15 November 2013

Saturday After Dark Presents "True to Her Heart"

Some may know that back in 2004 I lived in Paris, France, with my boyfriend Brian for four months.  In that time, I wrote Black Leather Pants, which would become my first published novel five years later.  But I also wrote 32 pages of another story that eventually became True to Her Heart

TtHH was based on certain events that happened when Brian and I got to Paris, as well as my own voyeuristic encounter.  The first apartment we rented was a shithole so the company offered us another.  We loved the new tiny apartment located on the sixth floor (with no elevators), located right off Rue de Magenta.  And the living room window looked down into the bathroom of my neighbor.  I didn't realize this until one night I was looking at the moon and my very handsome neighbor decided to take a shower.  Now, I realize this was very naughty of me, and it probably was very wrong.  But in my defense, this man had to have known that someone could see him.  The window was too fracking large.  My boyfriend still maintains I was wrong to do this but I bet if it was a naked woman, he'd been watching with binoculars.

So while the voyeurism was correct on my part, he didn't masturbate like Shane does for Molly.  Darn.

His tight butt had been sculptured by angels because it was so heavenly. Nice, round, firm, she saw the tattoo on his hip curled around to incorporate most of the cheek. It made her want to lick it, to trace the design with her tongue and maybe not stop until she swallowed him down. She’d never been a blow job type of girl but with this man all she pictured was her on her knees in front of him.
Turn around, damn it!
As if reading her thoughts, the man stepped out of his pants and then slowly, ever so freaking slowly, turned. He gripped his cock and jerked casually on it and Molly felt her mouth falling open in wonder. He was huge. Not hung like a horse huge, thank god, but he could easily be a porn star if he wanted. His cock was long and thick and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Him.
Oh god!
He reached over and squirted something in his hand and then she saw him start to masturbate in front of her. He made sure to keep his eyes open, watching her as she watched him, and it was the most erotic thing in her life. Ever. Hands down. Better than all the romance books she read and certainly better than watching HBO.
Her body literally throbbed. Her clit throbbed. Her heart throbbed. Even her blood throbbed through her veins. She wanted to touch herself so bad. Would it be wrong to pleasure herself while watching him pleasure himself? Somewhere all the lines of what was right and wrong blurred and her brain screamed at her to do it, slide her hand into her pants and rub herself until she climaxed.
And then she realized while she was arguing with her brain her hand had already done it. She lightly touched her clit and her body arched as mind-numbing desire speared through her.
She watched as the man tugged on his nipple rings, twisting them a little, which caused his eyes to close for a second. She imagined they had to be a big turn on for him and she’d loved to do that for him, to suck on those rings as he thrust that huge cock up inside her. He opened his eyes again and pinned her with their silvery depth. She saw fire in them, lust. He wanted her and it made her heart pound heavily with the revelation.


 Everyone in her hometown knows that Molly Evain is shy. As a librarian she relates to books better than to people. Quiet, reserved, demure...all words people use to describe her, including her boyfriend. But when he pops the big question, Molly realizes she doesn't want to be those adjectives anymore. What she doesn't know is if she's able to change since she suffers from panic attacks and agoraphobia. In order to give herself time before answering, she decides to take an impromptu vacation to Paris.

A chance encounter puts her in the path of not one, but two handsome men. Rookery Jones is a hockey heartthrob, on vacation to find relaxation and anonymity in Europe. Shane Gordon is the man she is having a voyeuristic romance with through her hotel window. When she realizes both men are best friends and she’s whisked to the French countryside, Rookery and Shane come to terms that they are both falling for the same girl.

But their lives are disrupted by the media attention of their relationship, and Molly doesn’t know if she’s strong enough to handle the attention and publicity. Does she run away, knowing that if she does, she could lose both the men she’s come to love?

Where to buy:  http://www.bookstrand.com/true-to-her-heart
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  1. I would have liked to be in your place watching your neighbor or the man in your voyeuristic moment. One of the most dynamic, hottest shower scenes I have read.

  2. This is very erotic here. The first stories ever are always the brand we become. Mine was in 2011, but you painted something really nice. Great piece!