22 February 2013

Friday Foible

It’s Friday.  I’ve survived another week. 

Sometimes this sentiment blares all too brightly.  This week was especially daunting since my mother was coming home from the convalescent home.  Now it becomes blatantly clear why we have kids…so they can do our grocery shopping and wash clothes for us when we’re invalids.

Anyway, I’ve decided on this Friday bitch session, I needed to air some things that are really REALLY annoying, things that have happened to me this week.  Perhaps some of you can sympathize, or I’m very sorry to say, relate. 

1)      Stepping into an elevator and realizing that the previous rider had deposited a rather odious cloud of gas, thus letting you breathe in a whiff of it before hiding your nose in your shirt.  Is a shirt a good enough blocker of poisonous gas?  O.M.G!  Seriously, fart before you get into a confined space!!!

2)      Having that annoying person honking behind you to go, no caring in the least if you get creamed by oncoming traffic simply because they have no patience to wait a few minutes!  Come on, it’s LA traffic.  As soon as you pull into it you’re gonna be going at a snails pace anyway!  Its times like that I wish I had a big neon sign on my bumper that I could program with different messages like: Chill out, A**hole!

3)       People who volunteer their services for either a donation or their time to a particular project and then just vamooshing, leaving the ball hanging.  Its rude, its disrespectful and its…its rude!!! 

4)      Having no money.  Well, I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

But it’s Friday and I have a Mojito in my hand.  I may have started my exercise program back up but I prefer to drink my calories in any case.  Here’s to a fabulous weekend!

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