27 October 2017

Halloween Weekend Give-A-Way!

With things going bump in the night, its hard not to enjoy a holiday that delivers spooks and screams. I've always enjoyed Halloween, even before I became a mom. Trick-or-treating when I was younger gave way to adult parties when I was older.  I've had some awesome costumes over the years, as you can see....

Wasn't I cute little princess?

One of my favorites was when I was a murdered bride.  I had a hatchet in my head and meat cleaver in my chest. The hatchet was attached to a thick wire band which hurt my head, but I was stubborn and wore the damn thing all night. We ended up going to a couple of bars and I won a contest...a bottle of wine. 

Now, Halloween is mostly about my son trick-or-treating.  This year he's going to be a soul collector.  He's getting into the classic horror movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween.  Now every year October 31st rolls around I enjoy watching my favorite Halloween-themed movies, like Sleepy Hollow, Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family (1 & 2). 

Speaking of Hocus Pocus...I have a cute little Give-a-way!  

As you can see, it's a set of four Hocus Pocus coasters and a pumpkin pin!  All you have to do is say what tradition do you do every Halloween (plus a way to contact you. I promise not to spam you!). My adorable little helper (AKA: son) will pick a winner at random on Monday evening.  Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. The city event. This year we had hundreds of children trick-or-treating local businesses. Love small town living.

    1. Hi Theresa! Let me know how I can send you the prize! bdelene at gmail.com

    2. Thank you, I emailed my address to you.