24 October 2012

Hump Day Hook- 24 October

I almost forgot to post my paragraph this week for Hump Day Hook!  Since I just came off the Alpha Male Blog Hop where I featured my heroes from The Song Bird and The Scarlet Dove, I thought I’d give a look into one of my Alphas, Eli Masters.  He’s strong, driven and very good with cards, but more importantly, he’ll do just about anything for the people he loves.

So let’s see how Eli met Jason…

“As usual, Jason fell into step beside him as they left the auditorium. Eli had been sixteen, on the streets in Philadelphia, picking fights and doing what he had to do to survive. Life was difficult but manageable, until the day a few street kids had picked a fight over territory, and he’d been outnumbered. He was getting the shit beat out of him, and saw a knife flash, when all of a sudden, another boy had jumped into the fray. Dazed and half unconscious, all he saw was a swish of blond hair.”

-page 23 from The Song Bird