28 November 2013

Hot Autum Nights Blog Hop

Skinny dipping with a handsome guy late at night.  The moon full and bright, letting us see just enough before jumping into the lake.  Insects buzzing.  The smell of dogwood and wild lavender heavy in the air. It is a night for laughing, a night for loving.  A night to always remember.

I grew up in southeast Missouri where just such a thing could happen.  The leaves on trees turning gold and red, the air becoming cooler every week.  You'd need a scarf and jacket by night but during the day lying in a patch of sunlight felt like heaven.  Walking through the forest, picking up fallen pine cones and kicking leaves, hoping you don't find a snake seeking a little warmth.  There's nothing quite like autumn.

It's different now that I'm older.  I don't live where the leaves turn or where the nights get too cold.  My son doesn't take walks through the woods like I used to.  Times pass, people change, and somehow the days go by very fast.  The song Boys of Summer by Don Henley plays over and over in my head.

A couple of years ago I went with a friend of my to a music festival in upstate New York benefiting the local farmers.  I slept in a dog tent freezing my ass off because I was unprepared for how very cold the north was in late August.  But the mornings were crisp and clear and I looked out upon the rising vista and felt the world grind to a halt.  There was something enchanting and I could feel my soul calm and settle.  The night was devoted to music and dancing inside a huge barn where coffee flowed just as much as beer.  It was a fabulous time, despite the cold.

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  1. It's not officially winter here is western pa but it should be with the few inches of snow that we already have! Thanks for your giveaway!!
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  7. My hot Autumn night involves hot cocoa, my snuggie and a good book! And my honey to cuddle with!


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  11. I love the theme of this hop. Snuggling up with a sexy romance is my perfect hot autumn night.
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  14. Thanks for sharing those delightful thoughts with us, and I hope you have some more wonderful autumn nights this season.

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  15. It gets so very cold here, sometimes very early in the season (snow in Sept. sometimes). I love snuggling with my blanket and reading; I'm a simple person at heart. michelle_willms(at)yahoo(dot)com

  16. I enjoy the colorful leaves this time of year which is also a perfect time for hot cocoa.
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  17. Hi! I love autumn. My favorite thing to do is curl up with a good book, drink some yummy hot coco with whip cream. So good and very relaxing! Thank you all for the fantastic hop! Its a blast! Im having a great time! Thank you! Happy holidays!