30 June 2018

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== BLURB ==

He was the only one for me
When I close my eyes, I still see the way he looked at me all those years ago.
The way it felt to have someone so amazing in my life, especially after my parents abandoned me.
The bond that only a childhood friend could understand.
He was my balance and never let me fall
But I lied to him…

She was my better half

I remember the fear she hid under her smile when I met her.
There were so many adventures we concocted, that we were sure we lived a hundred lifetimes in our minds.
She was the reason I got up in the morning.
She was my gravity and kept me grounded.
But then she lied…

He kept my heart when I broke his.

I was never going to see him again.
He would always hate me, even if he knew the truth.
It would be better this way.
If only he hadn’t kept my heart.

She threw my heart away when I wanted her to have it the most.

I am so full of rage – I never want to see her again.
She ruined every memory that we made with a simple sentence.
My life would be better without her.
If only she hadn’t kept my heart.

At forty-thousand feet the Earth shifted, and planets aligned. My world came into focus and for once I was no longer unsteady and ready to fall. As the winds of the plane drifted over the icy cold ocean my heart warmed when I saw him. Once I saw his eyes and the way he was looking at me I knew.

He was the balance I always needed.
… And she was mine.

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