24 July 2015

Q & A with Deanne Parker!

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Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

The concept for the main character, Ryan Wills, actually was inspired by a philosophy class I took.  John Locke’s, the civil savage.  From there a friend and I were going to enter a writing contest asking what the 11th commandment is.  THOU SHALT NOT HAVE SEX WITH ANDROIDS is what I came up with.  I am a huge fan of Star Trek, Star Wars and science fiction in general.  From these humble beginnings I wrote A Test of Wills.

Q) Is this part of a series?  If so, tell us about it!

A Test of Wills is the first in a series.  The next book will be more about some of the inner workings of the Meridian Project brought up in the first book.  Without giving too much away Ryan’s past comes back to haunt her, again.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

Real life absolutely influences my writing.  For example, Ryan from A Test of Wills is basically me without a filter.  A few of the snarky things she has said have come out of my mouth.  Some of the more cutting remarks were not said by me but I did think them. 

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I am currently working on an erotic romance trilogy.  I hope to finish the first book by the first of August.  If all goes well.

I am also working on the second book in the Wills series and I am tinkering with a novella.  

When a witty computer genius purchases a sexy android, she gets the surprise of her life.
Thou shalt not have sex with androids. Yeah, right. Taylor, my sexy android, makes my body tingle and fills my head with illegal thoughts. To hell with the law; I might just have my wicked way with him.

But before I can pursue that train of thought, I'm distracted by the fact that something called Meridian Project just hacked my computer. What the hell?

Encountering a parade of hopeful but clueless ex-boyfriends and a shadowy corporation that is up to no good tests my patience and my self-restraint. I'm determined to get the answers I'm looking for…if I don't kill someone first.

To discover the company's secrets, I will have to reveal my own if I ever want to learn the truth.

Content Warning: contains sex, violence, and liberal use of curse words

"Why are you so quiet, Taylor?" I ask.

"I was thinking. Mike is interesting."

"Yes, he is."

"Do you love him?"

I pull onto the highway before answering. How do you explain love to an android? I would kill for Mike because I care for him, but he's my friend and that love is different than other types of love. I decide to keep it simple. "Yes, I do, but not romantically. We're just very good friends."

Taylor nods and turns to look out the window.

"I do have to apologize for him."


"Because he asked you if you were anatomically correct and fully functional. That's private." I would still love to know the answer, but that would set me up for some sleepless nights.

"That's okay…and I am."

I whip around to stare at Taylor, and he's looking out the window. "You're what?"

He looks at me with those liquid brown eyes. "I am anatomically correct and fully functional."

Time stops for me when I hear those words. I completely forget that I'm driving and lean closer to him. A car horn blares, and I jerk my attention back to the road. Why the hell did I have to bring that up again? I'm already having problems trying to get Taylor off my mind. Now I have to deal with a fully functioning Taylor. Once again, this is a mistake. It is against the law to have sex with an android.

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Deanne Parker, a voracious reader, is an avid science fiction and romance fan. She decided to meld her two loves and wrote her first novel. By day she is a culinary goddess, and at night she dreams up new ideas to write about. She lives in Colorado with her husband and dog. To contact Deanne, send all correspondence to: DeanneParkerWrites@yahoo.com

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