24 October 2019

The Evernighties Writing Challenge - Week 43

My Favorite Apps

I must say, when it comes to apps, I'm very boring. I don't play phone games, so I mostly dither between my social media platforms. The ones I use most often are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And each of these platforms have very different tones.

On Facebook I promote my stories and support other authors. I like to post jokes and root for my favorite sports teams: The Vegas Golden Knights and the St. Louis Cardinals. Be sure to friend me to stay up to date on all the write as well as my blogs. This month I've been posting all types of paranormal stories so you can go back and read interviews from many different, wonderful authors.

On Instagram, I post a lot of personal photos, as well as my book covers. I also support my son, who a fantastic artist, and loves the horror genre. His goal is to be a game designer one day.

On Twitter...well, that's a little different story. I do promote my books, other authors, as well other various things, and sometimes I can't help but post political stuff. Not a lot, because I try not to mix my beliefs with my public image, but fair warning because sometimes I'm moved beyond words.

If you wish to follow me on any of my social media sites, follow the links below. And be sure to read the other authors in the Evernight Writing Challenge!

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