WIPs / Coming Soon

Book: Recover Me
Words: 2692
ON GOING for Evernight Publishing

Evie's dreams are slowly taking over her life.  She's half way positive she wants them to consume her.  Every night, her soul mate comes to her, and she falls in love with him all over again as they play out scenes from a past life.  She knows him from the time of his voice to the feel of his bristles against her skin.  But he has lived a life time ago, and dies upon waking.  When she meets Bishop Cain, there is something about him that drags her from her dreams.  He takes her into the light and for  once, she might be willing to stay there.

Book: A Stranger's Touch
Words: 2957 (minimal word count 20,000)
ONGOING for Evernight Publishing

Book: Not Such an Innocent Angel
Words: 4867 (minimal word count 20,000)
ONGOING for Evernight Publishing

A stand alone follow up to "As Midnight Loves the Moon"

Eden is a serph working in Dove's Hollow Hospital when Jaxton St. Cross is brought in, wraith touched.  In a desperate attempt to save him, she makes a bargain with Gideon, the most powerful vampire in Los Angeles.  Her body and blood for one night if he turns Jaxton.

Book: Take Aim and Reload (Forgotten Rebels MC #3)
Words: 33, 318
 ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION with Evernight Publishing

Cherry finds a wounded Heart on the side of the road after an accident, and despite the butterflies he causes in her belly, he represents a world she despises.


The Warrior (Forgotten Rebels MC #4)
A Gladiator's Love (Sequel to Alpha Gladiator)


  1. loved, loved, loved your book, Unbroken. Did I say, i love your book! When is Wicked Man, the second book to unbroken coming out?

  2. Thank you so much! Wicked Man will hopefully come out soon!