21 October 2013

Topic Tuesday Favorite/Scariest Halloween Movies

I’ve joined a group called Topic Tuesdays which is sure to be very interesting.  Check out the others in the link at the bottom.  This week's question is:
"What 5 Halloween films are either your favorites (and why) or which 5 Halloween films scared the bejesus out of you (and how?)?"
Now, I’m such a lover of Halloween I think I’ll try to answer both these questions, although I haven’t seen too many obvious horror films. 


1) Shaun of the Dead – In my opinion, the best zombie flick out there.  Hilarious.  I love Simon Pegg in all his incarnations.    

2) The Walking Dead – Can I name a tv show?  Do I really need to say why I love this show?  It’s zombies!

3) Near Dark & The Lost Boys – Tied for my favorite 80’s vampire flicks.

4) Corpse Bride – Love the love story. 

5) The Watcher in the Woods – Many might discount this as a Halloween movie, but it’s creepy as all get out.  Human girl trapped by aliens, alien presence perceived as a ghost…and it stars Betty Davis. 

Scared the Bejesus out of me:

1) House of Wax – Original, of course, with Vincent Price.  Saw this as a little girl and it gave me nightmares.  Although anything with Vincent Price usually gives me nightmares.

2) The Evil Dead – The girl singing “We’re gonna get you” stayed with me for a very long time.

3) The Grudge – That ghost thing crawling down the stairs backwards and sideways…ug!  And then I found out that was a real woman able to do that and that disturbed me even more.

4) It – Clown.  Need I say more?

5) Poltergeist – Once again, saw this as a kid.  Wow, it definitely scared the bejesus out of me!
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  1. I'm impressed you named Near Dark! I actually caught the film during it's extremely SHORT theatrical run at a local cinema. It was the cast that made me want to see it and I loved it! A very under-appreciated film.

  2. While I love Tim Curry's "It," I really wish they'd done more with the book. I absolutely loved the ancient turtle in the book. But all the stuff about "dead lights" was at least in the movie and that was great.

  3. I completely spaced 'The Grudge' though the ring got me more- both were still super creepy.