20 June 2019

The Evernighties Blog Challenge Week 25

Do You Keep a Journal or Diary?

I've never been one of those people who wrote down my thoughts in a journal or diary. I guess I had too many other fictional stories running in my head to write down what was going on in my boring life. I grew up in a very small Missouri town in the bootheel, where not much happens, so I spent most of my days reading or daydreaming.

I wanted to be Indiana Jones exploring the world. I thought the only way to live a life of exploration was to be a travel agent, or a tour guide somewhere. But after my junior year of highschool my grandmother (in Delaware) got sick and needed my mom to take care of her, so my parents sold our house and we moved to the East Coast. I ended up my senior year graduating from the same high school my mom had twenty-five years before me.

I don't recommend switching high schools the last year unless you have to. It wasn't the best experience. I ended up meeting my first husband (who was 12 years my senior), but that only lasted four years before I ended up splitting with him. At that point in my life, I ended up moving a lot. First to Tennessee, then to California, to Louisiana, and then back to Cali until finally moving to Nevada. The Sagittarian in me loved the constant excitement of adventure, but it was starting to wear thin.

Now, I'm able to write the stories that have clamored in my head, and put them together in a coherent frame. I would say that my books are my journals, although they aren't about my personal self. They are the stories that flood my head and need to be written.

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