18 November 2013

Topic Tuesday - Overcoming Obsticals

It is said that as a problem arises, so does the solution.  This week it is all about how that is true in our lives. What issues big and small have you overcome this week, month or year? Were they easy? What did you learn?
The easy answer for me would be sickness.  I've been sick for most of November and had a major relapse this past weekend.  I'm on antibiotics now so hopefully will be getting better quickly.

The harder answer?...my WIP.  I'm the type of writer that just sits down with an idea and begins to write, not knowing where the story is headed or how I'm going to get to the finish line.  Now, most of my books feature some type of mystery.  In the McKnight, Perth & Daire trilogy I had to come up with three different murders.  I watched a lot of murder shows on Investigation Discovery much to the concern of my boyfriend.  

For this trilogy I'm working on, I've taken on a huge heap of "What the hell am I doing?" and thrown a little "What the hell was I thinking?" in with it.  It's a cross between Sons of Anarchy and Longmire, and all are MFM.  So, since I am a complete pantser I've been trying to figure out how to end book two...because I'm almost to the point of finishing it but have no clue how to do that.  And, of course, my rough draft is due by the end of the month.

(Yes, I would like a little cheese with my whine)

But I'm like this with every book I write.  I set my brain into overdrive thinking about the damn ending.  They say keeping your mind active staves off dementia so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So, what have I learned...?  Time stands still for no one, even when your sick.  I mean, I just made (and broke) my New Year's Resolution!  I'm going to be forty-one next month and I can't believe that.  I feel like I'm still twenty!  I guess that's good. I've noticed my heroes have moved into a different age bracket and I think actors like Zac Effron and Josh Hutcherson are just babies.  Maybe I'll write a Cougar story. 

I wish this post could be something full of enlightenment, but alas, it's just musing along.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am a complete pantser also. It is why my book almost never got completed and it is still in editing. I hope that you are feeling better soon! Thank you so much for this wonderful post.

  2. as a fellow pantser, my sympathies. ugh at the health- that was me back in April. I think I actually had a real flu- not just a 24 hour bug or something, and I was sick the whole month. I didn't go to the doctor, but was at the point of considering it. Take it easy- getting better is important :)