06 September 2021


This was the first book I published with Evernight. I was so excited when I got the acceptance. I had heard they were a fantastic publisher and all the stories were true! The idea for this story came to me years before, mainly inspired by the song "Addicted" by Dan Seals. (Blake Shelton did a cover). The story changed as I wrote it, making it more about Lexy wanting to keep boundaries instead of him, and I liked the new version I created. 

For two years Lexy Carmichael has been having a secret affair with Italian director Giovanni Macari. Every time he flies into Los Angeles, he texts her to meet him. And she always goes because she’s fallen in love.

After a night of earth-shattering sex, Gio changes the rules. He asks her for exclusivity. But Lexy comes with a ready made family…a son Gio knows nothing about. When she tells him the truth will that kill his desire for her? Can the fantasy sex they share translate into something real?

Be Warned: bondage



With her eyes on the ground she turned the corner that lead to the café and suddenly found herself bouncing off a brick wall. Strong arms came around her before she could fall, pulling her close against a heavily muscled body and not the brick wall she thought she’d run into. She’d looked up into eyes that were dark chocolate, so rich and lively that she knew she’d gotten a cavity from just falling into their depths. Thick black hair fell over his forehead, and she had the craziest urge to reach up and push it back. His skin was tanned, stretching over a chiseled face that could have been carved by Michelangelo.

She knew immediately who he was. Giovanni Macari, an Italian movie star who had successfully transitioned into the Hollywood market. He had been an international actor in his twenties but had segued into directing over the years and along the way had picked up an Oscar or two.

As she stared into his eyes, something shifted inside her. Her heart began to race like a thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby. Her skin prickled, her breathing became shallow, and her pussy clenched with desire. She’d never, ever, had such a knee jerk reaction to a man, and she hadn’t a clue on how to handle it.

Giovanni’s eyes traced over her face in an intimate sort of way. She felt his cock harden against her stomach, and her panties were instantly drenched as her juices ran. He gave her a sheepish, roguish smile.

“Hello,” he greeted in a teasing, sexy voice that held just the faintest trace of an accent. “I must admit I’m very happy to meet you.”

She grinned and felt her dimples crease her cheeks. “I was going to ask if that was a banana in your pocket.”

He tipped his head back as he laughed. She was fascinated by the muscles in his throat. Really? Throat muscles turned her on?

“I’m Giovanni Macari.”

“Lexy. Lexy Carmichael.”

“Ah. Sexy Lexy.”

She felt her cheeks heat up. “Not fair. I can’t rhyme Giovanni with anything.”

“How is it I’ve never run into you before?”

“Maybe because there’s nine million people in this town?”

He tilted his head. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies,” she murmured. And although she didn’t want to, she pulled back. He wouldn’t let her go, however, and kept her planted firmly against him.

“Have lunch with me.”

It wasn’t a question, and for some reason, this turned her on even more … if that were possible.

“In the café?” she asked a bit breathlessly.

“In my penthouse suite.”

And by the carnal look in his eyes she knew exactly what would happen if she went to his penthouse suite. 

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23 August 2021

Now Available from K.R. Ruth!

Series: Sinners & Tilted Nimbus
Author: K.R. Ruth
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 23, 2021


My life was filled with colors, patterns, and beautiful soul-stirring songs.
Then he barged into my life and swept me along with him.

Don’t ask me.
Yes, I resisted him right from the beginning.
But truthfully, I’m not that immune to him.

Besides, who doesn’t want a perfect life?
That’s why I’m on the verge of saying yes to his proposal, which I know he’s about to make soon.

And he did.

Shockingly, he hasn’t knelt in front of me on one knee with a breathtaking, picturesque background, but with the heart-stopping truth staring me in the eye.

Now I could no longer see the burst of colors, only thick clouds hovering above me, the gray scales coupled with haunting music.

But, God, help me!

I cannot say no to this world-class renowned photographer. And I also cannot stop him from chasing what he’s been chasing his entire career.

I just wish that there is no Aiden Silver in the first place.

Am I stupid to say that?

No. You will wish the same once you know my story with the husband-to-be.

Oh, only he doesn’t know that I bleed the same way as he does.



21 August 2021

One More Click by C.E. Lashua NEW RELEASE!

Title: One More Click
Author: C.E. Lashua
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2021
Cover Design: Sarah Kil Creative Studio

True love.
That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?
A love that would stand the tests of time.
A relationship that would never falter.
A person to grow old with.
That’s what I wanted when I signed up for all of those dating apps.
There were so many people out there looking for the same thing I was.
One of them was bound to be the one, right?
My one?

True love.
What a crock.
More like true despair.
All I received for my efforts was a stalker that turned my every fantasy into a nightmare.
A man that built up my hopes just to destroy them.
And a game that had deadly consequences.

So, you know what?
F*ck waiting for true love.
I’ll take it from the one I choose.

*One More Click is a contemporary romance with dark themes, violence, and sexual content that some readers may find triggering. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content. This book can be read as a standalone.