12 February 2015

Tamsin Baker Visits to Talk About Book 2 of the Perfect Pairs Series

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Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

Yes, this is the second story in my MFM, mountain lion shifter. contemporary series called ‘Perfect Pairs.’

The idea of Perfect pairs came about when I was discussing ménage with my partner. I theorized that most women don’t necessarily fantasize about loving two men, but instead want enough love and sex to satisfy them, and also we tend to want characteristics that don’t exist in the same person. So my perfect pairs are two men are what I believe we all want. They are non-identical twins who have opposing yet complimentary assets (who happen to be amazing in bed).

For example, these are my two heroes from this book. Jack is a football coach. He is crass, funny, light hearted, dominant and a huge hulk of a man.

Scott is smaller but still fit (what hero wouldn’t be) and a scientist. He’s more tortured, serious, smart and sensitive.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

The answer to this question has changed dramatically in the past 12 months. There never used to be any of my real life in my books, and personally I think they lacked a lot of depth. But since meeting my amazing partner, I now put huge amounts of his personality into my heroes. I also use some of my new experiences (ie. Dealing with step children) in my books because I understand more. It is fun and very therapeutic.

Q) What are your upcoming projects? 

I have a short m/m story in the new Uniform Manlove Anthology Evernight Publishing is releasing at the end of February, and writing the third perfect pairs book.

I have a half written Planet Alpha book and M/M were wolf book sitting on my desk top too. Stories are always floating around my brain.  :-)

Stalking the Pharmacist
The voluptuous Ashleigh flies into a small town at the base of the Rockie Mountains for two reasons; One, a holiday to clear her head and give her some space from her abusive ex-husband. Two, to attend her gorgeous cousin’s wedding. The last thing she expects to see is her beloved cousin Laura marrying two men, and to find herself irrationally attracted to another pair of twins.

Scientist Scott and Football-coach Jack are a perfect pair of Rockie Mountain lion shifters, who made the horrible decision when they were young to break from tradition. They each married a woman who made their lives miserable rather than search for their destined mate, and now into their mid forties they’re struggling with their everyday life.

All the signs show them that Ash is their true mate. Jack is eager and ready to chase, but Scott’s scars run deep. Will they be able to overcome their past to create a new future?

Jack bent his head to suck on Ash’s neck, loving the feel of her heartbeat fluttering beneath his lips.
He couldn’t claim her today, he knew he couldn’t, but the need to do so rode him hard. Despite Scott’s reservations about the whole perfect pair mating thing, Jack knew now that the legends were true. They needed Ash, and would never be happy without her.
“How are you feeling about the idea of being both my and Scott’s mate?”
Ash frowned and lifted her hand, using her fingertips to make circles on his shoulder.
“I don’t really know, to be honest. If you’d asked me last week how I felt about threesomes, I would have been horrified. But having seen my cousin with her two husbands, and knowing a bit better how the dynamics of it all works, thanks to you…I…”
Ah, so she was struggling with the fact that she now didn’t mind the idea. Women were so bloody contradictory.
“All I’m asking, Ash, is for you to keep an open mind about it. I know, in theory it seems strange, but I have faith in the legends of my people.”
She cocked her head and smiled up at him. “Your people?”
“Mmhmm.” He hummed and began kissing her again, not wanting to reveal all of their secrets yet. It would be hard enough for her to accept both him and Scott at once, not to mention the fact that they could both turn into Rocky Mountain lions whenever they felt like it.
“My turn.”
Ash wiggled out from beneath him as she spoke and pushed on his chest as though she wanted him to roll off her.
“Huh?” He followed her lead and moved to lay on his back beside her. He stared at her as she began to kiss down his chest, her soft, wet lips like little electric shocks against his skin.
Her tongue flicked out and licked at one of his nipples, and lightning zinging through his chest.
“Hey, come up here, beautiful girl.”
Jack was uncomfortable but wasn’t quite sure why. He reached down with the intention of pulling her up against him but stopped when she glared up at him.
“No, I want to touch you too, Jack.”
He chuckled and lay his hand over where hers gripped his bicep.
“You are.”
She shook her head. “No, I mean I want to be able to enjoy your incredible body without you distracting me or stopping me.”
His face heated and for the first time Jack was glad for the dimly lit room.
“You don’t have to pay me back, Ash. I’d prefer just to pleasure you.”
And he honestly did. Why was she acting so strangely about it?
Ash giggled and moved over to his other nipple, this time sucking it into her mouth and making him gasp as his cock twitched against his thigh.
It didn’t make sense that such a simple thing could feel so good.
Ash continued to move down his body, kissing over his torso and making him instinctively suck in his gut. He was getting a bit thick in the waist, perhaps he’d start running again since he now had Ash to impress.
“You have the most magnificent body I have ever seen in real life.”
Ash punctuated her words with slow kisses over his abs, and Jack laughed.
“As long as you want what you see, sweetheart, I’m happy.”
She looked up and gave him a big smile, the sort that made him clench his teeth against the need to come. She was too beautiful. Where had she been all of his life?
She looked down and before he realized what she planned, she took his already excited cock into her mouth. He hissed through his teeth as she wrapped her hot fist around the base and sucked the sensitive head into her mouth, sending hot streams of sensation through his cock and into his body.
“Oh wow, that feels wonderful.”
He forced his eyes open as he watched her work him. Feeling the wet heat and suction was hot enough, but looking down on her was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen. Ash, his mate, and the most beautiful, intelligent, caring woman he’d ever met, had chosen to take his cock in her mouth. She actually wanted to give him attention. Life had never been so good.
She flicked her tongue out and licked the slit, making him groan and clench his hands into fists. His orgasm was teasing at him, his balls tightening and drawing up against his body.
He held on to his control, enjoying the fight as Ash’s beautiful mouth licked and teased him.
She began moving her hand, squeezing his shaft and stroking him as she sucked him. The heat began to move over him like a wave and he grabbed at her hands.
“Stop, stop.”
He tried to pull away but she gripped him harder, pulled her mouth off with a wet pop, and pinned him with a glare.
Tendrils of pleasure were licking at him, threatening to overwhelm him as she moved her hand on his rock hard flesh.
“I’d rather not come like this. I’ll wait until tonight, or until I can be inside you. It’s better if we wait a bit longer to make love, I think.”
He practiced the principles of Tantric usually and didn’t mind pulling himself back from an orgasm. Also, he really wanted to come with her pussy wrapped around him, and the wait would be worth it.
Ash continued to stroke him with her hand and stared up at him.
“Why would we wait? Don’t you want me?”
“Ah…” Trees, water, ice.  Jack pulled up as many images of non-arousing things as he could think of, rather than the picture Ash made with her hand around his cock and her tempting mouth oh-so-close.
“Of course I want you! You’re fucking gorgeous! But if you really do want to try to be a family with my twin and I, the legends encourage the first mating to be all three of us.”
He panted and gasped as she kept up her perfect pace.
“I suppose that makes sense to me, as much as any of this does.”
Ash grinned and kissed the crown of his cock. The traitor weeped a pearl of white precum out the tip as another wave of arousal ascended.

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