02 July 2020

The Evernighties Blog Challenge - Week 27

What is the Most Valuable Trait to Teach Children?

What an interesting question. There are so many important traits to teach kids, especially in the modern day world of today. There's so much hate and confusion and pain. You'd think as humanity expanded and gained knowledge, we'd treat other humans with respect and love. So while the question is about "children", I'm going to focus on just one...my child. My son, Hadrian.

I've talked about him before. He's such a soft-hearted and tender kid and this world is such a scary place...what I've always taught him are the basics:

1) Love is love
2) We need to listen when people are crying out in pain
3) Treat others as we want to be treated

Children are not born with hatred, bigotry, and racism. They are taught, and if this world is going to survive...if WE'RE going to survive as a human race, then we need to teach love. We need to show that it doesn't matter who you love or what religion your neighbor practices. It doesn't matter the color of someone's skin. 

Kindness. Love. Charity. Compassion. Empathy. 

Those are what I'm teaching my son and it is what EVERYONE should teach children. 

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