10 July 2019

The Weekly Evernighties Blog Challenge - Week 28

Creative Outlets I Enjoy

I'm not a very creative person, I'm afraid. I can't really cook and have no decorating skills what-so-ever. I used to scrapbook, but that's unbelievably expensive, and I ran out of time to work on projects once I got a job. And now-a-days I only read on my ereader at night, right before bed as the melatonin kicks in.

I wish I had mad painting skills, like my friend CR Moss (https://www.instagram.com/caseymscorner/) . I've got a few of her paintings and she's always producing beautiful pieces. Or I wish I could crochet like my friend Tamara. People always say, "You can learn!" or "I can teach you", but truthfully, I want to keep focused on my writing. I don't play computer games or even phone games. My mind is constantly trying to figure out my next scene or story.

My creativity is satisfied by writing. I use these blog challenges as an outlet to let my mind wander free. When I get set up to write, I go back and read what I've already written to put myself in the mindset of the story. I view my writing not only cathartic, but also as a second job. So in my mind I have to write. My day job is stressful and I really don't get paid enough to support myself, so I rely on my royalties to help me out. I'll get another royalty check in July, and that money will pay for my car registration.

When I'm not working on writing, I spend time with my son, who is a story teller as well, and he's constantly talking about his own ideas. He and I talk about plotting, story telling, and characters. He wants to be a game designer, and I teach him if that's his dream he can certainly achieve it. He has some social disabilities so there are a few obstacles he'll have to overcome, but he's a fantastic artist with a wonderful imagination so I'm his number one fan and supporter.

If you'd like to see some of his artwork, I post it on my Instagram. Follow me here:

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