22 October 2021

New Release by Andi Lynn...Book 1 in the Hell's Sacrifice MC!

Hell’s Sacrifice 

Torching Vixen 


Vixen was looking for escape the day she talked her cousin into running away with two bikers. She didn’t realize the hell she was tossing them into. Several years later, she’s beaten down and ready to give up and throw it all away. She would except for the fact she feels completely responsible for dragging her cousin, Logan, into it with her.  


The last thing she ever expected was her life to change forever when members of Hell’s Sacrifice MC walk into the clubhouse, she’s called home for years. Or for the club VP, Torch, to take an instant liking to her. 


When Torch and his club leave, she and Logan are on the back of their bikes. But Vixen has a secret. One that could destroy anything between them before it gets started. One that could cause the club that saved her to go to war. One that could destroy everything. 


“Torching Vixen by Andi Lynn ” is a beautiful novel with a heart-wrenching story. If this cover doesn’t raise your temperature a few degrees, the story will. ~REVIEW ebooks teach

About the Author 

Andi Lynn is Chasing Forever one page at a time. When not working on Happily Ever After's for you lovely people, you can find me on the warm sand by the ocean with a drink in one hand and her favorite book in the other! She loves to ride motorcycles with music blaring and the wind in her hair to clear her head and get the muses talking. She has too many bags and shoes but never too many books. If there is anything else you would like to know, follow her on social media or sign up for her newsletter. 




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