25 March 2014

Release & Excerpt - Petty Thief of Hearts

Jessie Ciottie has been in protective custody for almost a year. She’s due to give testimony in a few days but suddenly, her location is found. She goes on the run, determined to testify but when men come hunting for her at the train station, it’s a petty thief that hides her.

The electricity is instant between Jessie and Ethan, and he promises to get her to the courthouse on time. But the path between her and safety is dangerous, and Ethan is the only thing that stands between her and a bullet.



A man fell into the seat next to her, reeking of alcohol and mumbling under his breath as he bumped into her.  Jessie pushed him away from her hard, trying to not gag on the stench, and she felt a slight pressure on her lap before the man stumbled away and in that instant she knew he’d just pilfered the last of her cash. 
            “Hey!” she yelled and gave chase. 
            The man suddenly straightened and the stinky jacket he’d been wearing fell away and she was no longer looking at a decrepit drunk.  She was staring at young man, probably around her age, staring at her with piercing dark blue eyes and a face that artists would kill to sculpt.  Jessie’s breath hitched in her throat as she looked at what possibly was the most handsome man she’d ever seen.  He was tall, streamlined, with a mop of black hair and dark brows.  Something happened to her, probably the last of her brain cells popping from stupidity, but her body flushed hot as a heaviness invaded her limbs.  Her nipples pebbled and she saw his gaze glance down at them before lifting to give her a sardonic half grin, revealing a charming dimple.
            And then he turned and ran, leaving with her money. 
            No fucking way!
            Jessie shook off the strange erotic lethargy that had gripped her and dashed into hot pursuit.  Without that money she couldn’t get to Philadelphia.  She wouldn’t be able to testify and the monster might walk.  She couldn’t let that happen!  She wanted her life back!

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