21 May 2020

The Evernighties Blog Challenge - Week 21

Love Cruises or not?

Oh hell yeah!

There is nothing better than a get-a-way with Mike. He is fun, adventurous, and super sexy. Not to dive too much into our love life, but I love being with him...even if it's just to cuddle. We're always looking to do something romantic, so I say bring on the Love Boat.

We've both been on a cruise, although not together. He went on a family trip before we met, sailing down to the Bahamas. I was a little less traditional. I took an overnight cruise from Sweden to Finland, and it was an amazing experience that made me want to try a larger one. We've often talked about a cruise together one day, and someday I'd love to experience one with the love of my life.

Now...where would we go?

I would pick Alaska. Why? First...it's Alaska. How beautiful is that place? Not only the landscape but the wildlife. I think Mike would agree. I'm more of a country girl than a beach girl, but I wouldn't say no to the Bahamas.

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