01 November 2013

Saturday After Dark - Featuring "Breathless"

I wrapped up my Halloween Seduction Blog Hop yesterday and my big winner, Urb, has been notified.  Thank you all to those who visited with me and left me comments.  This was a fun hop!

For this Saturday's after dark moment, I'm featuring a light hearted moment from my novel Breathless.  This is the third and final book in the McKnight, Perth & Daire trilogy.  I don't know if many understood these books because the characters ended up in a MFM romance, it just took three books to get there.  Book 1 was Charlotte and Jonas.  Book 2 was Charlotte and Nash.  Book 3 was them realizing they were going to be in a menage relationship.  Now, Jonas and Nash aren't friends so their relationship is a bit...contentious.  And it's completely hilarious.  Charlotte has to come up with an interesting way to get their attentions, as you will read....

“She’s my girlfriend.”
“And if it was anyone but Charlotte, I’d say have a happy life. But aren’t you interested in making her happy? Making her pleasure the absolute best it can be?”
That piped her interest but before she could say anything, they were back to bickering.
“Of course!” Jonas shot back. “In fact I make sure her pleasure is always first and foremost.”
“Cheap shot, Daire. Then it’s only fair I get time with her, no guilt, no recriminations.”
“Wait a minute…don’t I get a say in this?” she asked, but they ignored her.
“Should I just go ahead and book your hotel room now? You want it by the hour or the night?” Jonas asked sarcastically.
She sighed. She knew the truce had been too good to last.
“I just want a date with her where you’re not breathing down our necks!”
She was stuck between two men with more testosterone than all of Thunder (from) Down Under combined. She needed to do something drastic and diabolical to shut them up. Reaching down with both arms, she easily found their dicks and closed her hands around each one. Instantly they stopped their tirade and focused on her, but more interestingly, both began to harden under her palms.
“Now,” she said as she began to rub them. “Doesn’t this feel much better than arguing?”
“What, ah, what are you doing?” Nash asked.
“I know what she’s doing,” Jonas stated. “I think I like her method.”
“This method?” she inquired innocently as her fingers encircled each growing cock through their slacks.
“I was, um, talking about how you…ah…managed to shut us up.” Jonas gasped as he laid his head back on the booth. “Jesus.”
      Never, ever, had she thought she could do something like this, but obviously she had more of dirty mind than she thought she did. Both men became putty in her hands and she quite liked the power. Their cocks had become rigid poles, tenting their pants and making it quite easy for her to keep up the friction, and she had a notion to see how far she could push them in such a public place. The wickedness of what she had decided to do pulsed through her, making her clit tingle as her pussy dripped with excitement. 

Breathless (McKnight, Perth & Daire 3) Blurb:

Leaving the troubling dilemma of loving two men behind, Charlotte Perth heads home to California.  The last time she was there she’d just come back from the dead with the gift of being clairvoyant.  Now, another young swimmer has drowned and Charlotte realizes it’s another victim…one that might not have been if she’d only told the truth twelve years earlier.

She doesn’t count on Jonas and Nash following her, ready to hammer out the details of being in a ménage relationship.  Both love her so they’re willing to share, as long as they don’t kill each other.  Only now they have to convince stubborn Charlotte they can make the unusual relationship work.

Before she can possibly think of the future, however, she’s got a murder to solve while not falling victim twice to the same killer…one who’s waited a very long time for Charlotte to come home.

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  1. Beth, THANK YOU!! I'm so pleased and honored to be the lucky winner. Thanks again, it's an early birthday gift for me. :0) hurray!

  2. Women should follow her actions when the men in their lives conflict like her two lovers. The whole concept would bring peace to the world. It's time Charlotte took care of them whenever they come to a dispute. Very interesting read.

  3. Funny how she was able to use her power of persuasion to calm down two rivalry men. This is a must read. I love your work. I'm a writer of menage romance, as well as a reader.