08 October 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 41


Pre-Christmas Catalog Blizzard. Hate them or love them?

I love them. Mainly because I tend to do Christmas shopping early. I use my royalties in October to buy my holiday gifts, so any type of great idea or bargain I can find, I'm all for it. I do a lot of online shopping because you can find so many different items that are unique and cool. Stuff you can't find in stores. Plus I don't have to stand in lines or drive to the store to spend time I really don't have.

They say life goes by so much quicker once you're out of school, and yes that's true. But we're also adults with family we need to take care of. Almost every minute is accounted for, and when I do find free time I usually try to fit in some writing. Just because I'm busy doesn't mean I can slouch on my deadlines. 

So bring on the catalogs. Let's get Christmas shopping done.

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