07 December 2013

Saturday After Dark Presents...Black Leather Pants

Black Leather Pants wasn't the first book I wrote but it was the first one I had published.  I wrote it while living in Paris, France.  Some of you might think that sounds familiar, and it is...I wrote a companion piece titled "True to Her Heart" that I featured a few weeks ago.  Now, the two have nothing in common except both are set in Paris.  I used to travel every day by train, exploring the city and I put all those adventures into both books.  At night I used to go to this English Pub (hilariously called "The Frog") to understand people and to watch football (soccer).  I fell in love with the game while living there.  

One night, I was watching Real Madrid (back when Beckham used to play for them) and I was sitting next to this girl named Steph.  She was from South Africa and was living and working in Paris.  She started talking to me, ready to make fun of the American watching a game that Americans don't appreciate at all.  Boy, did I surprise her when I was talking about the offside rule, the points, and the overall defense of RM.  

Me and Steph became friends and we hung out a lot, drinking beer and eating fish and chips.  Sadly, we lost touch once I came back home but what a great time!  Hmm....I should write a football story!

Anyway, here is my excerpt from Black Leather Pants.  Readers might realize that every time the hero, Kiley, wears his black leather pants, he and Penny have sex.  My perverse sense of humor started early.

At that moment the wine hit her. All her inhibitions, if she had any remaining, simply vanished and she reacted  on pure lust. She fell back, he with her, and her hands started tearing at his clothing.

His sweater pealed off and she delighted in exploring every inch of smooth, hairless skin. Her fingers undid the button of his pants and pulled down the zipper, slipping her hands inside and pushing the leather off his rear. Penny sank her nails into his ass, giving his flesh a smart slap.
He pulled back from her nipple and gazed down at her in sinful arousal.
“You think I’ve been naughty?”
“A very bad boy,” she panted.
He cast her a wicked grin and bent to capture her mouth again. His tongue slipped deep into her mouth as he unbuttoned her jeans. He slipped his fingers inside, finding the nub drenched in moisture. With alternating sweeps of pressure, he rubbed her clit, making her gasp and clench as desire pulsed through her.

“You’re so wet,” he muttered. They finished undressing, tossing garments aside in haste. Kiley settled between her thighs, rocking, banging his cock against her slit. His hands moved down her body, caressing her leg until he grabbed her knee and brought her leg up to grip him around his hip. He moved his hand inward, grasping her thighs.
"Open for me," he whispered, demandingly, pushing her legs open wide.
As she lay there, staring at him through half closed eyes, Kiley trailed his middle finger toward her, past the dark curls to rub her lightly. He didn't need to go in any farther. Penny arched her back from the floor with a gasp, her eyes flying open to meet his.
"Ah," he murmured, rubbing again, using her slickness to coat his finger. Feather light caresses, faster, harder, over and over. Her body coiled, wound tight, all she could do was balance for a moment on the precipice and then fall.


Small town girl Penny Varlet has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of art. Her boss, Kiley Laurent, is a sinfully sensual man who finds his way into her erotic dreams. One night, while working late, they act on their impulse and share a moment of raw passion.  

Circumstances continue to throw them together, until one night, while working late, Penny is attacked by an intruder and hurt. Kiley whisks her away to Paris to heal, showing her a world of art and wonder. As she heals, can Penny put the anger over her attack to rest and find the courage to act on her love for Kiley?


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  1. I loved this well-written, spicy scene. Your descriptions were original and precise. Good work.