30 October 2019

The Evernighties Writing Challenge - Week 44

My Biggest Fear

This sounds like one I answered not that long ago titled "My Irrational Fears". I had talked about my fear of heights and my fear of school shootings. Speaking of which, just yesterday a sixth grader brought a nine milliliter Glock to my son's school, and hid it in the bushes with a fully loaded magazine. Luckily, he'd been showing it off on the school bus and an other student reported him. That sixth grader was arrested and is in juvie.

Believe me the text message the your child's school is on lockdown is NOT one a parent wants to receive.

So, since I've already talked about my deep dark fears, I'll take a more lighthearted approach with this challenge. I guess I fear what everyone fears...that I'll not have enough money for bills, or medical expenses, or for Christmas presents. I rely on my royalties for those so writing and selling books is very important to me. It's my other job, my career, right behind the day job which is what nets me a paycheck every two weeks. I work extremely hard to write the best that I can, to dream up exceptional stories. And my goal is five books a year. This past year (2019) I published nine.

I have five planned for 2020....lets see if I can break my current record!

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