14 March 2019

Evernighties Week 11: If I Never had to do this One Task Again...

Writing Challenge - If I Never had to do this One Task Again...

Hands down, this has to be the day job. It's more than a task, it's a chore. A hard, tedious, mental draining chore. By day I work as a pharmacy tech in a chain drugstore, and it drains me to the point where I collapse each night in a painful heap. Work has dragged me from productive writing. It has zapped my creativity. Standing on my feet all day, when I get home my feet throb and my lower back aches. I don't even have the energy to do any exercise, which has led to a significant weight gain, which lends to the pain of my knees and feet. Of course, turning into my late 40s hasn't helped with that either.

Screw you, pre-menopause!

Wow, that burst from a deep, dark place.

Back to the task thing...there are many tasks I really hate but lugging water bottles up a flight of stairs to my apartment has to be the tip-top. It's annoying and because I drink 2-3 bottles a day, this happens quite often.

Grocery shopping is annoying too.



Paying bills.

Truly, which task takes the title of "If I never had to do this task again"?

One may never know.

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