28 February 2020

Flashback Friday ... Winning Love on a Bet

Ember has not had an easy life.  She takes care of her alcoholic mother by holding down two jobs and rarely has time for anything else.  When a rich young man asks her on a date she happily says yes to a free meal.  However, instead of dinner, she becomes the bet in a game of pool. 

Saber is the hustler who just won her, but instead of feeling threatened, she feels attracted to the obvious bad boy in leathers and tattoos.  As the night wears on she falls more and more under his spell until they can’t keep their hands off each other.  But Saber’s hustled one too many people and now Ember’s date wants his money back…one way or another.


“My name is Saber.”

“Really?  That’s your name?”

“That’s the name I go by.  What’s your name?”


He smiled, his lips curling on the ends to give him that devil look.  “Is that really your name?”

Something deep inside her flared to life, and before she realized what she was saying, her answer came out a bit flirty.  “It’s what I go by.”

He laughed and linked their fingers together.  Heat traveled from their touch, up her arm, to infuse her whole body.  Holy moly. Just touching the man made her panties wet.  Who the hell was this man that he could turn her on by just a look or touch?  Lust rolled through her, and she saw the answering need in his gaze.

“I knew it’d be like this,” he whispered.  “The first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew we’d be explosive.”

“You hustled him for money—”

“I hustled him for you,” he corrected.

“Do you … do this a lot?”

“Hustle poor little rich boys?  Yes.  And I’m damn good at it.  But I’ve never wanted anything or anyone as bad as I wanted you.”

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