16 June 2013

Book Review: Cyborg Seduction Series

Bk 1: Burning Up Flint
Bk 2: Kissing Steel
Bk 3: Melting Iron
Bk 4: Touching Ice
Bk 5: Stealing Coal
Bk 6: Redeeming Zorus
Bk 7: Taunting Krell
Books by Laurann Dohner

This book review isn’t for just one book, it’s for all seven.  Because I assure you, if you read the fist one you won’t stop until you’ve read them all.  I have a long list of books I’m working through so that’s the reason why I’m just now getting to review these books.  And had I known they were this good, I would have read them a lot sooner! 

Book One is titled “Burning Up Flint” and like any first book in a series, it’s pivotal for setting up the tone of the forth coming books.  This book was good, not my favorite, but I’ll get to that in a bit.  Flint is a cyborg and in my opinion they just don’t make enough erotica romance books about cyborgs. 

Ms. Dohner sets up a great world.  Far in the future, Earth scientists created one step above and beyond androids when they took human DNA and grew these massive warriors in cryo tubes.  Stick a few microcomputers in their heads, add a few enhanced things like strength and healing and you got yourself a breathing sentient person who demands basic human rights.  And what do the human do when they realize they can’t control their creations?  They tried to terminate the whole race, of course.  Luckily many survived by fleeing Earth and settling up home on a new world. 

Flint is a commander and on a raid to steel parts and items, his ship commandeers a vessel holding Mira.  Immediately, Flint takes Mira as “his” and brands her.  Many misunderstandings later, the two finally admit their love and all ends well...with a few bumps along the way.  Now I know I summarized this into a very short couple of sentences, but I want to comment about the series as a whole, and not just this book.

Like I said earlier, this wasn’t my favorite in the series but it was interesting enough to keep me reading the next one.  And I’m glad because by the time I rolled into the third, I was in love!  My favorites have started from the third on because I think by this time Ms. Dohner really discovered this world she created and went with the flow.  I loved Iron and Coal, in particular, and the women who is able to fall in love with these two cyborg men.

Now, here’s what sets this series apart from the others.  In many series, the voice of the author never goes away.  So you read one, you’ve basically read them all, just substitute some names and bam…a finished book.  But each character in this series is unique and not cookie cutter.  Even though the cyborgs maintain a certain robotic intensity, they are written distinctly, as are the women they fall in love with.  For example, in book one Flint is in a breeding pact and must serve women to make sure children are produced.  Mira would rather die than witness that.  But in book four Ice has produced something like twenty-eight children.  In book two the female, Rena is an insurance claim investigator and in book five Jill hasn’t even finished school.  There are so many flavors in these books that there’s something for everyone.

I'm not sure if Ms. Dohner is planning to write any more, but based on this series I'm going to look in her others, notably the New Speices.  

You can read more about all the books at Laurann’s website: http://www.lauranndohner.com/cyborg-seduction-series.php

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