03 May 2020

Blast From the Past...Not Afraid by Elizabeth Monvey

Raleigh Hewes has known Augustus Rains his whole life, and for the past year they’ve been lovers. They’ve kept it a secret because Gus is afraid of what people will say. Not only are they a gay couple in a small town but he is black and Raleigh is white. Raleigh wants to be out and proud, but Gus is concerned since both their businesses revolve around the local market.

After an argument, Raleigh has doubts that their love can last because he’s tired of hiding their relationship. When a storm sweeps over his farm, he’s caught in the eye of a tornado, and Gus races frantically to find the man he loves.

The danger has put into perspective his fears and Gus decides not to be afraid anymore. He just hopes it’s not too late to lay claim to Raleigh’s heart.

Many THANKS to Beth D. Carter for allowing me the opportunity to spotlight some of my books! Not Afraid is one of my favorites. I loved writing this dichotomy of two opposite men, in almost every literal way, being in love. I grew up in a small, Midwestern town, and I know about the racism that still prevails there. I wanted to write a beautiful love story where the odds were stacked against the heroes. 

There are many obstacles for my two heroes, Raleigh and Gus. First, one is white and the other black. Gus is a business owner afraid of being shunned in his town. And then there's the tornado. My one question as I wrote this book was if someone could survive being in one? There are actually two documented cases of men being in the eye of the tornado and surviving. I took their eye-witness account and wrote their survival story into Raleigh's. 

Growing up in an area prone to tornadoes, I had a hefty dose of fear and respect for tornadoes. In fact, I made sure to move to a place where there weren't any. I think I fear tornadoes more than I fear earthquakes, although those are scary too. (I actually wrote about an earthquake in my book Bother Me). 

I hope you enjoy reading about Raleigh and Gus!

      Augustus Rains was a big bear of a man with mocha-colored skin that stretched tight over his corded muscles. His hair, mustache, and beard were the same short length and black as pitch. His dark eyes held a wealth of suppressed emotions, and Raleigh often wished he could read his mind, could get a glimpse of what he was thinking. Augustus fascinated him and had ever since high school. In fact, he’d been masturbating to fantasies starring the big guy ever since he’d realized he was gay.
     “Were you really going to turn me away?”
     “It was Mrs. Brumthal, Leigh. Of course I was going to turn you away.”
     And then Augustus reached out with his big, beefy hands and pulled him flush against his body to claim his lips in a deep, penetrating kiss. Raleigh reached up to hold on as Gus licked and sucked on his tongue, fusing them in a way that made his dick hard as steel. It was always like this with Gus, always this raw and powerful and hot. Christ, Gus was the sexiest thing on two legs, and Raleigh always sported a boner within two seconds of laying eyes on the man. When Gus tried to break the kiss and come up for air, Raleigh practically attacked him back, throwing himself into the hard, muscled body. Gus’s arms hit the evenly stacked paint cans and knocked all them off their perfectly set row.
     “Jesus, Leigh,” Gus muttered as Raleigh pressed kisses over Gus’s jaw.
     “Three fucking days, Gus,” he said roughly in between nips and licks. Gus moaned at Raleigh’s attention. “I’ve been jacking off with mental images of you for three days.”
     He sank to his knees in front of Gus and worked on getting his jeans undone. He carefully eased the zipper teeth over the straining erection and some white boxer briefs poked out, barely able to contain the large girth pushing against them.
     “I’ve dreamed of this cock, of tasting it and sucking it,” he murmured as he yanked the jeans and underwear down far enough to ease out the huge dick. It was a bit darker than Gus’s skin, and the head was bulbous over a long, thick shaft. Gus’s balls hung, large and heavy. Liquid dribbled out of the tip like crazy, and his mouth watered, so he leaned over and licked.
     “Holy shit!” Gus panted. His fingers sank into Raleigh’s hair to either hold him in place or direct his movement. Raleigh didn’t actually care. He was too happy sucking on Gus’s cock to really think about anything else. 

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