01 December 2017

JJ Lore Visits With her Sci-Fi Gay Romace!

Hello J.J.!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

One of my characters, Venture, appeared in an earlier book I wrote titled Beyond Love. I’d liked writing him as a secondary, but one day he just popped up in my mind and I knew I needed to give him a little story of his own. He’s very savvy and confident, and operates by his own, slightly moral, code of conduct. Cai, on the other hand, is shy and very careful about playing by the rules, which makes sense since he’s a skilled professional athlete.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

This might be overkill, but I created an entire sport for this story. Cai is a superstar player of tussle, so I had to understand the game, even though there’s no more than a mention of it in the book. It’s played on an oval field with sloping sides and a flat center section, there are multiple field goals, and it’s very fast and rough. In your mind, combine Australian rules football, rugby, and a little bit of wrestling thrown in for good measure.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Always tea, either iced or hot, and low-key instrumental music. Recently I’ve been lighting incense and I really like the way it clears my mind as I’m working.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

Right now I’m nearly finished with the first draft of a book which will hopefully be the start of a three part series. It’s in a completely new genre for me, and I’m too superstitious to say more about it.

Star tussle player Cai travels the galaxy with his team playing intense matches, but is too introverted to have much of a social game. At a mixer before the next day’s match, he meets a man who is capable of drawing him out of his shell, and he lets his guard down, hoping for a connection.
Stalking his target in a crowded bar seems like a good idea to Venture, at least until the conversation he’s sharing with the handsome athlete turns personal. But he has a job to do, and no matter how much he likes Cai, Venture still has to knock him out, tie him up, and hide him away until payment from gamblers hoping to influence the outcome of the contest comes through.
The dynamic between captor and captive shifts and evolves even in the short time Cai and Venture spend together. Despite the binds holding Cai, he longs to touch Venture, and it doesn’t take much encouragement for Venture to let down his guard with his attractive prisoner. Who is the jailor now?


Venture isn’t ashamed of what he does, or at least he hasn’t been until he kidnaps the man of his dreams.

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J. J. Lore bio

J. J. Lore has been interested in the dashing men who roam outer space since she was transfixed by Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon a long time ago in a theatre far, far away. Sadly, there is no way for her to join in the fun of intergalactic adventures unless she writes them, so that’s what she does whenever she isn’t taking care of the business of life. If you can’t find her typing madly on her sluggish keyboard, she’s probably poking around in a thrift store searching for the perfect pair of worn jeans or a vintage kachina bolo tie. These days she puts her anthropology degree to work when she whips up dishes from many different cultures, most of which benefit from a liberal dose of sriracha or a smear of green curry paste. Her favorite reading topics are costume history, epidemiology, and permaculture, all of which she’d like to work into a story if she’s suddenly overcome with a brilliant idea someday.

Twitter: @JJLore1

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