25 August 2013

Snippet Sunday- Lawless Hearts MFM Historical Romance

Snippet Sunday is a blast from the past…literally.  Lawless Hearts is set in 1888 in Missouri, and tells the story of two men who come to tell Scharlie Thorn that her beloved brother has been murdered.  Worse, he was an outlaw and now, she’s falling in love with her brother’s accomplices.
“The storm’s coming in fast,” Garrett said as he followed them in.

Just then, the hail and wind abruptly died, and an eerie silence
descended. The room felt charged, electric, and a flash of light
suddenly ignited the dark. Cassidy opened the door again with Garrett
and Scharlie on his heels.

Outside, Scharlie saw the sky was a greenish-black color, the
clouds hanging thick but moving rapidly. More bright flashes of light
struck the ground not too far in the distance. And then, suddenly, the
wind picked up so quickly Scharlie had to grab hold of Garrett to
maintain her balance.

“Scharlie, do you have a cellar?” Cassidy urgently asked.

“In the kitchen, under the rug,” she answered and watched as he
ran to uncover it.

If possible, the wind outside picked up speed, slamming into the
house with monstrous force. She realized that this wasn’t just a drill,
that a tornado was bearing down on them and she’d done nothing to
secure the livestock she had.

“My animals!” Scharlie cried and ran for the door.

“Scharlie!” Cassidy called out.

But his warning came a little late. The wind caught hold of the
door and ripped it from her hands. The wind whipped mercilessly at
her hair and skirts, pulling her forward into the whirling nightmare.
She frantically reached for the doorframe and screamed just as Garrett
grabbed her around the waist and managed to slam the door shut.

“Move!” Cassidy yelled.

She saw Garrett grab his and Cassidy’s gear, as well as a
Winchester rifle. They all hurried down the cellar steps and had just
managed to secure the door when a ferocious sound blasted over them.
Garrett still held on to her waist and dragged her back from the stairs
until he bumped into the wall. The cellar was pitch black and smelled
of rich earth. Scharlie shivered a little despite being wrapped in
Garrett’s warm arms.
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