines I tend to be rather bratty. Having said that, I don’t write about us. He’s always happy to help with research, of course, but it’s my characters’ stories I’m telling, and as I’m a complete panster I never know how that will go.

It’s quite a journey in every book.

I have named villains after folks I don’t like, and they may or not have found a gruesome end…

Likewise, I have used reader’s names for my heroines etc. Makes it fun, you know.
One thing I do strive for is to portray BDSM as accurately as I can. Every D/s relationship is different and unique of course, but you will always find my characters practice safe, sane, and consensual.


I’m the beast, haven’t you heard….

Christmas is supposed to be a time for miracles and one will surely be needed when Emilia Duncan finds herself sold to the beast to save her father’s company. Having lusted after the much older, enigmatic man for as long as she can remember, spending the Christmas weekend as his submissive will satisfy her raging libido, but can she protect her heart?

Bear Shifter Hunter Monahan cannot stand idly by when Emilia is thrown to the wolves. There is only one shifter who will get his claws into her and that’s him. The contract ensures her submission for the weekend. Too bad his bear wants much more than that.

Hunter is used to hiding behind his gruesome scars, but in the bid for Emilia’s heart, that is not an option this time.  Isolated in his cabin, it’s not just the snow that melts. 


“I said you’re mine, kitten,” he finally said, and Emilia’s heart leapt for joy. “You always will be, but I want to see you happy. You don’t need to be settled with a cynical, scarred bear shifter like me, especially as your father will never talk to you again, if you do.” He put his hand up when she was going to interrupt him, and continued.
“No, let me finish. He is your father, and I know you well enough to know that you love him and that good for nothing brother of yours. Despite what you said to them when you left, you could no more turn your back on them than you could stop breathing, and that’s one of the many things about you that I…”
His bear growled, and Emilia forgot to breathe at the struggle she sensed in him. She scooted closer and put her hand on his tense thigh.
“You what, Sir? Please don’t clam up on me now,” she said.
A grim smile kicked up the corner of his mouth, and she leant in closer to kiss that spot. A growl erupted from his chest, and before Emilia could blink she was on the floor with him towering above her. Right now he didn’t look very much in control of his bear, and that thought sent adrenaline coursing through her body.
Holding himself off of her with his hands placed next to her head, and his arms locked, he ground his groin against hers and the solid heat of his erect cock meant that Emilia’s hormones took over. Moisture flooded her underwear, and her nipples tried to poke through the soft fabric covering them. As comfortable as her jumper was the fabric chafed against the sensitive peaks, and Emilia bit her lip to stop from whimpering her need.
Hunter groaned and bending his head claimed her mouth in an earth shattering kiss that left her breathless and so needy she was going to scream if he didn’t do something other than kiss her.
He pulled away, and the heat in his gaze sent her arousal into fever pitch. Emilia shifted her legs wider, and they both groaned as he settled himself right between her legs.
“Fuck it, Emilia. I can’t do this anymore. I want you too damn much.”
Hunter’s voice came out distorted, and more of his bear showed as his muscles expanded and he grew bigger above her.
“Then have me, all of me, please.” Emilia gasped her reply, all too aware of the barely leashed aggression that poured out of his very pores. It should send her running, yet it had the opposite effect on her. Beads of perspiration slid into her eyes, clouding her vision. Trapped as she was under his bulk, her clothes felt heavy and restrictive, and Hunter seemed to burn hotter still, as he grew perfectly above her. His nostrils flared and he inhaled roughly, as though he, too, had trouble drawing air into his lungs. Emilia blinked to clear her vision, and she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the sight of his fangs. His incisors grew longer, more menacing somehow in the orange glow from the fire, and she didn’t dare breathe when he dipped his head and ran those lethal teeth along her neck.
“This is your last chance to cry red, kitten. This time when I fuck you, I will claim you, body and soul. You will be mine, to carry my mark, so that everyone will know who you belong to. I want to cover you in my cum, bite you all over, and leave my marks on you forever. Do you understand me?”
Emilia nodded, utterly unable to get her voice to work, and Hunter threw his head back and roared. The vibrations of that growl shook the very ground they lay on, and she locked her ankles behind his ass to enable her to grind her hips against the solid bulge in his jeans. So close. God, she was so close already, if only….
Hunter bucked and dislodged her, until she lay winded, face down on the rug. Hunter yanked her jumper up and her leggings down, and the first hard, stinging swat of his hand on her ass took her breath away. Several more followed in quick succession, and then he lifted her on her knees, and pushed her upper body back down into the rug. Her jumper gave way with an audible rip, as he used his claws to get if off her.
“Do. Not. Move.” Every growled word was accentuated by another swat to her ass. Heat spread across her skin, and she jumped when he replaced his hands with his teeth, while pushing several fingers into her wet pussy.
Emilia whimpered and mewled like the kitten he called her, as he fucked her with his fingers, while marking her body with his teeth just like he’d promised, until her skin was just a mass of hot sensation. Up and down her spine into the hollow of her back, over her ass and the insides of her thighs, until she didn’t know which part of her he hadn’t reached.
Pinned in place by his clawed hand on her shoulder, and his fingers buried deep inside her, keeping her teetering on the edge of her release, she had nowhere to go.
Emilia whined when he withdrew his fingers, and Hunter pushed his digits, slicked by her arousal, into her mouth, and smacked her ass again. Emilia bit down, and the taste of her arousal mixed with his blood, and Hunter grunted his approval.
“Fuck, yes. Do that again.”
His claws sliced through her shoulder, while he dug his fingers deeper into her mouth and jaw. The pain just added to her arousal until her whole body felt on fire. Teetering on the edge, she screamed, as he ran his thick cock through her wet slit and then drove in deep.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby. You’re mine.”

All other buy links can be found here:

Author Bio

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.
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09 December 2014

It's Sandra Bunino's Birthday Bash!

It’s Sandra Bunino's birthday and we're helping her celebrate with giveaways, a huge $0.99 sale and some surprises along the way! It may be Sandra's birthday week but YOU get the presents!
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Today's Bookalicicous Spotlight shines on:

A failed relationship and long hours at her flourishing practice have Dr. Brooke Allaire running on empty. When Brooke accepts a girlfriend’s gift of some holiday pampering at New York City’s posh Satin Rose Experience, she assumes she’s in for a weekend of facials and massages. Brooke soon realizes there’s more to SRE than meets the eye.
Ty Venice is a team player. He’s used to sharing submissives with fellow Dom Jackson Reid. However, if there was ever a game changer, Dr. Brooke Allaire was it. That is, until he gets a glimpse at her ultimate fantasy, to be possessed by two men at once.
The Satin Rose Experience, New York’s elite BDSM club residing on the twentieth floor of Rosebud Resorts, contains ten uniquely themed suites, each with its own story to tell. Fulfill your fantasy at SRE. Find the introduction of SRE in The Satin Rose Experience, a short story in Evernight Publishing’s Keyboards and Kink Anthology.
Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys.
BROOKE'S WISH is an Editor's Pick and AllRomance eBooks Best Seller!
All of Sandra Bunino's eBooks, including BROOKE'S WISH, are $0.99 until December 12th:

Sandra Bunino is a romance author of several novellas including The Satin Rose Experience series. Her first full-length novel, Colors of Us from the McAvery Brothers series, released in August. She makes her parents proud by putting her MBA degree to good use dreaming up heroes who resemble David Gandy whenever possible. When not staying up past her bedtime torturing her oh-so-sexy heroes, she can be found shopping for shoes or saving turtles.
As a social media junkie in need of a ten-step program, you can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and her new addiction, Pinterest. Sandra loves to read and chat with other readers, so she formed the Bunino’s Bookalicious Babes group on Facebook where they currently share their love of Jamie Fraser from Outlanders…and David Gandy, of course.
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08 December 2014

Mira Noir- I Met a Boy Author Interview

 Hello, Mira!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  Congratulations on your new release “I Met a Boy”.

 Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Thanks so much for having me!

The story of an older man with a younger woman has been around a long time. And it's a little bit kinky and taboo, and I love both of those things. It's kind of naughty, the feeling of a wiser older person of "power" who kind of takes advantage of the innocence of the younger person, and corrupts them. (And obviously, only when all the players are over 18 can this be sexy.) 

But I wondered what the story could be like, if the older person was a woman. And what if the woman was the innocent, uncertain and inexperienced in true love and desire, almost virginal in her lack of experience with real passion, real connection? What if we made the younger man the "aggressor," a fledgling dominant who's somewhat experienced? I wanted to turn things on their head a bit. I wanted Nicolas to be overt and hungry, a bit of a wild thing, with deep dark passions he can't quite control, but he's trying to respect Danny, our heroine. If you've ever dated a man aged 18-25, you've experienced this kind of primal drive. It can be overwhelming and breathtaking, like a great big wave you can't get away from. And if it's the right combination, you enjoy being overwhelmed. Men are in their prime, eager and bursting with desire, and they are childish and adorable, aggravating and breathtaking at the same time. I wanted to build a male character who had his weak moments but who had the potential to develop into someone likeable and mature. But for right now, he's being a boy, and his desire and beauty are irresistible to a woman who hasn't been wanted or treated in quite this way before in her life

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Wine, sexy music, a hot bath or a shower. I find water loosens up the tight, stressed muscles and gets creative juices in the body and the mind flowing. This also totally sounds obnoxious, but I do my best writing when I'm travelling, and totally free from stress. So that idea of a writer in a cabin in the woods -- I prefer a beach in Hawaii! -- it really does work. The world you live in daily can put a pressure on your mind to think about duties, chores, responsibilities, when to create your mind really needs to be free of all that. But it isn't cost-effective to always travel, so I try to at least have no distractions like the TV or people around, and a clean space and dedicated block of time for writing.

 Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Ha! Let's say 30%. Most of it is fantasy, but sometimes the fantasy comes from a little bit of truth. For example, I've definitely been the older woman with a younger lover. Little moments I portray may have been something I actually did, or, something I would have done, given the setting or opportunity. And sometimes they're just pure fantasies generated only for the purposes of my characters, or the story I want to tell.

Q)  Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

They definitely develop as I write. However, and this is weird to say -- I generally know who they are, in essence, very well in my head before I even start. I know the character of the person, and little vague details like "long hair" or "honey skin," or "tall," or "curvy." Their values, their aura, all that -- it's all in my head, like a mini movie reel or trailer, or even a blurry photograph. And I know the general way they behave. But this is all in my head, nothing's written out or outlined. So then I start writing with this character in mind, and they get clearer as they go. The way they talk, the choices they make, their attitude or personality, these things were there but muddy; they get refined and sharp, and evolve with the story as I put them through challenges and conflict.

 Q) What are your upcoming projects?

So, I've got an angsty "erotic coming of age" novel set in 1930s Singapore that I've been sitting on top of for ages. It's basically ready and just needs the final edit for polish. And I've got another that's still in development set in the English-country-side in the late 1800s. This one's my erotic/paranormal take on the classic gothic romance, told from the male lover''s point of view.

Mrs. Danielle Russo lives a picture-perfect life with her charismatic husband. She has a beautiful home, and everything she could ask for. Except everything isn’t what it appears to be: spending every waking minute as Marcus’ model wife is starting to take a toll on Danny.

To cope, Danny lives a rich, secret inner life through her job as an assistant curator and the support of a few friends. She’s accepted that her future will be quiet, restrained, and dignified. And then she meets a young man at dinner who changes everything.

Nicolas Thierry is a brooding and sensual college kid. He’s unpredictable, and unapologetically public about his desire for Danny. No one quite knows what to make of this boy, and Nicolas’ attention threatens everything she and her husband have built together.

Danny knows that for her own sanity and the sake of her marriage, she’s got to send him packing. But under Nicolas’ smoldering gaze and hungry touch, Danny realizes she’s starting to feel new and dangerous things stirring inside her she’s never, ever felt before.


             Very deliberately, Nicolas walks around the desk, stands beside it, and looks right down into my eyes.
I swallow. His eyes are a problem. They are so huge, so frightening. They stir things in me I can’t even name. He looks like he’s about to do something, something reckless. Panic makes me try to reason with him.
            “Please, Nicolas, just . . . why are you doing this? Why can’t you just respect my answer?”
            He kneels at my side, puts his hands on the arms of my chair, and turns me to face him. I feel the trembling start, the same faint trembling I’d had at the car after I’d gotten home that night, and I try to stop. But it’s hopeless.
            Nicolas’ eyes, wide and framed by the black lashes that have haunted me since that night, lock intently on mine as he speaks, softly. “Because your answer, no matter how much you tell me otherwise, is yes. I can see it in your eyes.”
            I swallow, licking my lips. I try to find the right words. “Then . . . then let me live with the one I’m telling you out loud.” I shake my head. “Teach me a lesson. Leave me the way I am.”
            He doesn’t answer. He puts a hand to my cheek, and strokes it. I gaze back at him, not having anything else left in my brain to defend myself with. All I feel is the hot, firm slide of his fingers, and those ocean-deep blue eyes.
            “Part your legs, Danielle,” he says.
            It takes me a moment to understand what he’s said. I blink, startled. “Wh-what?”
            He doesn’t bother with any more words. He puts his hands on my knees and pushes them apart. I start to pull away, to push away, but he does not let me go, and he comes between them, and up, and his mouth, relentless, oh so deliciously stubborn, finds mine.

Passion. Decadence. Drama. Mira Noire doesn't pussyfoot around. If you're looking for the typical happily-ever-after with the same old characters - they aren't here. Mira writes visceral scenes that are so real you can taste (and smell!) them, and loves to feature flawed characters you may not always like. Like or not, you'll definitely love watching them, and hopefully enjoy following them on their intensely personal erotic journeys. Mira lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves to travel abroad, and has a B.A. in English from Stanford University. Visit Mira at http://www.miranoire.com to get to know her world a little better.

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