29 March 2014

Welcome Raven McAllan!

I want to welcome Raven McAllan...thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly!

I want to say congrats for reaching the bestseller list!

Athol was one of those secondary characters in a book that grabbed me, and it seems my readers. He was funny, compassionate and, oh my, a Dom.
When he first appeared in Master, book one of Dommisimma, he immediately grabbed my attention. Funny, compassionate and oh my, a Dom all right. Someone who could make fun about himself, and admit he'd screwed up, but still more than capable of helping others.
We knew he was missing his one true love, but not who he was, or why they'd split. This is their story.


When is a Dom not a Dom? When it stops him from being with the man he loves…

Athol Donaldson has lost many people in his life—his lover, his family, his twin. The latter loss seems hardly worth mourning over. Affric caused nothing but trouble when alive, and now, he seems intent on causing more trouble from beyond the grave.

It forces Athol to seek out the one man he has never forgotten.

Eden Murdoch has no intention of letting Athol slip through his fingers again. He lost him once, and as they're forced to pull together to unravel the mystery surrounding the parentage of a teenage girl, their love for each other blossoms once more.

Surely, being Doms doesn't mean they can't compromise? Will they be able to work out their differences, and find lasting happiness, or will this blast from the past prove to be their final undoing?

Here's a wee tease…
Athol couldn't believe the rush of adrenalin that coursed through him. Every nerve end tingled. To know they just might be getting somewhere was so exhilarating, that one swipe of Edan's tongue anywhere on his body would make him come. Slight exaggeration, but not much. He swallowed and cleared his throat.
"Well we could do, but then seeing as I came up with the idea, do you want to go first?"
"Fuck first—talk later?" Edan smiled. "Sounds good. So strip. Stretch out on the bed and let's explore again."
That was jumping in with a vengeance. Was revisiting your first lover like riding a bicycle? Once done never forgotten? He'd soon find out.
Athol decided it felt strange to have Edan watching him as he undid his zipper and stroked it carefully down the sensitive skin of his prick. Edan's gaze was so intense, Athol's hands shook, as he held the metal away from his body. Foreskin in zip teeth wasn't a good omen.
"You going to reciprocate?" Athol asked as he inched his jeans and boxers over his cock. The head glistened with pre cum, and Edan's indrawn breath, told him more than words that the sight excited both of them.
"Who's the, ah fuck it, lets just both ask and receive, eh?" Edan toed off his shoes and undid his belt buckle in a hurry. "Last one naked loses the next decision."
Athol laughed as his shoes caught in his jeans as he tried to remove the clothes and not the footwear. It wasn’t possible, so with a quick check of where Edan stood, he grinned and pushed Edan. Edan whooped and fell onto the bed with his denims around his ankles. He waved his legs in the air.
"Yeah." Athol jumped and landed on the bed next to Edan. He rolled over and grabbed Edan to hold him close, and thrust his tongue in between Edan's parted lips.
This kiss was different. As Edan's male, musky, scent surrounded him Athol knew tears were close. He'd missed this man as if a limb had been severed. His man his other half, was finally here with him.
But for how long? Athol pushed the thought away and concentrated on using his tongue to touch the inside of Edan's lips, and then stroke over the roof of Edan's mouth.
 Edan responded in an equally aggressive manner. His teeth grazed Athol's tongue and his lips sucked the flesh. Athol scrabbled for the waistband of Edan's half removed denims and shoved for all his worth, to get them away from Edan's body. In the back of his mind, he noticed Edan performed the same act with his, Athol's, jeans. How they managed without unlocking their lips Athol had no idea, and didn't care. All he desired was Edan naked and next to him.
Edan moved back, and the tiny few inches felt like the Grand Canyon with a force-eight gale to Athol.
"Shit, Ede, I need to feel you somehow. Make your mind up, for fuck's sake. What's going to happen next?" With a tremendous effort, Athol managed to shuck his shoes and jeans, thankful for the urge he'd had to go commando that morning.
"Bratty Dom." Edan gasped the words as his fingers fumbled with the hem of Athol's T-shirt. "Fuck, what's this stuck on?" He held Athol's T-shirt away from his torso.
"Hold on." Athol inched the material up and over his nipples. Edan's moan sent his cock into overdrive and his heart thudding. "Ah, you like?"
"Oh, I like." Edan ran his finger over the silver ring through Athol's right nipple. "How long have you had this?" He dipped his head and Athol about exploded as Edan circled the ring with his tongue and then tugged gently on it.
"Sh … er god, three, four, ah fuck, enough already. Let's do more. Condoms?"
"Con … Fuck, shit, and bollocks." Edan rolled onto his back and groaned.  His dick stood up long, hard and slicked with his pre-cum. "No, I've been celibate for so long they'd have shriveled up. You?"
Athol echoed the groan, and laughed softly. What he really wanted to do was cry and rail. Talk about serendipity—not. Was this his punishment for what happened all those years ago? Why on earth would he have thought he'd need rubbers? He'd been more concerned he might need a box to protect himself from a kick or a punch. "Don't talk daft. I'd forgotten what one looks like. Shit. Ah, well. Sixty-nine always was my favorite number. We're clean, and I trust you."
"And back." Edan shuffled round until his head nestled so close to Athol's cock Athol could feel his breath as it fanned over his heated skin. Athol grabbed Edan's ass and pulled him closer so he could put his lips on Edan's prick and give tiny little kisses along the length until he laved the head. With a mental sigh of pleasure, Athol pulled Edan's cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue over it. He enjoyed the salty taste, inhaled the musky male scent, and reveled in the moans and sighs Edan made.
A tug on his own cock sent his heat beat racing, and his skin pricked with arousal. He closed his eyes to let himself sink deeper into those beautiful sensations. It was nigh on impossible to groan with pleasure with a mouth full of wet cock, but Athol knew his shudder of pleasure reverberated into Edan. He nuzzled his head further into Edan's groin and grasped his ass even tighter. Edan reciprocated and together they began the nips and sucks of loving each other.
It wouldn't last long. He wouldn't last long. Athol had no illusions that he wouldn't be able to stave his climax off. Nor did he want to. The climbing emotion, the increasing heat, the shuddering, juddering emotions, and taut skin, embraced him, and he let them flow through him.

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A multi-published author of erotic romance, Raven lives in Scotland, along with her husband and their two cats—their children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.
She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge. As once she is writing she is oblivious to everything else, her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.

Happy Reading,

Love  R x

27 March 2014

Welcome J.R. Gray!! Excerpt for "Legally Bound"

Welcome, J.R. Gray! Thanks for visiting with me today!  Legally Bound sounds totally hot!

Q: What inspired you to write Legally Bound?

This is actually a funny story. I was talking to a friend on tumblr, and she said she had this fantasy about a courtroom because she's a lawyer. The wheels in my head started turning, and I wrote Legally Bound. It also started off as a novella.

Q:  How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I use a lot of real life in my books. It’s things like character traits to little things I pick up from people, and even my own feelings are redirected into plots.

Q: Is there any one (or more) author out there that has influenced your writing?

I think every book I connect with influences me. Writers and books inspire me. It’s the ones that give me feels, tear me up, or make me think about them long after I've put them down. Those kind of books inspire me because those are the feelings I want to leave with my readers. Recently, several books have inspired me: 'The Mistress' by Tiffany Reisz, 'Touch & Geaux' by Abigail Roux and 'Chasing the Prophecy' by Brandon Mull.


 “Oh shit," Daniel said too loud, drawing the attention of the bailiff. He waved her off, muttering, “Nothing.”

“What?” Jesse hissed.

“I fucked one of our cases last night,” he admitted, knowing his friend would get it out of him one way or another. There was no point fighting his partner’s excellent extraction skills.

“Which one?” he asked, looking over his shoulder, way too amused.

Daniel tried to nod subtly to one of the prisoners.

“You have to give me more than that.” The blond lawyer stood up and blatantly turned around to study the men sitting in the rows behind them.

Stiffening in his seat, he tried to keep his back to the man he had seen every naked inch of, as well as had his tongue buried inside of, till the early hours of the morning.

“Dark hair, about six foot, green eyes.” He tried to speak out of the corner of his mouth so no one could read his lips.

“The one with the sleeve tattoo and the huge arms?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah,” he answered in a low, sheepish voice.

“I knew it was that one. You so have a type.” Jesse flipped back around to take his seat once more. He instantly went for the files, lifting up folders and setting the large stack right in front of him.

“What are you doing?” Daniel kept looking over his shoulder to see if the guy showed any signs of recognition .

“What’s his name?” His partner didn’t look up from the stack of files as he spoke.

“Rafael,” he whispered, face flushed at just saying his name. “What are you doing?”

“Figuring out what your lay did,” Jesse said, positively glowing by now.

“I really hate you,” he responded, pulling at his tie and trying to loosen it.

“You’ll thank me later,” Jesse hummed, plucking out the file and flipping it open. “Oh, hot damn, you picked a good one.”

Daniel snatched it out of his partner’s hands, his eyes going wide. Life just got a little more interesting.
All through the arraignment hearing, he found it hard to keep his mind off the previous night spent at the defendant’s apartment. They’d had an instant connection. He groaned to himself as it became increasingly hard to focus.

“Do you think he did it?”

“Who knows, but how many innocent men do we represent?” Daniel’s stomach knotted. He didn’t want the allegations to be true.

Bound, 1
The last thing Daniel, a hard-working public defender, expected to see the morning after a one night stand was his hook-up staring back at him from the wrong side of the law. Assigned to work his case, Daniel vows to keep things professional with Rafael but has a hard time controlling his craving for dominance, the control, and the connection they shared. Rafael, a paid Dominant in the Chicago underworld, has been dealing with a cop problem for far too long. Used to sex with no emotion, hes entranced with Daniels submission, his innocence, andcould there be something more? Can Daniel clear Rafael's name, keeping him out of jail and in his life, with the odds, a cop, and the mounting evidence against them? 

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Author Bio/Links:
When not staying up all night writing, J.R Gray can be found basking in the warm glow of the Miami sun, or at the gym where it's half assumed Gray is a permanent resident. A dominant, pilot, and sword fighting enthusiast, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. Gray frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns, to jot down nonsense. The bane of Gray's existence are commas, and even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder.

If Gray wasn't writing…well, that's not possible. The build up of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave or possibly a mental institution where the tales would end up on the walls in crayon and finger paint.






25 March 2014

Release & Excerpt - Petty Thief of Hearts

Jessie Ciottie has been in protective custody for almost a year. She’s due to give testimony in a few days but suddenly, her location is found. She goes on the run, determined to testify but when men come hunting for her at the train station, it’s a petty thief that hides her.

The electricity is instant between Jessie and Ethan, and he promises to get her to the courthouse on time. But the path between her and safety is dangerous, and Ethan is the only thing that stands between her and a bullet.



A man fell into the seat next to her, reeking of alcohol and mumbling under his breath as he bumped into her.  Jessie pushed him away from her hard, trying to not gag on the stench, and she felt a slight pressure on her lap before the man stumbled away and in that instant she knew he’d just pilfered the last of her cash. 
            “Hey!” she yelled and gave chase. 
            The man suddenly straightened and the stinky jacket he’d been wearing fell away and she was no longer looking at a decrepit drunk.  She was staring at young man, probably around her age, staring at her with piercing dark blue eyes and a face that artists would kill to sculpt.  Jessie’s breath hitched in her throat as she looked at what possibly was the most handsome man she’d ever seen.  He was tall, streamlined, with a mop of black hair and dark brows.  Something happened to her, probably the last of her brain cells popping from stupidity, but her body flushed hot as a heaviness invaded her limbs.  Her nipples pebbled and she saw his gaze glance down at them before lifting to give her a sardonic half grin, revealing a charming dimple.
            And then he turned and ran, leaving with her money. 
            No fucking way!
            Jessie shook off the strange erotic lethargy that had gripped her and dashed into hot pursuit.  Without that money she couldn’t get to Philadelphia.  She wouldn’t be able to testify and the monster might walk.  She couldn’t let that happen!  She wanted her life back!

17 March 2014

Excerpt from Conquering Theana!


Rafael stepped off the silver and glass elevator and into another world. He'd made a point of changing the look and feel of his pack's floors. They were darker, warmer. They were still surrounded by glass windows from floor to ceiling all around, as wolves didn't like to feel contained, but their design was different.  A large, dark, wood round table took up the center of the meeting room. Around the table were plush black leather seats, with the largest belonging to him, at the head of the table. As beta, Gregori would sit slightly behind and to the right of Rafael. There were chairs set up just behind their alpha's all around the tables. The carpet was a deep chocolate, and thick, thick enough to keep their shoes made from making a sound, as they moved around the table to take their place. As Rafael had requested, none of the other alphas or betas would have left their floors to come to the meeting until they smelled him pass their areas. It was his way to gauge them as they came in. It was a power move, yes, but one he relished. He would have an alpha bitch soon, and not only did he have to find out what the hell that bitch of a woman who attacked their kind knew, but also how the other packs would feel about Camden's pack losing Theana, and the Ulric pack gaining her.
"They are coming up," Gregori told him, and Rafael turned to greet them. This meeting meant more than any of them thought.
"Alpha," a slender man said, his tawny hair cut short and barely touching his ears. His green eyes scanned the room quickly before he relaxed and looked slightly to the right of Rafael's face, respectfully.
"Thomas. How fares the harvest?" Rafael asked.
"Looks like we are going to do good this year," Thomas answered.
"Good, take your place."
Thomas did so obediently, sitting down across the table. The other alphas and their betas came in and greeted him much like Thomas. Only two were different, one he expected, and the other...well he did, but didn't think the cub would be stupid enough to actually do it.
"Son," Walter said, and Rafael inclined his head in respect. Walter turned to Gregori and greeted him the same way before then greeting the rest in the room by rank. As he was the father of their mate his interactions with them, by definition, would be much more relaxed from here on out. Rafael had known this would happen, but hadn't expected the sense of pride he would feel, or the warmth in his chest. He'd been so focused on the planning of claiming their mate, that he hadn't actually thought of lovingher, or what he would gain with her at his side. A mate meant more than just the claim. Cerebrally he knew that, but to feel it was another matter. He cleared his throat and looked over at Gregori, who nodded in understanding. They would give this back toTheana a thousand-fold.
"Son?" a wolf snarled, and Rafael's hackles rose. He curled his fingers into tight fists at his side, hiding the deadly claws that sprouted. Camden. The blond haired Adonis upstart who thought he had some sort of claim on Theana.  
"Mine," Rafael thundered, his body vibrating with power. He could feel the urge of his alpha wolf pushing the edges of his power, eager to strike out, to kill a threat to his claim on Theana.
"Mine," Gregori choked out as he stepped up behind Rafael. Rafael felt something he had never felt before. Like two halves of a whole the aura of Gregori’s and Rafael's wolves meshed, the scent, feel, and power blending and magnifying. Rafael never looked away from Camden's eyes, but he felt as if it were his own body as Gregori thickened, hardened, his muscles growing. Part alpha and feeding from me, Rafael thought then, dazed. A low threatening grumble, directed at Gregori, snapped him out of his momentary calm where the man took over. Once again the wolf pushed to the surface.
"Back off, beta," Camden warned. He dared! The bastard dared to speak to Gregori, as if he were beneath him. Even Gregori being a beta didn't affect his strength. Gregori would always be stronger because he was the beta of the strongest wolf clan.
"Make me," Gregori snapped.
"You are beta," Camden said, tensing, his canines exposed, gleaming pearly white.
"A beta that can kick your ass and chew on your intestines. Play with me, little boy, and I'll rip your fucking head off," Gregori roared.
"You won't have to," Rafael promised, and then shot into motion. He slammed into Camden with a sickening thud, but didn't stop. He raked his claws across Camden's chest, drawing blood, even as he swiped with his other hand and tossed him across the room. He heard Gregori's battle cry and knew that Camden's beta had come to his alpha's aide. Gregori would eat him alive. The other alphas and betas moved out the way, but didn't interfere. Rafael leapt in the air, soaring through the air and then landing on Camden's back. He had had enough, Enough of this bastard challenging him, of him bucking the system.
"Say she's mine," Rafael ordered, grasping the back of Camden's head and slamming his face into the ground with each word. Camden refused him, and Rafael pounded harder.
"She is...yours," Camden gurgled out through blood. Rafael stood slowly, still grasping Camden by his hair and then tossed him back across the room. As Rafael walked back to his place at the head of the table he spoke.
"I will say this now. Though she is not marked yet, Theana of the Dolphus clan is the mate of me and my beta. She is protected, and, as such, Dolphus clan will be combined with the Ulric clan. Moreover," he added, straightening his suit jacket and glaring at Camden as he slumped in his chair, his beta cleaning his face of blood as it healed, "my beta is now also mate to my alpha bitch, so he is more than just some beta," Rafael growled.
"Understood." The other wolves in the room acknowledged, as Rafael reached the front of the room. He sat down in his chair with a sigh, and Gregori stepped up behind him. He didn't ask if he was okay, as to do so would make the others think he were weak, so he simply took a deep breath, drawing Gregori's scent in to check for blood. All he smelled was the beta's blood from Convel. Gregori was fine.
"Back to business, gentlemen, and I am sure I will not be so interrupted again. Where is the woman?"
"She is waiting just the floor below now for your summons," Thomas answered.
"Where was she found?" Gregori asked. It was a testament to Rafael's power that Thomas didn't stop to question why Gregori was the one to ask him. Rafael figured they had gotten the fucking message now.
"Just outside a casino in Tulsa. She was hidden there in a shelter for women, but had a penchant for heading out at night to go to bars. We very nearly didn't catch her. She has no scent," Camden said then, respectfully for once.
"No scent?" Rafael asked, incredulously. Human couldn’t mask scents, or at least they couldn't before. But for all of Camden's faults, he was one of the best they had in tracking and security. If he said the woman had no scent, she didn't.
"She had scent, but it was not what you would expect. She smelled like nothing, blankness. Nothing like a human should have, and nothing like what permeated the hotel where we found the injured wolf. Until she started sweating. Then the scent leaked through, and we were able to follow it."
"Then she had something on topical then to hide her scent. Humans are finding more ways to come at us. Bring her in," Rafael ordered. Thomas reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He made a quick call, and the elevators opened soon after. Between wolves of the Convel clan a small light-skinned woman, with pixie short brown hair, walked into the room. Though he could smell fear seeping out of her pores, she held her head high and clasped her hands demurely in front of her. Her eyes were hazel in her heart-shaped face. She was pretty, in a the-more-you-looked-at-her sort of way. They made her stop next to Rafael, and he looked over her for a moment before speaking.
"What is your name?" he asked, and she lifted her chin, not answering.
"Speak, woman," Camden grumbled, his face now healed. The woman shook her head.
"So be it," Rafael said and motioned for Camden to come over. Faster than the human eye could follow Camden was at her side, and her fear permeated the air. With no mercy in his touch, Camden gripped her head and slammed her into the table.
"Zaria," Rafael said then, and the lone alpha bitch in the room stood. Soon there would be another when Theana joined them in meetings. Rafael would make sure she was included. Zaria stood slowly, her willowy frame as graceful as a dancer’s. She pushed her thin rimmed glassed up her nose as she walked towards the woman.
"This won't hurt if you don't fight me," Zaria said when she reached the woman. She placed her fingers on the woman's temples and nodded at Rafael. "She's ready." Something that most didn't know about the Beowulf clan was their extra powers. They were of the mind, and had control over it in a way that was nigh impossible.
"What is your name?" Rafael asked again.
"Lacey," Zaria answered.
"Why did you shoot my wolf?" Rafael continued.
"He deserved it," Zaria answered again.
"So you did target him?"
"No. He was a monster, and I shot him."
"How did you know to use silver bullets?" Rafael asked.
"They told me to," Zaria answered, swaying. She wouldn't be able to hold the connection for much longer.
"Who are they? Names," Rafael said.
"General Josiah White," Zaria said, and then left the woman. She gripped her head, and Thomas gripped her arms to steady her.
"Come. I'll take you home," he said then, after he looked to Rafael.
"Thank you for your help," Rafael said. He signaled with his hand, and the security wolves removed the woman from the room.
"We can't let her leave," Walter said then.
"Of course not. And it seems the government is against us now."
"Maybe, maybe not," Gregori stated. "We've had a treaty with them since we went public. They wouldn't be too quick to move against us so blatantly. This could be a small group."
"Or a large one," Camden added. "Either way we have military personnel who are gunning for us."
"What do you want to do to her, Isaac?" Rafael asked then.
"Give her to us. We will see if we can find out more for you," Isaac answered.
"Agreed. We will need to find out all we can. My people, it seems we have dangers brewing on the horizon that we hadn't been privy to before. We will have to prepare for this. We always knew that there were humans that didn't like that we existed, for good or for ill, but they hadn't had much opportunity to harm us. But if military trained combatants are now to be our enemy things can change. We must be careful," Rafael said then.
"I will let you decide how you want to safeguard within your respective areas, but, however, Convel and Rendall clans, I want you to coordinate a twenty-four-seven perimeter around Seurri until we have decided otherwise. It may just be important that we prepare to make Seurri a compound to keep us safe. Camden, get me schematics on what that would take and how long."
"On it," Camden said, popping his jaw.
"As for now, the meeting is dismissed."

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LeTeisha Newton

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

We will be with Michaela Rhua next! Hope to see you there!

15 March 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents...Work in Progress

I'm working on an anthology call for Evernight titled Planet Alpha and so far I'm about half way done.  I don't really outline my stories, I'm more a pantser, but when I read the series synopsis for this project I immediately envisioned this love triangle between a human woman, her human husband, and their alien protector.

Hopefully, when I'm done, Evernight likes it and accepts it.  If not, I'm going to have to change some things and find somewhere else to submit it.  So...fingers crossed!

This scene is the first sex scene of the book and it's between the heroine, Keirah, and her husband Geoff.

             Finally, the last button was undone, and she pushed the shirt off his shoulders, breaking the kiss to lave his body with small, well kisses.  She slid her mouth across the smooth, bare chest, inhaling the delicious aroma of Geoff’s unique scent of man, soap, and outdoors.  That would probably change now that they were on their way to a new planet, but she hoped not.  Geoff’s nipples were beaded and she sucked on into her mouth, biting gently and he groaned in appreciation, his hand burying in her hair to hold her closer.  She knew he loved a little pain with his pleasure because she was the same.  She teased and tasted each one, sucking on the pointed tips until he was moaning regularly. 
            “Oh, baby,” Geoff whispered passionately.  “Suck on them, Keirah.  God, that feels good.  I want you to suck my cock just like that.”
            The dirty words turned her on and she gripped the waistband of his pants to unzip them, pushing them as far down as possible before she let of his nipples to sink to her knees.  The pants pooled around his ankle and she helped him step out of them.  He stood before her gloriously naked and she eyed his beautiful dick as a dribble of pre-cum pearled at the top.  She grabbed the base and licked it, loving his salty essence.  The first time she’d made love to him he’d taught her how to pleasure him but it didn’t take her long to take over, craving how he felt and tasted in her mouth.  His cock was long and slender, his scrotum rested underneath and she gave a quick of her tongue to roll the two balls around.  Geoff’s hands were still in her hair and he guided her back to his shaft.  She held the base as she brought her mouth over the tip and glided her mouth down.  
            She began the blowjob in earnest, wanting to give him as much pleasure as possible, as if it were possible to erase Captain Krig from their minds.  How could she possibly do this with another man?  She sucked harder, pumped faster, hoping he would lose himself in the sensation.  But all too soon he was stopping her.
            “Wait, baby,” he said with a rough, passion filled voice.  “My turn.  I want to taste your wet pussy 

and tongue fuck you until you scream my name.”

Thanks for reading!

10 March 2014

Topic Tuesday - Difficult Words

What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to tell someone? How did you prepare yourself? How did it go over? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Would you have done anything different? And why was it important for you to get right?

Well, this is a depressing topic.  Some might have better answers than I, but I can only think of two times in my life that I had difficulty telling someone something.  First, when my marriage was breaking apart and I didn’t want to try to fix it.  Saying those words to my (then) husband were so hard, and I had to get them right.  I didn’t want there to be any misunderstanding that I wanted out.  Luckily, he was of the same mind but still, it hurts when a marriage doesn’t work.

The second time is when my father died and I was the one who had to tell everyone.  This is still raw for me because he died two years ago, in a hospital, where the doctor basically came out and told us he’d never recover.  My father didn’t want to be on life support but he did want to live, and when my siblings and I made the decision that life support would be terminated, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face.  I had four hours to be with my father, hold his hand, and try to tell him everything in my heart.  It was so important that I tell him everything and when he took his last breath, I was the one who called time. 

My stepmother asked me to write the obit for the paper.  That was when my words had to be perfect and I sat and agonized over that for a very long time.  I don’t know what life has in store for me yet but I hope nothing so sad as these two. 
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07 March 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents….On Call Mistress

My first Romance on the Go release with Evernight is going on sale Wednesday March 12th!  This is one those books that I thought of the title and then came up with the story.  Yes, back-ass backwards, but I also never considered this a story to be less than 12 thousand words, either. I started playing around with the core of the story and came up with something short but naughty. 

When Evernight picked it up, I was so elated and went back to two other stories I had ideas for that could be made into short but naughty romances on the go, designed for those people who need a quick fix of steaminess! Enjoy!


Gio hissed, his cock banging forcefully against the material of her panties as he jerked to the pain. She liked his response but didn’t too closely analyze her gut reaction to inflict the bite. Then the moment quickly fled as he flipped her onto her back, yanking the panties down her legs.
With a wicked grin, he took both her wrists in his hands and then tied them together with one of her stockings. She raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything, her arousal rising at the devilish promise shining in his eyes.
He licked and nipped his way down her body, paying close attention to each nipple. He sucked one into his mouth, laving it over and over with his tongue and teeth, while rolling the other between his fingers. Lexy arched in pleasure, her legs falling open as if urging him to continue his exploration. Her hands tested their bond, finding the silk stocking unbreakable, which only intensified the thrill.
With one last flick of his tongue, he continued his teasing with a path of kisses and nips. His fingers reached her pussy first, playing along the lips and dipping in to flick the nub that glistened with arousal. He dipped his finger in again, pressing deeper, her walls contracting on the intrusion and wanting more.
Finally, his mouth caught up, and his tongue flicked out to run along her slit, making her wither as he would dip in a bit and then pull out, following the motion of his finger as it fucked her.


Blurb: For two years Lexy Carmichael has been having a secret affair with Italian director Giovanni Macari.  Every time he flies into Los Angeles, he text her to meet him.  It had started out as the perfect solution, a love affair centered away from her busy life but after a time it had ceased to be about sex.  Lexy finally admitted to herself that she’d fallen in love with him.

But now Gio has changed the rules.  After a night of earth shattering sex, he asks her for exclusivity because he wants to date her.  But Lexy comes with a ready made family…a son Gio knows nothing about.  When she tells him the truth, will that kill his desire for her?  Can the fantasy sex they share translate into something real?
AVAILABLE MARCH 12TH AT:        http://www.evernightpublishing.com/

50 Shades: The Musical...a Review

This show claims to be a parody but I’d call it more of a hilarious mockery of the bestselling book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.  And the best part is that you don’t have to have read the book in order to enjoy this show.  Sure, there were certain aspects of the book that were highlighted and joked about: Charlie Tango, biting her lip, and saying Laters, baby.   But if you’re expecting a faithful interpretation of the book, you’d be in for a surprise.

We start out with three bored housewives in a book club trying to determine what to read next.  One brings out a soup cookbook, one brings out ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, and the third brings out ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. 

This is a musical, so don’t be shocked when they break out into song.  But don’t expect pleasant little ditties.  Oh no, expect topless men dancing with nice bulges, a woman dressed in a corset and garters.  And expect highly suggestive lyrics like:

1. “There’s a hole inside of me/A hole in the plot/A dark, empty space/But, who could fill my slot?” — “There’s a Hole Inside of Me”

2. “Sexy ladies in New York City, I’m gonna power-fuck your titties/If you’re livin’ in Carolina, I’m gonna get in your vagina/All y’all honeys down in Texas, I’m gonna jizz on your solar plexus” — “I Don’t Make Love”

3. “How much can you take?/How much can you handle?/Clamps upon your nipples?/Hot wax with a burning candle?” — “Red Room”

4. “We’re just like any other couple/He loves the girl I am inside/ He tells me that I’m beautiful/ When I’m hand-cuffed and hog-tied” — “Any Other Couple”

5. “I’m gonna fuck you with a double-headed dildo until one of us dies” — “50 Shades”

It’s bawdy, it’s raunchy, and it’s absolutely hysterical.  Eileen Patterson’s Anastasia Steele is purposefully na├»ve and unassuming and Jack Boice’s Christian Grey was an overweight, sweaty, disgusting lead man who was simply brilliant. As reporter Steven Winn states “He makes Christian's sexuality both blunt and bumptious, as his noisily slurping first seduction of Anastasia demonstrates. He's part sumo wrestler and part ballet dancer, the self-absorbed star of his own story line.”

This is a show based on shock value for laughs and it delivers. If you don't mind hearing the word "fuck" sung and shouted to one and all, then I say get your tickets now.