16 July 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Writing Challenge - Week 29

Buying a new car - brand loyal or best price?

I actually bought a new car in 2016 and I had specific qualifications I wanted in a car. I didn't want to spend over 20K, I wanted a car that was good on gas, and it needed to have cruise control. At the time I bought it I drove an hour to work and school one way, so I needed a car that had good gas mileage. After extensive research and test drives, I bought a Volkswagen Jetta Turbo. I paid $17,500 for it, I get about 40-45 miles a gallon, it has cruise control, and it's even my favorite color...red. 

I LOVE my car.

Would I buy another Volkswagen? Only if the price is right. For me, when it comes to buying something, it's more about out of pocket expense. I'm usually not brand loyal when it comes to cars, clothes, shoes, etc. I'm way too thrifty to be worried about whose name is on the tag.

The only brand loyalty I have is to my two favorite sports teams: Vegas Golden Knights & St. Louis Cardnials.  

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