07 March 2019

Things Only my Family Would Understand

Week #10 Evernighties Writing Challenge

I hear voices.

To most, that would mean a call to a psychiatrist, but for my family they've come to accept when I stare off into space and ask weird questions like: "What's a different way to kill a bad guy?"

If the cops ever confiscated my laptop I promise that I could explain every single one of my internet searches, I swear it!

I ended up asking Mike this question because besides the hearing voices in my head, I basically got stumped with this question. He gave me one of those here we go again looks and replied that I recycle clothes. Which is true. I don't buy new clothes (except socks and underwear). I shop in second hand stores and thrift stores for everything. My clothes, my son's clothes, my mom's clothes...and when they are outgrown or not wanted anymore, I redonate them.

I also recycle plastic bags. We haven't outlawed them yet in Nevada, and I get a ton of them from stores, so I make sure to recycle them and not put them in landfills. Unfortunately, there are so many that blow around outside that they're called Las Vegas jellyfish.

This was a difficult challenge this week for me. Make sure you check out the other Evernighties in the series, and come back next week for another writing challenge!

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