20 June 2018

Love at the End of the World - 4th story Profile!

The New Era by C. L. Scholey

By the twenty third century much of earth was destroyed. Mother Nature played a significant part but so too did the numerous meteors that slammed nations. The Superiors, a self-aware intelligence, went on line soon after their creator, Jason Superior, a kind man who abhorred violence or suffering of any kind, sent a remaining signal to a lone satellite.

Before long the systems intelligence grew as Jason added his own ideals, until his passing. The Superiors began to take control of the world and the few remaining survivors. Their vast approach to saving life was by destroying those who were capable of misguided influential acts. Only the innocent were allowed to live. Until they became not as innocent. This is their story....

Q) Tell us an interesting fact to your story.

I was diagnosed with diabetes and a few other ailments last summer. I was thrown into my own uncertain world not knowing what to do. I’ve had to learn what to do to survive. Everything I do now is based on my environment and the necessary tools I need. Greyson and Infinity didn’t know what hit them and they had to hit the ground running. Their innocence about the unknown is what it feels like to have a diagnosis on something that will change a life—forever.

Q) How did you narrow down what catastrophe to use for the apocalyptic theme?

I’ve written one other apocalyptic story and had so much fun writing it, but I wanted something different, and yet the same. I love to do research about survival in the forest. Being back in that element was something I had been excited to do.

Q)  If you were thrust into your story, do you think you’d survive?

Yes! If I were younger, heathier, stronger…well you get the general idea. ;)


A small memory nagged her. She remembered her grandmother being pinned to a wall by her grandfather as he demanded to know why humans couldn’t even make love to their spouse.

It was an odd concept to Infinity. Why would a woman want the weight of a man on top of her, pinning her? Greyson was huge compared to her. She shuddered and let the thought go. It would never happen to her, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

She smiled at Greyson and they walked further into the city, ignoring the moving sidewalks. Many couples were about the grounds, enjoying the day. Each smiling as she was. Some were situated in the abundant outdoor restaurants. Other couples sat in numerous shaded areas, watching colorful images dance to a sweet tune.

Flowers in various color were located in many places. They were allowed to pick the flowers for their hair, and when she snapped a purple one she asked Greyson to place it behind her ear. As he did so, he was awkward; he normally was. For a second she imagined he lingered too long and muttered the word ‘silky’. But there was no reason to want to touch her hair. Although he had been acting a little strangely today. Earlier he had mentioned that she smelled wonderful.

Infinity would have liked to put a flower in his shoulder-length, dark hair. But he would simply laugh at her. His dark eyes flickered for a second when she gazed up at him to thank him. He shifted suddenly as though embarrassed, or worried about something. He glanced down at his lower extremity and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She wondered if he needed to relieve himself.

“We can stop if you need to use a privacy chamber,” she said.

“No, I’m fine.”

A bee flew up to her, and Infinity held out her hand. The beautiful blue insect changed colors to make her smile. The bee seemed to study Greyson for a few seconds then winked at her and flew off. Infinity knew the bug must have sensed her fear for a split second and had come to find out if she needed assistance. She didn’t but she loved those little flying insects. And she reminded herself a man would never lay on top of her.


 I love to write about everything and can't wait for an idea that grips me and sends me to a new place. Between worlds keeps me busy, that and chasing after my children and grandchildren and recently a new kitten. Plus one ornery 116 pound mastiff who thinks he's a lap dog. Welcome into my adventures, and hang on!

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