17 September 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Writing Challenge - Week 38


M/M /books: Write Them? Read Them? Why or Why Not?

I have written MMF, which means the two heroes of the story are in a romantic/sexual relationship and they bring in the heroine to complete their family. 

I think there's something incredibly sexy about two men not afraid to show their sexual identity. Even the F/F genre, although I don't think they're as widely popular as manlove stories.

One of my favorite movies is called "Beautiful Thing". Here's the summery: Shy Jamie (Glen Berry) and athletic Ste (Scott Neal) are teen boys who live near each other in the London projects. Both boys think they could be gay, and finally explore their feelings when Ste is allowed to stay over at Jamie's place after an incident with his abusive father. There, the boys grow close and open themselves up to the idea of homosexuality, while Jamie's caring mother, Sandra (Linda Henry), and quirky teen neighbor, Leah (Tameka Empson), offer much needed emotional support.

This is such a great coming of age story and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend trying to find it. I also love Yaoi, which is a type of Japanese manga that features Boy Love, or relationships between males. One of my favorites is titled "What the Ring Finger Knows" and is in my personal library.

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