21 March 2019

Evernighties Week 12 Blog: My Contest Experiences (Win, lose, get signed?)

My Contest Experiences (Win, lose, get signed?)

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be contests from my past or ones that I've run myself, so I guess I'll start with the ones I entered when I was a teenager. I remember winning two big contests, the first was a horse. A pony actually. It might sound strange, but I grew up in Missouri so winning a pony isn't all that strange. My dad, however, wouldn't let me keep it and he ended up selling the pony for $150. I didn't get the money. My dad kept it. Sadly, I never saw what the pony looked like.

The other big contest I won was a Christmas Tree from the local Hallmark store. The artificial tree was about six feet tall and was filled with Hallmark ornaments. I think it was worth (at the time) about $400. This was in the 80s so you can compare it to today's inflation places.

I've lost plenty of contests too. I'm not yet a millionaire like I had hoped I be. The most I've ever won from the lottery is $392. Pretty good.

I've also run a lot of my own contests for readers to win things, like Halloween stuff, Christmas pins, free books....I've always wondered what readers would really love to have. I can't afford to give tablets away or $100 Amazon gift cards. So I would really like to know what would draw readers to visit a site and enter a contest.

Or let me know if contests are even worth running.

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