06 November 2016

Interview with Nancy Barone!

Hello Nancy!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?
Hi! To be honest, my characters just come to me in a sudden flash- as if they already existed somewhere in the world (because I’m sure they do) and I’ve just bumped into them! They have their own mind and take absolutely no notice of me!

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?
Yes, this is Book 3 of The Husband Diet/ Amazing Erica series.
First came The Husband Diet, published by Bookouture, then the sequel, My Big Fat Italian Break-Up and finally Romance, Rivals and Ravioli. It features Erica Cantelli’s journey to her dream life in Italy with her two children and that dream man (not her husband, BTW!)

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?
Absolutely! My character, Erica Cantelli, is a whacky, fun-loving, ambitious and… ahem... curvy woman who will not surrender to being middle-aged and drab. She gets up to all sorts of antics and if it weren’t for her BGFF she’d be in a heck of a lot of trouble three quarters of the time! Plus, she has an issue with sexy Hollywood divas who show up on her doorstep trying to take her man away from her.

Q) What gave you the inspiration for your book?
Women. Women like us around the world who basically face the same challenges of raising a family, earning an income, trying to stay ahead of the game and sometimes even managing to not fall apart when one of those juggling balls shoots into outer-space! And oh- trying not to let go of yourself so you look like a gorilla in a stained T-shirt and cargo pants!

Q) Do you have any habits that get you in the writing frame of mind?
Yes and no. I write on a daily basis but in snatches of time, so on a good day when I don’t have to rush off to work, I’ll wake up, let the dogs out, fix myself some toast and a cup of coffee while watching the news. At that point I start to feel guilty so dive right into it. Then when I’m stuck I take the dogs for a walk on the beach and then come back for cakes and more coffee...

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?
No- they are already living their own lives before they leap out of my laptop screen to grab me by the throat, telling me exactly what’s going to be happening and am I taking notes or not?!

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?
My heroines are mostly of Italian descent or living or moving to Italy. That is me. The love of food? Me again. But the whacky? Not so much. I’m a very staid middle-aged lady!

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

At the moment I’m working on edits for my Sicilian Lovers series soon to be published by Beachwalk Press and also working on a real tear-jerker (yes, sometimes I need to do that!). I’m also working on the prequel of The Husband Diet which is about Erica’s life before she met the men of her life, including her BGFF Paul Belhomme.


Besides killing her, what do you do when your husband's old flame returns from the past, offering to give him what you can't? 

Eight idyllic years (well, sort of) into their new life in Italy, plump and plain Erica Cantelli is now dealing with a middle-aged body while Julian appears to be as young as ever. As a matter of fact, her celebrity husband, bored with the Tuscan countryside and their tranquil life, now wants a new project- a baby. But at her age, and weighing what she weighs, can she pull it off? Does she even want to? 

Her body just won't work with her. It's not going to happen, period, if you'll pardon the pun. Never mind that Julian's become an international sex symbol on the force of his new career while she's already plucking her gray hairs and packing it on. Never mind that her rival Genie Stacie is always hanging around him and that she wants him back with a vengeance. To make things worse, her two teenagers are smitten with the peroxide flake, wreaking havoc in all of their lives. With her simple, bucolic Italian life, flip-flops, sundresses and ravioli dishes, how can Erica compete with the gorgeous Hollywood diva who's half her age and a third her dress size? And when Genie Stacie shows up on their doorstep with the biggest temptation of all, will it be too much for Julian to resist? 

Find out in "Romance, Rivals and Ravioli", Book 3 of the best-selling The Husband Diet series following The Husband Diet and My Big Fat Italian Break-up. For fans of Jennifer Weiner, Jen Lancaster and Sue Watson.


Nancy is Canadian by birth, but has lived in Italy for most of her adult life. She teaches
English and is married to a Brit.  
Find her at: www.nancybarone.com


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