19 December 2019

The Evernight Weekly Writing Challenge - Week 51

My Fantasy Vacation

I've never been a beach girl. Sure, I've gone to the beach. I've splashed in the water. But I've never liked sand that much and I'm trying not to get wrinkles from the sun. I'm more of a mountains girl. I love the mountains, love exploring nature. Some of my favorite places are Mt. Zion and the Rockies. 

My fantasy vacation would be in a fully furnished log cabin in the mountains, just me and my husband. Hiking by day, or riding horses by day and cozy fireplace at night. Cool mountain air. Being able to take a breath and relax. Not worrying about work, or getting my son off to school...or traffic, or clock watching, or being surrounded by people. 

Just the sounds of birds and wind and nature all around. 

Sounds like heaven to me.

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