19 March 2013

Humorous Hump Day Hook! March 20th

Thanks to everyone who visited with me on my Lucky in Love Blog Hop!  I had some great responses on what makes a hero yummy!  I wish I could have everyone be a winner but alas, I could only pick one…So congrats to Book Attict! 

Please stop back next month for The Tortured Hero Blog Hop!  My newest book, Otherworldly, will be released April 11th (see below for the blurb), and the winner will get a chance to win it!

For this week’s Hump Day Hook, I wanted to spotlight some of the humor that I’ve incorporated into the McKnight, Perth & Daire stories.
Charlotte slipped into the bathroom, checked to make sure she was alone, and then went into a stall and locked the door. Then she pulled out her cell phone and called her sister.
“Hey,” Holly greeted. “Are you on your way home?”
“No, new development,” Charlotte whispered.
“Why are you whispering?” Holly whispered back.
“I’m in a bathroom stall,” Charlotte said. “Why are you whispering?”
There was a slight pause. “I don’t know,” she finally said in her normal voice. “Why did you call me from the bathroom, or do I want to know?”

Charlotte Perth is all about sass because her job is reminds her all too well the limits of human life.  She’s clairvoyant but her gift is unique.  She can only summon murdered souls and interprets the visions they send her.  When she’s hired by a wealthy woman to determine the fate of her great nephew, little does Charlotte realize this is one ghost that refuses to cross over.

Detective Jonas Daire feels Charlotte is a fake, out to swindle money from his rich aunt.  When Charlotte proclaims the nephew is not only dead but has been murdered, Jonas feels especially disgusted at Charlotte’s “profession”.  But when his cousin’s body is discovered in the place that she said it would be, with detailed accounts of how he died, he places her under suspicion. 

Jonas and Charlotte work together to find the killer.  As the two grow closer together, another malevolent force won’t stop until the truth is buried…until Charlotte’s ghostly visions are her own.

Otherworldly (Book 1 in the McKnight, Perth & Daire trilogy) comes out April 11th! 

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  1. LOL. This is so relatable. Whispering is contagious ;)
    This short snippet really shows Charlotte's personality. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Great hook! Thank you for sharing.

  3. intrigued. wondering why she's calling from the restroom. & the premise of the story sounds quite interesting too. thanks for sharing. :) C.R.

  4. Hahaha! I can completely see this!

  5. We've all done this lol. Good selection!