24 July 2021

New Release Series from Lily Baines!!


Series: Of All Hearts
Author: Lily Baines
Genre: Sweet with Heat Contemporary Romance, Opposites Attract

Of All Places 
Of All People
Of All Days - on sale for 99 cents

She’s read all about romance but never found love. Will her chance encounter with a handsome stranger lead to the love of her life?

Melanie Allen needs a change. Longing to escape her uneventful life, the introverted librarian jets off to picturesque Montenegro for a one-week tour. With little confidence in herself, she encounters a stunningly handsome man and acts impulsively for the very first time.

Theo Martinovic is gorgeous, self-confident, and a town local. Everything Melanie is not. Still unsure how she managed to capture his attention and sensing he's holding back wounds of his own, Melanie knows she must defy her self-conscious ways if she doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of her past and give true love a chance.

He doesn't do romance or promises. She's been burned by love before. Can mending a derelict hotel help mend two lonely hearts?

Romeo Dante Lorenzo, owner of cobalt blue eyes and a chiseled jawline, is one of New York's most eligible bachelors. Too bad he’s not looking for love.

Used to a different type of women—beautiful and vain—Romeo doesn’t think much of Siena Borrelli upon first meeting her while attending to family business in Italy.

After divorcing her cheating husband, Siena started a new life in Rimini, Italy, a coastal town as unique and warm as its occupants, caring for an elderly woman who owns the old hotel she now calls home. When the woman’s great-nephew, Romeo, visits to sell the place, Siena won't

let it go without a fight. His physique can be distracting, but she's determined to not let it deceive her.

Can they both look beyond the surface?

Can the most embarrassing day of your life lead to the love of your life?

Corfu, Greece.

It’s not a vacation for HR expert, Olivia Duncan. It’s a business trip. One that she has diligently planned for, because Olivia likes to keep things organized and perfect. Not even her frizzy hair gets away with not doing as she wants.

But an embarrassing mishap at the company conference puts her in the path of Niko Teresi, a handsome taverna owner who knows a thing or two about how constricting corporate life can be.

Olivia doesn’t do change or spontaneity. She never deviates from her path.

Hiding from the world and waitressing in his taverna, can Niko show her there’s life in letting go?


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