21 May 2012

Winner(s) of Hop Against Homophobia

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Hop Against Homophobia!  This was a great weekend and I got a lot of wonderful comments.  

I thought of a wonderful comeback comment to anyone who says to me that "they" think same sex couples shouldn't have rights, that "they" think it's amoral and God doesn't love them.  I'm going to say, "Once upon a time a group of people thought the same thing about African Americans and about Jews.  Do you share those opinions too?"

I have two lucky winners, picked by my wonderful son who thought picking names was great fun!  The first winner is Foretta, the second is Kerry!  I'll be emailing them today.  Again, thank you everyone!

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  1. Huge congrats to all of you authors on the success of this event.