25 April 2022

FREE Read from Nikki Prince!!

 Thank you, Nikki, for visiting Written Butterfly! You inspired me to do a FREE prequel read as well! It's wonderful having you visit to show off this amazing new book from you! Wow, love the colors going on here...the black and red...so eye catching! 

 Caj was once human and in love with an angel named Mercy. Having committed an unforgiveable sin, Caj is punished by The Maker to take on the sins of others so that those souls can be ushered into heaven by an angel. Caj is finding it hard to reconcile who he used to be with what he has become and feels he should let Mercy go.

But can he?

 Mercy sees Caj as she remembered him. She knows that he beats himself up daily for his own sins, let alone having to take on others' sins as a penance. The only way for them to be together is for him to go before The Maker and make amends or their love will be lost forever.

Will The Maker allow them their happiness or are Caj and Mercy forever doomed to have loved and lost?

1)       Can you tell us a little about your book? Caj’s Angel is a prequel to my Eternal Lovers series.  It’s paranormal and begins with Caj who a sin eater and Mercy is who is an angel.  They’d loved and lost with each other before.  Caj is condemned to take on other’s sins for an eternity.  He wants and loves Mercy but is afraid that he’ll always be the holder of sin. 


2)      Was there as specific part of the story that you absolutely loved writing as well as not enjoyed writing?  I really enjoyed writing the story as a whole and finding quotes from history that tied the chapters together.  It was fun, and I think conveyed what each chapter was about.


3)      Do you have a favorite line or scene in your book?  My favorite scene in this short story is when Caj must do his duty of taking on the sin of a young girl who is dying.  I really felt the scene.


4)      What future projects are on the horizon for you? I am currently finishing up edits for the third book in my Undeniable Series called It’s Real for Tule Publishing and I have several other projects that I’m working on: Eternal Lovers’ series, mermaid romance, contemporary romance for Shades of Love Anthology, an afro-indigenous story and so much more.  I love to write and as long as the stories come, I will be writing them and sending them out to the world.


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