18 December 2019

HOLIDAY ROMANCE from Laura M. Baird!

1)      How long did it take you to write Rory’s Christmas Angel?

I originally wrote Rory’s Christmas Angel about two years ago, in about 3 months, and submitted to another publisher for a holiday call they put out. When it was denied, I revised and submitted to Evernight Publishing, and they accepted and published last year.

    2)      What inspired your holiday theme?

An idea came to mind about a heroine aiding at an accident scene. I wrote in the holiday theme due to a publisher wanting holiday stories. I wanted a heartwarming, feel-good story, and the holidays bring about those moments and emotions.

    3)      When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

In my late twenties, I wanted to be able to write; in truth, I wanted to emulate some of my favorite authors. I wanted to make readers laugh and sigh and get angry and be rewarded with my stories. I started to pen several ideas, but it wasn’t until I was forty-eight that I said, “This is what I’m going to do!” And my first story was published when I turned fifty!

    4)    What is your favorite holiday song? ….What is your least favorite?

I can’t say that I truly have a favorite holiday song. I have several I enjoy, such as Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (it’s so upbeat and fun), and I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (again, fun and goofy), Baby it’s Cold Outside, Santa Baby. As you can see, I like the non-traditional, I guess you could say. My least favorite is Grandma got run over by a reindeer!

5)      What made this story special to you?

I enjoyed writing about a veteran (as I’m a veteran) and a widower, both with children, and how they’d mesh. I like adding the fun and innocence of the children’s POV.

     6)      How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your stories?

I’m motivated to see how the story ends! ;) Sometimes I know exactly how I want the story to end, and it actually turns out that way. Other times it takes a turn which surprises and delights me. I want to bring that, the surprises and emotions, to my readers.

     7)      Is there a charity you support you’d like to share with readers?

My husband and I are veterans and support organizations the help military and veterans. I support Soldiers’ Angels, which benefits deployed military, their families, as well as veterans.

Instinct kicks in as Frankie Chandler, former Navy nurse, now soon to be veterinarian, witnesses an accident and rushes to save a man’s life. When State Trooper Rory Sanders arrives on the scene, he’s awestruck at the sight of the gorgeous woman taking charge. 

Once the frenzy is over, both are reluctant to walk away from their mutual attraction. But they’ll each have to get beyond their hesitations, such as Rory telling himself it’s okay to let love in while raising his daughter after losing his wife, and Frankie who’s never had a serious relationship in her life because she’s been focused on school while also helping raise her nephew. Will the power of love win out and make their Christmas wishes come true?

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Wife, mother, former U. S. Army sergeant, and dental hygienist, I can now add published author to the list. I’m slowly transitioning out of hygiene, hoping to make writing a full-time endeavor. After writing for many years, my publishing dreams came true (at the age of 50!) in August of 2017. Since then, I’ve had the fortune to work with four publishers, connect with fantastic people, and am constantly learning on my journey.

A voracious reader myself, I strive to write stories I can be proud of and enjoyed by many; ones that are not only sexy and fun, but thoughtful as well.

I grew up on the East Coast and now reside on the West Coast, having lived in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Idaho, and Washington State. Hubby and I hope to fill our passports with stamps from many destinations, Scotland and Fiji being at the top of the list. We’ve raised two sons who make us proud, one giving us a grandchild later this year. When not writing, I’m reading, doing house projects, and simply enjoying time with hubby; whether it’s watching college football, hockey, or a Netflix marathon.

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