14 November 2019

The Evernight Weekly Writing Challenge - Week 46

How My Family Survives my Writing

My husband says he thinks I'm an expert at finding ways to write around my life. And I would agree. I don't let it interfere with things that I have to accomplish or let it get in the way of family life. With that comes careful planning in my head.

When I'm working on a story, I'll plan it out in my head and then write in spurts. Sometimes if I'm not able to get to my laptop, I'll write it on anything handy: napkins, post-it notes, notebooks. I've got so many notebooks it's somewhat embarrassing.

I don't work Fridays and every other Tuesday, and on those days after I drop off my son to school, I'll head to a coffeehouse and write. My place of choice is Starbucks, mainly because they're everywhere and I have their app which allows me to gather points to get free items.

At home, sometimes I'll only get a few minutes to write, so everything has to be in m head, which is why I'll get it out and go back later and edit. And while my muse constantly knocks on the door to my brain, I try to concentrate on one story at a time.

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