19 March 2020

The Evernightes Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 12

If you won the $10,000 lottery I'd....?

Ten thousand? That's it?

You'd think ten thousand would be a lot of money but now-a-days, it's really not. I don't even think I could pay off my husband's truck loan. So I'd pay off all the credit cards and medical bills before I planned a really cool vacation to Great Wolf Lodge.

Have you ever been to Great Wolf Lodge? It's f*cking amazing! Seriously, one of the best places I've ever been to. It's so much fun.

Now, if the question had been if I'd won a million dollars, that changes everything. I'd quit my day job to write full time, I'd buy a house. I'd buy new cars, I'd get a tummy tuck. I'd take a world tour vacation.

A million dollars would be sooo much better than ten thousand. But, if it was ten thousand I'd still be happy.

If I ever won a thousand I'd be happy.

Hell, give me a hundred dollars. That's a week of groceries and a tank of gas. That would be heaven.

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