30 December 2013

Topic Tuesday - Best & Worst of 2013

This weeks topic is "The Best and Worse of 2013 and what you would like to see in 2014."
I’m sure this week’s topic is personal and even it’s not, I’m going to treat it as such.  World news is depressing enough…I don’t want to rehash it.  Of course, most reading this won’t care a fig about what my best and worst was this past year but here it is anyway.  

My best was definitely my writing career.  I managed to publish eight books in 2013 and while that may sound amazing, I actually wrote some of them in 2012 and only three were best sellers. 

My worst?...only three of my books were best sellers. 

I’m not much into fashion or trends so I can’t even talk about what was hot and what was not.  But I like music and some great songs came out in 2013.  Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”, Avril Lavigne “Let me Go”, A Great Big World “Say Something”, Zedd “Clarity”, Katy Perry “Unconditionally” & “Roar” (amongst others).  There were some movies I loved too: Star Trek Into Darkness, The Mortal Instruments, Thor 2, Hunger Games-Catching Fire, & The Croods to name a few (there were lots more I liked, just don’t have the space to list all of them).  I also got back into watching K-dramas (Korean television). 

As for 2014, I think enjoying each day is going to be a big resolution for me.  I had a birthday last week and just turned…a year older…so it’s important to me that I take time to enjoy the world around me.  My family and I are planning a huge trip to Japan in three years and we want to climb Mt. Fuji so I have to be in shape for that. 

And of course, writing.  Hoping this is the year that I can justify not going out and finding a real job.  So buy my books, people! 
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  1. I adored The Croods. So funny! I'm a fan of Thor as well, but the croods made me laugh. I don't get out to the movies much.

    8- yeah- that's impressive to me as i managed 1 and it isn't a best seller. LOL
    Happy new year!

  2. three best sellers are better than none :D but yeah, rehashing world news would certainly suck- I didn't do it in my topic tuesday post either lol

  3. I agree with Joelle. It is amazing to have one best seller, much less three. I look forward to learning more about you in the future.