11 April 2019

Evernightie Blog Challenge Week 15

How I Celebrate Completing my Manuscript

This one is too easy. I celebrate by diving into the next story.

I write books under my name, but I also have a super secret pen name, so I have zero time to NOT write. I'm constantly writing or plotting or just thinking about characters. Even driving I'm able to tune out my son's game chatter to think about whatever story I happen to be on.

Every year I list a writing goal for myself, and that usually is around 5 books a year, no matter which name I write under. I don't have the luxury of writing full time because I have a very hectic schedule Monday through Thursday between my day job (pharmacy tech) and getting my son's various school crap done. I do most of the actual writing on the weekend so through the week is planning.

So far this year (2019) I've had two published novels (one under each name), I've got another one I've just finished round one edits (Invincible coming out in April ), a repub coming out a little later, and I'm currently working on four others. Once those are done I'll probably work on stories for 2020.

Oh, and I just realized I've been a published author for 10 years! I'm going to have to figure out how to celebrate that. Any suggestions?

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