01 October 2019

Halloween Month starts off with my book "Otherworldly"

My favorite month is upon us!

I've invited many great authors this month to showcase their spooky and out-of-this-world stories, so make sure to check back often to read and discover some awesome books!

I'm starting this off with my own book "Otherworldly". This is an unusual type of book because it's part 1 in a 3 part series, with the ending being a HEA ménage. If you like sassy heroines, two hot men, and some otherworldly mystery, make sure to check out book one in the McKnight, Perth & Daire series!

    1)    Tell us about the world your novel set in.

It’s Ghost Whisperer meets Homicide Hunter. Charlotte is clairvoyant, meaning she can see ghosts. They don’t talk to her, so she has to interpret what they’re showing her in the visions.

    2)    What makes your world/character different from other books in the same genre?

Charlotte can only see murdered spirits, because she’s once been murdered. (And resuscitated, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about this book!) 

    3)    Is this book part of a series?

Yes! In book one, Charlotte meets Detective Jonas Daire. In book two, she reconnects with her ex, Agent Nash McKnight, and in book three, they all learn how to get along. Kind of. Not only do they solve murder cases along the way, the romance between Charlotte and two men are an underlying theme running through them.

    4)    Do you believe in the paranormal? If so, have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Absolutely! I lived in a haunted house. Nothing makes you more of a believer than having things go bump in the night. And just recently, when my husband and I were moving, I walked into my kitchen, opened to the fridge to grab something, and when I closed the door, this tall shadow figure stood there. Full bodied. And I was confused for a moment because my brain tried to figure out if it was my son or my husband (neither I came to find out). We came to believe it was my husband’s brother who had died almost four years ago from cancer, wondering why his picture had been taken down.

    5)    Are you planning on writing more in the paranormal world?

Yes because writing paranormal can free your mind. You’re not stymied by historical facts or contemporary limitations. Plus, I like the spooky stuff!

    6)    What are your upcoming projects?

In 2020 I plan on finishing another Shade book (As Midnight Loves the Moon). It’s not a direct sequel, but set in the same world, featuring a vampire, an angel, and a pissed off wraith hybrid!


Charlotte Perth is all about sass because her job reminds her all too well the limits of human life. She’s clairvoyant, but her gift is unique. She can only summon murdered souls and interprets the visions they send her. When she’s hired by a wealthy woman to determine the fate of her great-nephew, little does Charlotte realize this is one ghost that refuses to cross over.

Detective Jonas Daire feels Charlotte is a fake, out to swindle money from his rich aunt. When Charlotte proclaims the nephew is not only dead but has been murdered, Jonas feels especially disgusted at Charlotte’s “profession.”

But when his cousin’s body is discovered in the place that she said it would be, with detailed accounts of how he died, he places her under suspicion. Jonas and Charlotte work together to find the killer. As the two grow closer together, another malevolent force won’t stop until the truth is buried…until Charlotte’s ghostly visions are her own.

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**Book 2 (Hereafter) and Book 3 (Breathless) will be featured in the coming weeks!

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