18 November 2017

Katerina Ross Visits with her new M/M Paranormal Romance!

Hello Katerina!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

“The House of Fear” is the second story in my paranormal M/M series “The Sons of Gomorrah”. There will be as much angst as in the first novella, “Soul Infection”, a quest through Prague in order to reveal the secret of a haunted house, and some indecencies in a public place ;)

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I had the story of an unhappy freelance magician in mind for a very long time, literary for years, but it only came to life when another character, an unusual shifter, suddenly sneaked into it and set everything into motion. These two became an ideal match, though they might not realize it completely just yet. Tristan and Jarek are charming, but not flawless, and both have unpleasant secrets in their past, so they have a lot of issues to deal with, unfortunately for them.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

One of the minor characters in “The House of Fear”, the Black Baron, combines the features of Mark Gatiss playing Mycroft Holmes, Horace Walpole, the author of the first Gothic novel and a man of refined tastes, and my professor of medieval literature who had a peculiar sense of humor.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?

I’m very much inspired by the city of Prague itself. I think it’s a perfect setting for a dark paranormal story, very scenic but sinister at the same time.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

I usually write late at night when the house is silent and nothing distracts me.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

It looks like it’s more of a vice versa thing. Sometimes I notice I start speaking or behaving like my characters. At the moment, I’m writing about a dominatrix witch (there will be a M/F spin-off from “The Sons of Gomorrah”) – and it makes me crave wearing high heels and seems to give me a taste for vintage perfumes :)

The House of Fear (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 2) by Katerina Ross

“The Sons of Gomorrah” is a paranormal M/M series set in Prague, the city where anything magical might happen. But sometimes it’s dark magic.


Tristan, a freelance magician, falls for an incubus, a Gomorrah pleasure demon, who works as an escort in a luxurious hotel in Prague. To free him from a contract that binds him, Tristan needs to solve a problem for a very influential man, Ambrosius Schwarzenstein, who is currently looking for a personal assistant with a knowledge of occult practices. 
As Tristan plunges into an investigation of a mysterious death, he might find more than he wants to and face his worst fears. 
Will he set his lover free or bring trouble to them both?


Pressed together from head to toe, they kissed leisurely as if they had all the time in the world. Tristan felt a bit sore between his legs after a few rounds of vigorous coupling, but it was a pleasant burn, a reminder of their bodies united in so many enjoyable ways, and his cock certainly seemed to vote for a sequel. The sheets were a wrinkled mess beneath them, and Tristan could feel the ready heat of Jarek’s erection against his own, a torturous sensation because he needed more friction, more, more, and right now.
“Shh, there’s no hurry,” Jarek whispered as he aligned his cock against Tristan’s, his hand wrapping tightly around them both. “Don’t rush it. Don’t come until I say you may.”
Jarek’s hips rocked lazily against him, and Tristan tried his best not to squirm in uncontrollable ecstasy, or maybe agony, or both. Jarek made his pace purposefully, cruelly slow. Tristan grasped at his back, fingernails digging deeper and deeper, all muscles drawn taut with need. He lost any awareness of how much time had passed, but he couldn’t hold on much longer, he couldn’t, he couldn’t…
“Not yet,” Jarek warned him with a wicked grin, squeezing the base of Tristan’s cock to prevent the approaching orgasm. “I want to savor this. Savor you, while I can. Your face … it’s so open now, so unguarded. I like it.”

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Soul Infection (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 1)

About the author...

Katerina Ross lives in Russia and works as a journalist. There are no M/M romance publishers in her country at all, so she writes hot M/M stories in English.

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02 November 2017

Q & A with Kory Steed!

Hello Kory!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?
This is a great question, and I had to think about it for a few minutes. My two MC’s came to life in May, 2016. That seems like such a long time ago now. When I sat down in front of my computer and began to think about the opening setting of what has become From Lightning to Love, the first novel in my Lightning Series, the image of a darkened room with a solitary, weary figure appeared to me. I wondered, why is he weary? What is his story? What brought him to this place and time? Like a match held to dry tinder, Jason’s story suddenly blazed before me. It was all I could do to write it out because the images and his backstory appeared in my mind at breakneck speed.

Aaron’s story and history took more time and unfolded in bits and pieces, but as I wrote one scene after another, more and more of his life was revealed to me.

At the core of the story, I wanted to show that LGBTQ people are no different then heterosexuals. Their dreams and desires to live fulfilled lives are just as strong, and their need to leave something important behind is just as important. Creating the environment in which Jason and Aaron live will allow them to build Nathan’s Promise, an LGBTQ(S) physical rehabilitation center and there’s much more to come.

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?
Once I completed the first rough draft, I read through it and recognized that the lead character, Jason (who was given a different name) was actually the Jason from a manuscript I began to write back in 2003. I realized then that the reason I wasn’t able to finish that manuscript was the clock needed to jump twenty years into the future in order for me to see where Jason was headed. When that happened the life he will build with Aaron opened up to me. I’ve written the first three installments and there are a total of six planned. That old manuscript will now become the prequel to the series and will be released after the final installment is written.

With each book, Jason and Aaron face a new challenge that they must overcome. In the first book, Jason discovered an injured and unconscious Aaron hanging by his torn parachute from a tree on his property. In the second book, Lightning’s Hidden Menace, Jason and Aaron must fight for their lives after a former nemesis of Jason hunts them down with the intention of killing them both. In the third book, they assemble a team and begin to plan for the construction of Nathan’s Promise, but once again, fate seems to be against them when a chain of events threatens everything they’ve accomplished.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?
The setting for the story was very important because it had to be isolated to ensure that Jason would need to rely on his former medic training to care for Aaron alone, without the possibility of outside help. I chose one of the most remote regions of the continental United States, the Wasatch Range in the Bear River Mountains of Idaho. As a result, the location has created some wonderful new strategic and logistical challenges for the characters and the storyline.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?
In a nutshell, my inspiration for the Lightning Series was my desire to show that gay men are no different then anyone else in their needs, wants, and desires to live full, enriched, and meaningful lives.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?
I’m a pantser in that I write by the seat of my pants. I can go weeks without writing anything, particularly after I’ve completed a manuscript. Even though I think I know where a story is headed, my mind needs time to workout the basic details for the next installment on a subconscious level. Often I’ll get glimpses of details, but if I try to sit down and begin to write before the story is ready, I wind up staring at a blinking cursor for hours, and I eventually give up. Once I begin, I have an idea as to where the story needs to go, but the details and specifics arise spontaneously while I write. Often this is where new characters appear.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?
Characters, whether main or supporting, come to me spontaneously. Often I’ll be writing a scene and suddenly a new voice begins to speak or a physical image of what they look like appears to me. Most of my characters are based on someone or someones who I know personally or admire. I’ll pull certain physical and personality traits from different people and combine them into one person. Miss Charity, from the forthcoming When Lightning Strikes Twice, is a perfect example of a character who is the culmination of traits from several people from both my personal life and folks I admire.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?
I try to make my stories as real and plausible as possible, and I constantly pull from my personal experiences, though I disguise them by changing circumstances and combining many different pieces and I’ll push them to the extreme. Many of the recipes in my novels are ones I personally created or modified and use regularly.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?
I’ve recently completed the first manuscript in a spin-off series that was accepted for publication just this week. It will follow the life of a new, supporting character who was introduced in Lightning’s Hidden Menace and who was a love interest for Jason from ten years before the Lightning Series began.


Jason cannot believe that Aaron, the man whose life he saved and who helped him break free from PTSD, has suddenly returned to him. Healed, whole, and ready to renew their growing love, they begin to plan a future together. With their first night of torrid lovemaking, they dream of many more, but fate is against them.

A dark nemesis from Jason’s past reappears with lethal intent, driven by a grudge from having been disgraced by a military tribunal. The fallout for Jason and Aaron is far-reaching and heart-wrenching and tears into the fabric of the life they have so carefully begun to weave.

When hatred strikes in a barrage of gunfire, they are left fighting for their lives. Their only focus is to take back what has been ripped away from them; their only hope, that the strength of their love will be enough.



“You look beautiful,” Aaron said as Jason approached the bed.

“So do you. How did I get so lucky?”

“Luck had nothing to do with it, baby. You saved my life. You were kind to me, and you took care of me, and day by day, I fell more and more in love with you, and now you’re stuck with me.” Aaron opened his arms, and Jason climbed into them.

“I can live with that.”

As they began to kiss, Aaron rolled Jason onto his back. “Now let me take care of you for a change.”

“Just go slow, Aaron, and remember, just because I can’t go for too long doesn’t mean that I don’t want to.”

“Yes, baby. I’m going to take such good care of you.”

“I’m all yours, Aaron.”

“Yes, you’re mine.”

Aaron rolled to his side and began to slowly run the back of his fingertips across the thick, trimmed hair that covered Jason’s chest, lingering over each nipple when he crossed them. Then he moved it up and down his belly, barely making contact, raising goosebumps. “I could do this for hours, baby, but I know I’d be pushing it, and I don’t want to put too much stress on you.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just…”

“Hush, my love, I know,” he answered as he covered Jason’s mouth with his own.

He ran his fingertips through the manicured lawn above Jason’s growing shaft and then cupped his balls into his palm, gently squeezing and massaging them.

Jason’s lips parted. As he let out a moan, Aaron drove his tongue deep inside Jason’s mouth.

“Baby, I could come just like this,” Jason moaned again as he pulled his mouth away.

“Is that what you want?”

“No, I want to come with you inside me.”

“Then I’ll make that happen.”

Aaron slid himself down along the length of Jason’s body until his face hovered above his shaft. He lowered his head and gently squeezed his balls as if he was testing the ripeness of an orange, just enough to bring the first drop of sweet nectar to the surface. When it appeared at the slit in the head, he flicked the tip of his tongue across it, lifting the drop as it emerged. Immediately, he encircled the reddened helmet with his mouth and began to flick his tongue around the corona and down the frenum. Then he began to suck.

Jason’s body spasmed. “Oh! Oh, my! Aaron.”

Aaron rose to his knees and pivoted around while moving his right thigh across Jason’s chest until he straddled it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and slid down the shaft, deep throating it until his nose became buried in Jason’s balls.

Jason lifted his head and pulled Aaron’s sack into his mouth as he nuzzled his nose behind it, inhaling Aaron’s musk.

Aaron sucked Jason’s shaft hard as he pulled up and lingered over the crown, then he released it for a moment. “Oh, Jason, your scent. It drives me wild.”

Instinctively, Jason spread open his thighs when Aaron began to milk his shaft with his mouth. When Aaron reached down and began to circle his middle finger around Jason’s hole, Jason groaned and tightened his abdominal muscles, causing his hips to roll upward. “Ow! Aaron, help me. It’s pulling on my ribs.”

“Where the chest tube was?”


“I’ve got you, baby.” Aaron grasped Jason’s butt cheeks with his hands, spreading them apart, while he slid his mouth from the head and traced his tongue downward along the underside of Jason’s shaft. When he reached his balls, he mouthed them one at a time, rolling them against his tongue. Then he moved down further, licking along the shaft as it ran beneath the base of his pelvis until he reached Jason’s clenching hole. In one long motion, he spread his tongue wide and licked along the crack from the base of Jason’s cock and across the hole, until he came out the other end. Then he tightened his tongue into a lance and began to drive it against Jason’s outer sphincter, jabbing and wiggling it as he went until it relented and opened itself to him.

Jason’s body began to tremble and lurch in time with Aaron’s advances. Guttural sounds erupted from his throat as Aaron devoured him like a predator feasting over a fresh kill. The louder Jason became, the more Aaron was driven into a feeding frenzy as he sucked and slurped and swallowed until he breached the final barrier.

Aaron pulled away and reached for a bottle of lube. He popped it open and squeezed a huge glop over his fingers, then wiggled his middle finger against the outer sphincter of Jason’s hole at the same moment he dove down on his shaft again and began to suck, feverishly. Jason’s hole puckered, but then opened as he advanced past the inner sphincter. Making small circles as he probed deeper, he massaged the muscles and coated them with the slick lube until his finger was in to the last knuckle. Then he added his index finger and began sliding them together in and out and around and around.

“God!” Jason shouted. His breathing became ragged as he gasped against the advance of Aaron’s ministrations, and when he added a third finger, Jason began to pant.

“You’re almost there, my love,” Aaron said as he readied the fourth.

“I’m ready, Aaron. Please. I’m ready.”

When Aaron had all four fingers inside him and began to caress his prostate, Jason’s hips began to buck, wildly. A jet of pre-cum was ejected from the now purple head, and Aaron sucked it down his throat, greedily.

“Easy, baby. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I can’t help it, Aaron. Not when you do that!”

“I’m sorry, I was too aggressive. I forgot…”

Don’t apologize! Not for that! Not ever!”

“Roll onto your side, baby. I’m going to take you slow. Slow and steady. Just let me do everything. I don’t want you to rip open any stitches. How would I explain that to your doctors?”

“Aaron, forget the fucking stitches! They’re coming out tomorrow. Now, please,” Jason moaned, “make love to me.”

Aaron’s cock bounced with each heartbeat, aching for release. He slid his body next to Jason’s, rolled him back onto his side, and encircled him in an embrace. Then he slowly slid his shaft along the cleft between Jason’s butt cheeks, through his thighs, and under his balls until its head found daylight on the other side. Jason reached down and scooped up what remained of Aaron’s saliva and mixed it with the pre-cum that oozed from his slit. He grasped the engorged head of Aaron’s cock and began to lubricate it.

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Author Website - http://korysteed.com

27 October 2017

Halloween Weekend Give-A-Way!

With things going bump in the night, its hard not to enjoy a holiday that delivers spooks and screams. I've always enjoyed Halloween, even before I became a mom. Trick-or-treating when I was younger gave way to adult parties when I was older.  I've had some awesome costumes over the years, as you can see....

Wasn't I cute little princess?

One of my favorites was when I was a murdered bride.  I had a hatchet in my head and meat cleaver in my chest. The hatchet was attached to a thick wire band which hurt my head, but I was stubborn and wore the damn thing all night. We ended up going to a couple of bars and I won a contest...a bottle of wine. 

Now, Halloween is mostly about my son trick-or-treating.  This year he's going to be a soul collector.  He's getting into the classic horror movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween.  Now every year October 31st rolls around I enjoy watching my favorite Halloween-themed movies, like Sleepy Hollow, Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family (1 & 2). 

Speaking of Hocus Pocus...I have a cute little Give-a-way!  

As you can see, it's a set of four Hocus Pocus coasters and a pumpkin pin!  All you have to do is say what tradition do you do every Halloween (plus a way to contact you. I promise not to spam you!). My adorable little helper (AKA: son) will pick a winner at random on Monday evening.  Thanks so much for visiting!

26 October 2017

Aletta Thorne Visits with her Haunting Upcoming Release!

Hello Aletta!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I am a “pantser,” which is to say that I write by the seat of my pants.  I don’t plan.  I put my characters together and let them talk—and see where the conversations lead!  It’s funny how much that feels like watching something instead of creating something.  In the case of my main character Alma, I guess it’s not too surprising she’d WANT to have a handsome and courtly Colonial era gentleman haunting her apartment…but who the gentleman turned out to be and what he could and would do was quite a surprise even to me.  Bart  really is a talented fellow!

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

A lot of the ghostly stuff in this book is based on a ghost investigation that took place in my own house, which is haunted.  Well…maybe not all of it (insert bright red blush here).

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?

What I just said: I live in a haunted house.  The ghost in my writing study tossed a brass floor lamp around this time of the year a few Halloweens back.  And I wanted to write a romance with a woman chef in it because back in my twenties and thirties, I cheffed.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Lots.  Some stuff just invents itself, but I use friends’ names, the general characters of old boyfriends, places I’ve been…The Hudson River is almost a character in this book, and it’s because I love it so much.  And all my books (I’ve written a bunch of YA under another name, but this is my first adult romance) are Hudson River Valley because I live here.  Plus—hey, if you’re writing a ghost story, there is no place spookier!

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I had an idea for a romance about an older woman who is trying to live in a tiny house.  I’ve written a little of that.  I’m also a poet (under a different name) with third collection coming out in the spring.


Halloween, 1982. MTV is new, poodle perms are the rage, and life just might be getting better for Alma Kobel.  Her ugly divorce is final at last. Her new job as chef at Bright Day School’s gorgeous old estate is actually fun.  But the place is haunted—and so is Alma’s apartment. 

Bartholomew Addison Jenkins’ ghost has been invisibly watching Alma for months.  When he materializes one night, Alma discovers Bart—as he likes to be called--has talents she couldn’t have imagined…and a horrifying past. 

Can you have a one-nighter with a ghost?  And what happens if you decide one night is all you want—and end up ghosting him?  Some spirits don’t like taking “no” for an answer.

Buy links are not up yet.  We’re still COMING SOON FROM EVERNIGHT, but should be out on Friday the 27th.


You’ll turn over the record. Oh, because you…”
I do like to keep up. Who poured you wine from the … refrigerator? Although, I don’t understand why people of your age prefer it so icy.”
Alma followed Bart into the living room, still wondering why things didn’t seem odder than they were. She remembered the Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons she’d seen as a little girl. This ghost was acting—well, perhaps a bit more flirty than friendly. He only glowed a bit as they walked through the dim hallway that connected her rooms. You can hardly even tell he’s translucent. What had he seen of her, though? She was glad her frustrating night with Sid had been at his place.
As Bart bent over the turntable and flipped the record, the reading lamp by her couch highlighted the silver buttons of his coat. She curled up on the couch and put her wine glass on the glass-covered orange crate she’d turned into a coffee table.
Bart sat beside her, suspiciously close. He put an arm over the back of the couch, and Alma shook her head again. That’s the old sneaky-arm trick—like a high school kid. It’s kind of cute. She pulled her legs up under herself, and they quietly listened to the music.
You’re right,” she said after a few minutes. “‘Fountains’ is really good, too. I almost never listen to that side.”
Bart made a quiet harrumphing noise.
Do ghosts clear their throats? Apparently so.
 “Dear lady,” he said. “Although I do try not to snoop, as you would say, I have indeed observed your solitude. Let me assure you, your life will soon be happier.” He slid even closer to her.
Okay. Now the ghost is absolutely coming on to me. This is really happening. Oh, hell—why not? He’s not bad—for a dead guy.
 “Um, Bart?” she said. His eyes really were a startling color—almost bronze… “You can’t actually be…”
Bart set his fingertips on her cheeks, looked into her eyes, and sighed. Then he smiled. “You think this is a ridiculous situation. It’s not ridiculous,” he said. “Not at all. Allow me to demonstrate … with your permission, m’lady.”
 Somehow, that was funny, and Alma giggled. “Granted.”
Bart’s hands were impossibly soft and gentle—and his touch had some of the same fire-and-ice buzz that she’d felt before in the kitchen when he’d tried to get her attention. He guided her lips to his, and gave her what would have been a tiny peck—from anyone else. It shot a bolt of fire straight through her.
Oh,” she said. It took a minute to get her breath.


Aletta Thorne believes in ghosts.  In her non-writing life, she is a choral singer, a poet, a sometimes DJ, and a writer about things non-supernatural.  But she’s happiest in front of a glowing screen, giving voice to whoever it is that got her two cats all riled up at three AM.  Yes, her house is the oldest one on her street.  And of course, it’s quite seriously haunted (scared the ghost investigator who came to check it out).  She is named after a little girl in her family who died in the late nineteenth century, at the age of two.

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08 October 2017

Beast Denied by Faye Avalon!

beast-Denied-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2017-finalimageHello Faye!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

Beast Denied is Book #2 in the Beasts of Bodmin Moor series. I started out writing the first story as a stand-alone, but other characters kept popping in to introduce themselves and soon there were too many other hunky panther shifters demanding their own stories.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?

Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England is an eerily enigmatic place, especially as dusk falls. For many years there have been rumors of a wild panther-like creature roaming the moor but, despite many sightings, only a few grainy images have been captured on film. An official investigation found no real evidence to confirm such a beast exists, but no evidence either that it didn’t. My imagination went into overdrive. What if the mysterious beast is actually a shape-shifter? Able to shift from human to panther? What if there were a whole pack of them, living amongst an unsuspecting human community? It was just too much fun not to explore and so Beasts of Bodmin Moor was born.

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

The first book in the series featured the leader of the local pack and his heroine was a member of the human community. With Beast Denied I wanted to explore how the dynamics would change between a hero and heroine who were both shifters. Tynan (the pack’s second in command) and Naomi have history that has impacted both their personal and professional lives, and for Tynan it has affected his very identity and purpose as a warrior of the pack. When Naomi returns to Bodmin after a decade’s absence, they are both forced to face up to their shared past whilst dealing with a threat to Naomi’s safety.

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?

Well, there’s always coffee and maybe a biscuit (or several) to hand, LOL. I also do a very short meditation exercise to facilitate moving from day-to-day tasks and into the realm of the imagination. The internet gets switched off and doesn’t get switched back on again until the daily word count has been reached.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I’ll have a rough idea of who they are, but they always, always, surprise me along the way. Exactly the way I like it.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m currently finishing off the first book in a new fantasy series, and I have a contemporary romance that is waiting for me to begin the second draft. Books four and five of Beasts of Bodmin Moor are also in the works.

 Thanks so much for having me on your blog!


Beast Denied, the second book in the Beasts of Bodmin Moor series has now been re-released by Evernight Publishing.

Embracing the future, means confronting the past.

epeditorsesal1s(1)Naomi Flynn doesn’t intend to mate or marry. Never again will she leave herself open to the manipulation she once endured. Besides, no panther male will want her anyway once they know the truth behind what happened a decade ago. She’s happy to burn up the sheets in a buddy-with-benefits arrangement, until a hankering for a three-way sexual adventure thrusts her right back into the arms of the man she can’t afford to remember.

Tynan Galloway doesn’t intend to watch the woman he wants throw herself at every male around, except him. A brutal assault might have robbed him of his destiny as a protector of the pack, but damned if Naomi is going to be another casualty of his fate. When he discovers she’s in potential danger, he challenges her to deny that he’s the one man who can protect her…unaware that Naomi is determined to prove him wrong.

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

Available from: Evernight / Amazon / Smashwords / Bookstrand /Barnes & Noble

reviewertoppick2 “…the fast paced and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, turmoil and romance… I was completely spellbound.” 4.5 Stars Night Owl Reviews


From the safety of the hotel bathroom, Naomi Flynn could hear the two men talking, discussing who would have the pleasure of fucking her first.

Leaning back against the locked door, her blood running cold in her veins, Naomi wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into. They’d seemed like regular enough guys, at least while she’d been sharing a drink with them. They’d flirted, flattered, and teased her. So much so that they’d appeared perfect for what she had in mind.

Until they’d locked the door to the hotel room, and with the gleam in their eyes came her first flicker of unease.

A couple of hours ago, Naomi had strolled into the hotel’s bar, intent on having herself one doozy of a party. She’d thought about it long and hard. Wasn’t having sex with two men every woman’s fantasy?

It had worked for her friend. Talia McLeod might now be all loved up with her new husband, their pack’s leader, but before she and Caleb became a couple, they had a triple deal going with Joshua, Caleb’s half brother, now working overseas.

Unlike Talia, Naomi had no intention of finding her true mate in this deal, but she admitted to being more than a little curious about indulging in a ménage à trois and hadn’t been able to shake the desire to try it for herself.

Living vicariously through her new friend had given Naomi a taste for adventure, and had fed her growing hunger to push through her comfort zone and see how it felt to live without constraint. Even if just for one night. The more she’d thought about it, the more she’d wanted it.

Of course, she’d chosen human men to assuage her curiosity. They would keep the whole thing from becoming too intense, too personal. With humans, there would be no complications. No possessive pack males insisting she become their mate or wanting to mark her as theirs.

Because that would never happen. It couldn’t. Not for her.

So indulging her fantasy with the aid of human men had been her only real option. But now, standing in the bathroom of a Truro hotel as the clock struck midnight, it seemed like her only option had gone belly up.

In fact, listening to the men planning what they would do to her when she hightailed it back to the bedroom had the opposite effect from making her hot and adventurous. It made her question her sanity.

With a hard swallow, Naomi hurried over to the window. She peered out and down. Two floors up, with a drop down onto concrete. <em>Shit</em>.

Had things been different, she would have shifted. In her panther state, she could make short work of those two floors and leap to safety before the men even realized she was gone. But that would never happen either. Not again. Over the years, she’d barely mourned her lost ability, and it had seemed the least of her troubles. Tonight, she longed for it.

Running a hand over her stomach, she pushed back the maudlin thoughts that nudged for attention. She needed all her wits about her to deal with her current predicament.

Perhaps she could simply go out there and tell them she had made a huge mistake, that she really wasn’t ready for this and had changed her mind. She’d apologize for leading them on, for getting them all worked up. Well, to be honest she’d gotten herself all worked up. This was what she’d wanted, what she’d planned for.

She stepped back to the mirror, smoothed down her hair. Nerves, she decided. She was simply suffering from nerves. She had never done anything like this before, which made it perfectly natural to have last-minute doubts.

“Hey, babe.”

At the thump on the door, Naomi dropped the sandals hooked over her index finger.

“You planning on joining us anytime soon?”

Naomi turned to face the door. “Just a minute.”

With trembling hands, she reached around and unzipped the short black dress she’d bought only yesterday. She let it slip down her body and pool at her feet. Turning, she glanced at herself in the mirror and saw skimpy black bra and panties, designed to send a man, or in her case, men, wild.

She stepped aside, picked up the dress, and threw it over the bathroom stool. Inhaling a long slow breath, she opened the door.

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06 October 2017

C.E. Vescio Visits today to talk about her NEW BOOK!

Hello C. E.!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

I was talking to one of my best friends about writing a romance. I wanted to see a romance between two very different people, and I couldn’t think of anything more different than an ex-military-contractor-turned-bodyguard and a ballerina.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

I interviewed a private military contractor, a bodyguard, a detective, and a lawyer for this book… My friend, Katie, is a ballet dancer, so it was easy to pick her brain and spend time with her.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?

Katie would tell me about her younger dancing life. The intensity, drive, and dedication it takes to be a full-time ballerina is certainly inspiring. I wanted to write about that for awhile, and then I saw the dancers of Flesh and Bone (a show on Starz) and decided to write my ideas out.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I plan out as many characters as possible- some get added later. I write down as much information about them as I can- even if it doesn’t make it into the story. Description is one thing, but I’ll even go as far as figuring out their favorite cereal.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m starting another romance, as well as polishing an urban fantasy and a sci-fi thriller.


As the prima ballerina for a prominent San Francisco ballet company, Scarlet Rush is used to being on her toes- but after a failed kidnapping attempt, even her nimble feet aren’t enough to keep her out of reach of her rivals. Begrudgingly, she’s forced into the protective services of Alex Strong, a former private military contractor turned bodyguard. Scarlet isn’t thrilled to have Alex follow her every move, but as hidden dangers rise, she has no choice but to trust him.

Soon, Scarlet and Alex find themselves passionate partners in a dance all their own. Alex is captivated by Scarlet and knows he must protect her at all costs despite the pain of past demons still haunting him.

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C. E. Vescio is a jack of all trades- and mastered at least one. Her first novel, Elegantly Wasted, touched on the demented and humorous side of a delightfully dysfunctional family. She’s a fan of writing and reading science fiction, urban fantasy, romantic suspense and contemporary fiction.
C. E. is a Navy vet, professional photographer, web designer, gamer, cosplayer, and a sporadic burlesque performer. She’s from Phoenix, but lives in Las Vegas with her husband, John and three mutts. They’re expecting their first child in January of 2018.
She’s passionate about typography, Shakespeare, theology, the music of Paul Simon, and Loki as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

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